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What is a QR Code Survey?

Consider this – you go to an event and are asked to share feedback after the event by typing in the URL in your phone. Or you may be asked to wait in line to share feedback on a kiosk device. Chances are, you would not be willing to share feedback because does anybody even put so much effort anymore just to share feedback?

This common problem is resolved by QR Code Surveys. QR Sode Surveys make customer data collection a breeze and enable collecting huge quantities of insightful in-the-moment feedback.

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Leverage QR Code Surveys to collect in-moment Customer Feedback wherever your customers are.

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Businesses across the globe are actively adopting the QR code feedback methodology for many reasons. Let's read in detail about them. 

What is a QR Code Survey?

A QR Code Survey is a feedback methodology that collects customer or prospect information via a survey link embedded into a QR code. To initiate the survey, the participant must scan the feedback QR code using their phone and then click the survey link that appears on the screen.

A QR Code Survey is a quick and efficient feedback methodology since you can practically embed any survey link in your QR code and share it with your target audience. QR Code Surveys are multifunctional and enable collecting customer feedback, student feedback, employee feedback, event and workshop feedback, patient feedback, guest feedback, etc.

Read a complete Guide to QR Code Surveys

Why Use QR Code Surveys?

There are many benefits of using QR Code Surveys that businesses across various industries can leverage. Let’s discuss each in detail. 

1. Quick and Easy to Use 

Participants can simply scan the QR code with their smartphone to access the QR Code Survey, which makes it convenient for them to share feedback on the go. Participants can simply scan the QR code with their smartphones to access the survey. This eliminates the need for participants to manually enter a URL or search for the survey online, which can save time and make the process more convenient. Additionally, QR Code Surveys are mobile-friendly and can be completed on a smartphone or tablet, which makes it easy for participants to complete the survey on the go.

2. In-the-Moment Feedback 

Let’s say you visit a restaurant and place an order. Unfortunately, the service in the restaurant isn’t up to the mark, for example, the food is delayed or the waiter isn’t nearby when you have to ask for something. You would instantly make a mental note of not visiting the restaurant again.

But if there’s a feedback QR code printed on all the tables in the restaurant, you can scan the code and share feedback while you wait.

What QR Code Surveys do is encourage your customers to share in-the-moment feedback, which means customers can share feedback while they are interacting with your business. And this can have two huge benefits: 

  • You get the most genuine and insightful feedback fresh from customers’ current experience with your brand.
  • You get the opportunity to act instantly on the feedback and retain customers by providing a solution before they make an exit.

These benefits apply to different industries and situations.  

3. Increased Participation 

Anybody can scan the feedback QR code where they are. For example, in a retail store, customers can share feedback on their shopping experience while they are on the premises. Customers of a food delivery brand can scan the QR code on the food packaging and share feedback on the delivery service as soon as the order is delivered. The thing is customers do not need to go the extra mile to share feedback; all they need is their own phones. And this reduced effort is what may possibly increase the survey participation rate dramatically. 

4. Reduced Costs 

You can use QR Code Surveys to collect feedback at reduced costs. For example, on-premises feedback, displaying QR Code Surveys at simply various touchpoints will capture feedback, so you do not need to lock in devices like a kiosk, mobile or tablet. And this can save you the cost of devices that you may use only to collect feedback.

Similarly, QR Code Surveys facilitate self-service since customers can scan the QR code that comes easily to them, so you may not need to hire a survey facilitator. And this may further save you significant costs. QR codes are safe and can be generated reliably using a QR code generator.

5. Ease of Distribution 

You can distribute surveys via QR code effortlessly while capturing customers via different channels. For example, the QR code can be printed on flyers, posters, or other physical materials and distributed in public places. It can also be shared digitally, for example via email, social media, or through a website or app. This makes it easy for organizations to reach a wide audience and gather data from a diverse group of participants.

Learn more ways to distribute surveys via QR Codes.

6. Unlimited Data Collection 

QR Code Surveys can be shared with any number of people via email, SMS, flyers, brochures, pamphlets, invitations, handout material, etc. And if your survey sample is huge, you are more likely to get more responses. It is the ease of sharing QR Code Surveys that makes unlimited data collection possible. 

QR Code Surveys with Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is a multichannel feedback tool that features the most intelligent and attractive surveys that can be used at different points throughout the customer journey. It is ideal for creating and distributing surveys, for both small and large-scale businesses.  Here are the top features that you can use with this 360-degree feedback tool:

  • Readymade Templates: Over 500+ customizable survey templates for different industries and feedback goals
  • Question Types: 30+ question types, including Likert scale, MCQs, open-ended questions, polls, quizzes, etc. 
  • Code-Free Survey Builder: Easy-to-use, code-free survey builder that doesn't require technical or domain-specific knowledge
  • Intelligent and Attractive Surveys: Aesthetic surveys that can be customized as per brand tones; survey logic to create the most relevant and interactive surveys
  • Automated Surveys: Automatically triggered surveys  based on triggers like purchase completion, completion of a subscription, etc. 
  • Integration with BI Tools: Survey tool integration with CRMs, communication, marketing, and other business software, for example, Salesforce, Zapier, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Gupshup, Mailchimp, Intercom, etc. 
  • Reporting and Analysis: Access to intelligent reports that highlight overall customer satisfaction, survey success, leading challenges, trending complaints, customer sentiment, etc. 

These were some of the many attractive features that Zonka Feedback offers. You can sign up for a 7-day free trial if you want to try our QR Code Surveys to better understand this feedback solution. 


Written by Bhawika

Jan 25, 2023

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