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What are Exit Intent Surveys?

What are Exit Intent Surveys?

57% of shoppers will abandon the cart if they have to wait more than three seconds for a page to load. 38% of users say that they will exit a website if the content is not engaging or the layout is unattractive.

There could be several reasons why users leave your website without making a purchase, signing up for your newsletter, and even sending a query. And it can be incredibly frustrating when you invite potential customers through intelligent marketing campaigns and they exit the website without making a transaction. But if you know what the exit intents of users are, you can resolve the issues and increase conversions.

This brings us to the question…

What is Exit Intent?

Exit intent is the purpose of website visitors to leave a website without making a purchase or completing a transaction. And this can be captured using Exit Intent Surveys to help businesses understand the cause of a low or below expected website conversion rate.

What is an Exit Intent Survey?

An Exit Intent Survey is triggered and pops up on the screen when any of these conditions are met:

visitors are about to exit your website without making a transaction. They can help make even your non-converting or bouncing audience an important source of insights by asking them directly what’s driving them away. Here’s an example of an Exit Intent Survey question:

Exit Intent Surveys
The answers from your website exit survey help in understanding why you’re not able to reach your purchase or page-specific goals, which can then enable you to fix what’s not working.

How Does an Exit Intent Survey Work?

An Exit Intent Survey appears on the screen when the visitor moves towards the upper side of the browser or the ‘close’ button. The exit intent technology gauges when the visitor is about to switch tabs or exit the page and displays a survey that is aimed to understand why visitors leave early or without completing a transaction.

Why Do You Need to Use Exit Intent Surveys?

Exit Intent Surveys are website surveys that are conducted even before visitors become customers. They enable understanding how visitors interact with your website and can tell a lot about what you’re lacking that’s affecting your goals. Exit Intent Surveys are the simplified means to know the same. Let’s understand why you should use an Exit Intent Survey on your website.

1. To Listen to the Voice of Customer

By the year 2040, 95% of all purchases are estimated to be through eCommerce, according to Nasdaq. Sending feedback surveys to existing customers to measure satisfaction is a popular practice. But what about website visitors who could have been converted? Website Exit Intent Surveys can help you tap into this area and further improve your Voice of Customer program.

With the help of website Exit Intent Surveys, you can find out what your visitors expect and what you can do better to make them stay and make website transactions and purchases. Here’s an example of how you can understand visitors’ expectations:

Exit Intent Surveys (1)2. To Increase Website Conversions

Digital browsers are quite impatient today. They can quickly lose interest if brands fail to engage them immediately. Moreover, 80% of these people may never return to your website. And this certainly impacts the conversion rate.

Exit Intent Surveys empower you with data and enable you to align your website experience with visitors’ expectations. As a result, you can achieve your conversion goals, such as signing up for the newsletter, making a purchase, or downloading a lead magnet.

3. To Reduce the Loss of Time and Effort

When visitors leave your website without making a purchase or making a transaction, you don’t just lose a potential client; you also end up losing time and resources put in running paid ads, creating content, optimizing the website, etc. But with the help of Website Exit Surveys, you can figure out what’s working and what’s not. For example, users may wish to pay through their digital wallets or may be leaving because of the insufficient descriptions of products. With the help of an Exit Feedback Survey, you can capture complaints and make all the right decisions to optimize resources.

Popular Use Cases of Exit Intent Surveys

Website Exit Intent Surveys are a great source to collect insights on what causes bouncing visitors and incomplete transactions. Let’s understand where these insights can provide the most value.

1. Shopping Cart Abandonment Surveys

Research says that over 69% of website visitors abandon their shopping carts. There could be several reasons behind this, such as high shipping prices, long forms, an unexpected rise in price, etc. With a website Exit Intent Survey, you can find out why these people didn’t end up completing their orders.
To target people who exit from the shopping cart or order summary page, you can embed Exit Surveys into these screens. With an advanced approach, you can also target people who specifically added products to their shopping cart and left without making a transaction.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Survey Questions

  • What was the reason you quit shopping?
  • What would prompt you to complete your order?
  • Do you need any support or additional information to complete your order?

2. Pricing Abandonment Surveys

Many visitors may leave your website from the pricing page without even adding products to the cart. To highlight those visitors and to dig deep into pricing issues that need addressing, you can opt for pricing abandonment surveys.

You would think that the pricing of your product(s) may be the only issue. But with the help of Exit Intent Surveys, you can uncover other price-related problems and convert visitors into customers.

Pricing Abandonment Survey Questions

  • What prevented you from adding the product to the cart?
  • Do you need a pricing breakdown to make to clearly understand the pricing?
  • Do you need any additional support or information to understand our product pricing?
  • Compared to similar products, are our prices lower, almost the same, or higher?
  • Do you have any questions about the shipping cost?
  • Do you wish to create a customized plan with more flexible pricing based on your requirements?

3. Goal Completion Survey

There may be various goals or transactions you may want your visitors to complete, such as signing up for the newsletter, downloading an ebook, making a purchase, sending a quote request, etc. So, to increase the conversion or check why people are not achieving the transaction goals you have set for them, you create an Exit Intent Survey and add it to the transaction screen.

Transaction Completion Survey Questions

  • Did you read our blog post? If not, why?
  • Are you facing any problem downloading our ebook? What can we do to help?
  • We see that you didn’t complete your purchase. Can we help?
  • What can we do to help you complete your goal of visiting our website?

4. Landing Page Bounce Surveys

Driving qualified traffic through Adwords or other marketing campaigns can significantly improve your conversion rate since the content is tailored to the interests of your target audiences. However, the bounce rate from landing pages is higher than average. With the help of an Exit Intent Survey on your landing page, you can figure out why your audience isn’t taking the desired action, such as sharing their contact information, downloading a piece of content, or signing up for a membership.

You can get insight into what changes you need to make to improve landing page conversions, such as simplifying the page, improving the design or layout, or adding more information to the page.

Landing Page Bounce Survey Questions

  • Is there any information missing on this page?
  • What can we do to improve this web page for you?
  • What stopped you from downloading our resource?
  • What would help you build trust in us and share your contact information?
  • Did you find what you were looking for? If not, please share your requirement.

Exit Intent Surveys (2)Conclusion

Exit Surveys have the potential of dramatically improving the conversion rates on your website. What you need is a solid strategy and a powerful survey tool.

Zonka Feedback survey tool is your one-stop solution for all your survey needs from creating Exit Intent Surveys in a simplified dashboard to viewing and analyzing the automatically generated reports.

Moreover, you can set custom alerts for your team so that feedback is promptly acted on. You can also use our customized template and create surveys with just a few clicks.

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Published on Dec 01, 2021. Updated on Dec 28, 2022.


Written by Bhawika

Dec 01, 2021

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