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Gym & Fitness Center Feedback Form Template

Gym Feedback Form Template helps you gather feedback from gym members about their experiences and satisfaction with the gym's facilities, services, and overall environment. The template aims to assess various aspects of the gym, including cleanliness, equipment quality, staff assistance, group classes, locker room facilities, and more.

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Collect valuable insights from gym members, understand their needs, and identify areas for improvement with this gym satisfaction survey template. members can express their opinions anonymously and honestly, making it easier for gym owners to understand their needs and expectations.

The main objectives of Gym Customer Feedback Survey are to gauge member satisfaction, identify areas for improvement, and understand member preferences and expectations. Happy and engaged members are more likely to stick with their fitness routines and recommend the gym to others. 

Zonka Feedback’s gym customer feedback form template majorly comprise of the rating scale, open-ended questions, button choices, NPS, and more. The template is fully-customizable The gym feedback questionnaire is designed to understand clients’ membership affordability, gym use frequency, and preference in terms of workout facilities and additional features.You can always customize our gym client feedback form to create short surveys or take detailed cleanliness or gym trainer feedback.

Gym feedback form surveys can be applied to various aspects of the fitness center. For instance:

  • Measuring Member Satisfaction Levels: By asking members to rate their satisfaction with gym facilities, equipment, cleanliness, and overall experience, gyms can assess their performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Evaluating Gym Facilities and Equipment: Feedback on gym facilities and equipment can help identify any maintenance issues or areas that need updating or enhancement.
  • Assessing the Effectiveness of Fitness Classes and Training Programs: Members' feedback on fitness classes and training sessions can aid in refining the fitness program schedule and content to better meet member preferences.
  • Gathering Feedback on Staff Interactions and Customer Service: Feedback on staff interactions, friendliness, and responsiveness can guide staff training and ensure a positive member experience.

There are multiple ways to implement a gym feedback form survey, including:

  1. QR Code Surveys: Set up QR codes around the fitness facility to invite members to participate in the feedback process.
  2. Website or Mobile App Forms: Integrate the feedback form into the gym's website or mobile app for easy access.
  3. Survey Kiosk: Set up kiosks at the gym's reception desk or fitness areas for members to fill out during their visit.

Drive Retention with Fitness Feedback Form Strategy

  1. Member Satisfaction Assessment: Gym owners can use the feedback form survey to assess the satisfaction level of their members. By collecting feedback on various aspects of the gym, such as cleanliness, equipment quality, and staff assistance, gym owners can understand how happy their members are with the overall gym experience.

  2. Facilities Improvement: The gym feedback form survey can help identify areas that need improvement in the gym. Whether it's addressing cleanliness concerns, upgrading equipment, or enhancing the locker room facilities, the feedback from members provides valuable insights for making necessary improvements.

  3. Group Class Evaluation: For gyms offering group fitness classes, the survey can be used to evaluate the effectiveness and popularity of different classes. Feedback on instructors and class schedules can help optimize the offerings to better align with members' preferences.

  4. Staff Performance Assessment: The feedback form survey can include questions about staff assistance and professionalism. By assessing staff performance based on member feedback, gym owners can identify areas where additional training or support may be required.

  5. Membership Retention Strategy: Understanding the reasons behind member retention or attrition is crucial for gyms. The survey can include questions about member loyalty, reasons for renewing or canceling memberships, and suggestions for improvements.

  6. Gym Atmosphere Enhancement: The gym atmosphere significantly impacts members' motivation and overall experience. Feedback on the gym's ambiance, music selection, and overall vibe can help gym owners create an inviting and energizing environment.

Ultimately, the Gym Feedback Form Survey fosters an environment of open communication between gym owners and members. It enables gym owners to take proactive steps in continuously improving the gym's offerings, retaining existing members, and attracting new ones. By valuing member feedback and acting upon it, gyms can create a thriving fitness community where members feel motivated, supported, and excited to achieve their fitness goals.

Gym Feedback Form Template FAQ

  1. How to use Gym & Fitness Center Feedback Form?
    To effectively use Gym & Fitness Center Feedback form, you can set up survey kiosks at multiple touchpoints including entry & exit points, changing rooms, and washrooms to measure gym member feedback. You can also take online feedback by sending email and sms surveys to your daily members.
  2. When to ask for feedback from your Gym visitors?
    Usually, the best time to ask for feedback from your gym visitors is after they complete their session. You can directly approach them to ask for a feedback, place a survey kiosk at the exit area or send them a survey via email or sms.
  3. What are the ways to improve Gym and Fitness Center experience?
    There are a bunch of ways to improve your Gym and Fitness Center experience. For starters, you can ask for feedback using a Gym Feedback Form and make data-driven decisions to make improvements, you can also enhance your cleaning protocols, train your staff to address gym visitors in a better way, and provide personalized experience to your visitors.

Gym Feedback Form Template Questions

The following questions are included in this Gym Feedback Form Template. 

  1. 1. Please rate your overall satisfaction with our gym facilities and services
  2. 2. Please rate the following aspects of our gym 
    • Availability of equipment
      • Very poor
      • Poor
      • Average
      • Good
      • Excellent
    • Changing rooms
      • Very poor
      • Poor
      • Average
      • Good
      • Excellent
    • Safety & maintenance
      • Very poor
      • Poor
      • Average
      • Good
      • Excellent
    • Affordability
      • Very poor
      • Poor
      • Average
      • Good
      • Excellent
  3. 3. Please rate your satisfaction with the gym staff
  4. 4. Is there anything our gym staff can do to improve your experience?
  5. 5. How likely are you to recommend our gym to a friend or colleague?
    • 0 (Not at all likely)
    • 10 (Extremely likely)
  6. 6. What can we do to improve your overall experience?
  7. 7. Enter your full name
  8. 8. Enter your email address
  9. 9. Enter your mobile number

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