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Mobile App Surveys: Questions, Benefits, and Best Practices

Looking for effective questions to create Mobile App Surveys? Explore the most effective Mobile App Survey Questions to create powerful mobile surveys for collecting actionable feedback.

With over 52% of the internet traffic coming from mobile devices and 90% of that coming from mobile apps, the usage of mobile applications is unchallenged. 

Mobile app surveys can be a powerful tool for capturing valuable data from your app users in real time and turning their insights into action. Embedding microsurveys within the app can not just help enhance the user experience but also improve the products and services you offer through it. 

All you need to do is ask the right mobile app survey questions at the right time. Be it feature requests, bug reports, product iterations, or overall app experience, these survey questions can help reduce churn or abandonment and improve overall app success. 

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In this article, we will explore some Mobile App Survey Questions that you should use in your mobile app surveys to gauge User Experience, make your app better and thus grow your business. Let’s start with exploring what mobile app surveys are and how they can help you.

Table of Contents

What are Mobile App Surveys?

Mobile App Surveys refer to the questionnaires that are shared through mobile applications with the users to collect their insights and feedback. These mobile surveys help capture in-moment feedback from app users. Just like website surveys, mobile app surveys can also be added to specific pages to capture feedback.   

These surveys are designed to be accessed and responded to through mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. 

  • Mobile app surveys offer respondents a convenient and accessible way to take the survey and share their feedback while using the application
  • They help you to understand how your customers perceive their experience with your app.
  • They allow app users to raise issues or report bugs they encounter while using the app.
  • They help to collect real-time feedback from the users.
  • They can be used in the form of popup surveys, pop-over surveys, slide up surveys, bottom bar surveys, feedback buttons, or other types of feedback widgets within the app to capture feedback non-intrusively. 
  • They help to understand users’ actions like abandonment and the reasons behind those actions.
  • They help you get negative feedback at the right time and act on it before it becomes a negative review and causes more damage.
  • They can also help measure CSAT ratings, Net Promoter Scores, and other customer satisfaction metrics to improve the overall experience.   

Let’s explore the most effective questions that you can use to collect valuable user feedback.

Most Common Mobile Survey Questions

  1. How would you rate your overall experience of using this app?
  2. How would you rate the app’s overall design in terms of visual appeal?
  3. Did you find any difficulties or confusion while using the app?
  4. How would you rate your overall experience of using the app?
  5. How would you rate this app in terms of ease of use?
  6. Do you agree that our support staff made it easy to resolve your issues and concerns?
  7. How would you rate this app in terms of value for money?
  8. Are you able to use all the features of the app easily and conveniently?
  9. Is there any feature you feel is missing in the app?
  10. Did you encounter any technical issues or bugs while using the app?
  11. How would you rate your purchase experience with this app?
  12. What is the main reason for exiting the app?
  13. How likely are you to recommend this app to your friends and colleagues on a scale of 0 to 10?

Let’s explore the questions under these categories.

1. Mobile App Feedback General Questions

Understanding users' overall experience and preferences is vital to make informed improvements. These mobile app survey questions allow app users to rate their experience, express their likes and dislikes, and share their experiences.

The valuable Mobile App Feedback so collected will enable you to enhance User Satisfaction and improve app performance.

  • How would you rate your overall experience of using this app?
  • What do you like the most about this app?
  • Is there anything that you don’t like at all about this app?
  • Were you able to achieve your objectives of using the app?
  • Do you want to share anything else about your experience with this app?

2. Mobile App Design Feedback Question

App design plays a crucial role in user engagement and satisfaction. These Mobile App Survey Questions focus on users' perceptions of the app's visual appeal, consistency with branding, and ease of navigation. 

By gathering design feedback, you can create a more user-friendly and visually pleasing interface for your app.

  • How would you rate the app’s overall design in terms of visual appeal?
  • Do you agree that colors and visual elements used in the app are consistent with the brand's identity?
  • Were you able to locate important features and information easily within the app?
  • Is the app's font size and style comfortable for reading and interacting with the content?

3. Mobile App Usability Feedback Question

App Usability is the cornerstone of a positive User Experience. These Mobile Survey Questions aim to help you identify the users’ pain points and implement improvements for a smoother user journey.

  • Were you able to achieve your goals of using the app?
  • Did you find any difficulties or confusion while using the app?
  • Were the menu options clear and logically organized?
  • Do you think we should do something to improve the app’s usability?

4. Mobile App Survey Question on Overall Experience 

An app's success is often determined by its overall user experience. These Mobile App Survey questions assess users' overall satisfaction and loyalty. Understanding the overall experience helps you prioritize enhancements that will drive user loyalty.

  • How would you rate your overall experience of using the app?
  • Do you think we can do something to improve your overall experience of using the app?

5. Ease of Use Mobile Form Question

An app's ease of use significantly impacts user satisfaction and retention. These Mobile App survey questions gauge users' perception of the app's user-friendliness and identify areas that require simplification. By addressing ease of use concerns, you can enhance the app's accessibility and appeal.

  • How would you rate this app in terms of ease of use?
  • Were you able to quickly understand how to use the app's features and functionalities?
  • Were there any features or processes that you found complicated or difficult to use?
  • Do you think any specific features can be simplified to make it more easy to use?

6. Support Feedback Questions

Responsive and effective customer support is crucial for retaining your mobile app users. These Mobile Form Questions delve into users' experiences with app support, evaluating the level of assistance and issue resolution. Usually considered to be a part of CES surveys, these questions help analyze how effective your support is and how much effort users have to put in while solving any issue. Valuable support feedback enables you to refine your support processes and foster positive customer relationships.

  • How was your experience with our customer support team?
  • Do you agree that our support staff made it easy to resolve your issues and concerns?
  • How would you rate the responsiveness of our customer service team?
  • Were your issues and queries resolved to our satisfaction?
  • Based on your recent interaction with our customer support team, how likely are you to recommend this app to your friends and colleagues on a scale of 0 to 10?

7. Pricing Feedback Questions

Pricing directly influences users’ decisions and perceived value. The Pricing Feedback Questions help you to gather users' perspectives on the app's pricing structure, value for money, and plan suitability. Understanding pricing feedback helps you to optimize pricing plans for maximum Customer Satisfaction.

  • How would you rate this app in terms of value for money?
  • Did you face issues or confusion related to the app’s pricing structure?
  • How would you rate our pricing plans in terms of suitability as per your requirements?
  • How satisfied are you with the pricing options available such as yearly, monthly, and lifetime subscriptions?
  • Do you think there should be more flexibility in pricing options?
  • Do you agree that the pricing of the app is justified considering the updates and improvements in the app?

8. Feature Feedback Questions

App features define its capabilities and usefulness. The Feature Feedback or Product Feature Request Questions focus on users' experiences with various app features and their preferences. By understanding feature feedback, you can see which features are working best for your app as per the users' needs and expectations.

  • Are you able to use all the features of the app easily and conveniently?
  • Which feature do you like the most?
  • Do you think there is any feature in the app which is not very useful?
  • Do you have any issues with any feature and you feel it should be improved?
  • How would you rate the recently added latest feature of the app?

9. New Feature Addition Question

Users' input on new features is vital for keeping the app relevant and competitive. This Mobile Survey Question invite users to suggest and prioritize new features they would like to see. Utilizing new feature feedback empowers you with the understanding of users’ evolving needs, thus enabling you to fulfil them.

  • Is there any feature that you would like to see in the app in the near future?
  • Is there any feature you feel is missing in the app?

10. Bug Report Mobile Forms Question 

Identifying and resolving technical issues promptly is essential for maintaining user trust. Bug reporting questions are one of the most used Mobile Survey questions that help you gather bug reports and highlight areas requiring improvement. The information collected helps you resolve issues and bugs at the right time and enhance app stability and performance, thereby ensuring a seamless User Experience.

  • Did you encounter any technical issues or bugs while using the app?
  • Do you want to share any experience of facing any technical issue or bug?

11. Post-Purchase Feedback Questions

The Post-Purchase Mobile App survey is to be sent just after your app users have made a  purchase. These questions assess users' satisfaction with their purchase experience. The responses to the post-purchase feedback questions help you in refining the app's purchasing process and ensure that the users don’t face any issues while making purchases from your mobile app.

  • How would you rate your purchase experience with this app?
  • Based on your recent purchase experience, how likely are you to recommend this app to your friends and known ones on a scale of 0 to 10?

12. Open-Ended Question

Open-ended questions provide users with the opportunity to share additional insights and suggestions in their own words. These questions capture diverse feedback not covered in other categories, offering valuable context for app improvements and user engagement.

  • Would you like to share any additional comments, suggestions, or any specific experience with the app?

13. Exit Intent Question

Understanding the reasons behind app exits and cart abandonments is crucial for reducing churn. Exit Intent Survey Questions help you identify barriers to user retention and offer insights into potential improvements. The feedback helps you optimize the app's user journey and reduce abandonment rates.

  • Are you sure you want to exit this app?
  • What is the main reason for exiting the app?
  • On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to return to the app?
  • What is the most prominent reason that is stopping you from making the purchase today? (in case of Cart Abandonment or exit without purchase)

14. Customer Loyalty or NPS Survey Question 

Customer loyalty is a powerful indicator of app success, and the best way to measure Customer Loyalty is by using an NPS Survey. The Ultimate Question of the NPS Survey helps you gauge users' likelihood to recommend the app and measure User Loyalty.

  • How likely are you to recommend this app to your friends and colleagues on a scale of 0 to 10?

You can modify this question to gauge the likeliness of repurchases.

  • How likely are you to continue using this app in the future?
  • How likely are you to make more purchases in future through this app?

15. Follow Up Mobile Form Question

Follow-up question aims to gather more detailed insights based on users' initial ratings or feedback and know the reason for the way they rated your mobile app. The question is usually used after the main question of metric surveys like NPS surveys, CSAT surveys, or CES Surveys, but can be used after any survey question that required the customers to rate their experience. This helps you take the right steps to improve User Experience.

  • Could you please tell us the primary reason for your rating?

With the help of good Mobile App Survey Software, you can also personalize the follow-up questions and trigger them as per the customers’ responses and make them conversational for the respondents. Here is how you can modify your follow-up question as per customers’ previous rating and make your mobile form surveys sound more logical and conversational for the respondents.

  • Thank you for appreciating our efforts, we are glad that we were able to serve you right! We would love to know what made you rate us the way you did? (For positive feedback)
  • Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback! Can we do something to make this app better and improve your experience? (For Neutral Feedback)
  • We apologize for your bad experience! Can you please let us know the primary reason for your disappointment so that we can serve you better? (For Negative Feedback)

Here are some cool tips to run Mobile App Surveys effectively.

Tips to Conduct Effective Mobile App Surveys

  1. Don’t bore your app users with longer surveys 
  2. Time your surveys right
  3. Use a combination of closed-ended and open-ended questions
  4. Don’t forget to make your surveys mobile-responsive
  5. Keep the surveys in-app
  6. Leverage the power of a Survey Software

Let’s learn more about how you can follow these tips to run effective Mobile App Surveys. 

1. Don't Bore Your App Users with Longer Surveys

To ensure high survey participation and valuable feedback, it's crucial to keep your mobile surveys concise and focused. Lengthy mobile forms surveys can lead to user disinterest and abandonment, while shorter surveys increase the likelihood of completion.

A cool tip is to make your mobile app surveys only two steps long. Microsurveys with quantitative questions like 1 to 10, 1 to 5 rating questions, heart ratings, MCQ questions, or smiley survey questions and a follow-up question asking reasons for the rating make the best type of mobile app survey forms. These do not hamper the experience while still capturing the requires quantitative and qualitative feedback.   

2. Time Your Surveys Right

The timing of your mobile app surveys can significantly impact response rates and data accuracy. So always send surveys strategically at the right time. Try to send these surveys immediately after specific app interactions or touchpoints, or when users achieve a milestone. This approach captures users' feedback when it's most relevant and enhances the chances of obtaining meaningful and actionable responses.

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3. Use a Combination of Closed-Ended and Open-Ended Questions

Balancing closed-ended and open-ended questions in your app surveys offers a comprehensive view of user experiences. Consider adding at least one Open-ended question in order to get rich feedback in the users’ own words and understand their situation by putting yourself in their shows. But never add too many open-ended survey questions as this will make the survey long and increase the chances of survey abandonment in between.

5. Keep the Surveys In-App

Although there are many ways to collect feedback, asking in-app survey questions is best for collecting real-time user insights. This means that the surveys should be sent at the exact moment within the mobile app while the users are accessing it. 

You should avoid sending email surveys or SMS surveys later on to gauge the feedback regarding the mobile app. Until and unless the support needs to be extended and resolution requires time, the mobile survey questions should be asked within the app.

Integrating in-app feedback widgets into your mobile app offers a non-intrusive way to gather real-time user opinions. By capturing feedback while users are actively engaged with the app, you increase the chances of receiving relevant and timely responses.

6. Leverage the Power of a Mobile Survey Software

Utilizing reliable Mobile Survey Software streamlines the entire survey process, from creation to analysis. There are many mobile form tools available in the market but the best survey apps for Mobile surveys provide advanced features to make your surveys sound logical and conversational for the users and collect meaningful user insights.

Zonka Feedback is one such effective Mobile App Survey tool that you can use for this purpose.


Powered with features like Skip Logic and Question Branching, Zonka Feedback helps you to create dynamic and conversational surveys. Its advanced features like real-time feedback alerts not only help you collect real-time feedback but also alerts you with every feedback or the one that falls in the criteria set by you, so that you can take feedback-driven actions instantly to improve user experience and prevent churn.

It also offers a free trial. Try it for free for 7 days and see how it works to make your mobile app better, enhance User Satisfaction and thus grow your business.

Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Aug 03, 2023

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