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Website Exit Intent Surveys: Questions, Best Practices & Use Cases (With Template)

Investing considerable effort in attracting potential customers to your website through paid ads, organic SEO, and marketing strategies can be disheartening, only to witness them abandon the site without any engagement or action. A conversion, an opportunity, or even a prospective customer is lost every time a user abandons your website. 

So, how do you make the most of the last few seconds they're investing in your website or product? 

Welcome exit intent surveys - the last chance to engage with visitors before they jump onto another website (probably your competitor).

A well-designed exit intent survey engages departing visitors positively, encouraging potential return visits. Capturing feedback through tailored questions reveals valuable insights into their exit reasons and areas for improvement. Strategically used, this data can address concerns and potentially recover lost conversions before visitors completely leave your site.

In this blog, we'll delve deeper into website exit surveys and explore some effective exit survey questions that you can use to gather feedback from your audience along with best practices and use cases. Let's get started!


  • Exit intent surveys are designed to trigger when a user is about to leave a webpage or close a browser tab, hence the "exit intent" name. They can ask questions about user experience, reasons for leaving, feedback on products/services, or suggestions for improvement.

  • You can ask website exit survey questions to gauge the reasons behind shopping cart abandonment, understand the ease of website navigation, pricing-related concerns, get product feedback, and more.

  • A website exit survey is useful across industries including e-commerce, healthcare, travel and hospitality among others to gather feedback on customer satisfaction, patient experience, guest experience, and student experience.

  • You can leverage Zonka Feedback to create exit surveys and gather feedback across multiple feedback survey channels. Through its advanced reporting and analytics, you can get detailed insights into your product's performance and take action to close the product feedback loop. Start a 14-day free trial or schedule a demo to implement exit surveys effectively.

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What is an Exit Intent Survey?

An exit intent survey captures why visitors are leaving a website without buying or completing a transaction, helping businesses understand low conversion rates. It triggers when visitors are exiting your website or app without making a purchase, providing actionable insights by directly asking about their reasons.

Why Do You Need to Use Exit Intent Surveys?

Here's why you should implement an exit intent survey on your website or application.

  • To Listen to Visitors: With 95% of future purchases estimated to be online, website exit surveys capture missed conversion opportunities, enhancing your understanding of visitor expectations and helping you listen to the voice of customer.

  • To Boost Conversions: Engage impatient digital users effectively by aligning your website with their expectations through website exit intent surveys, increasing the likelihood of achieving conversion goals.

  • To Optimize Resources: Exit surveys identify pain points like payment preferences or product descriptions, helping you save time and resources by making informed optimizations.

To understand the concerns of your users, you can leverage an exit intent survey template and share it with your customers to know why they are leaving your service.

 Use this Template

Website Exit Intent Survey Questions to Collect Feedback

To bridge the gap between customer intent and conversion, it is important to carry out an exit intent survey. By strategically deploying well-crafted survey questions, you can better understand customers' needs, preferences, and pain points and increase conversions.

If you're looking to start creating your own exit intent survey, here are a few of the most popular survey questions your business can use.  

1. Shopping Cart Abandonment Survey

Visitors often add items to their shopping carts but leave without purchasing. Reasons vary—distractions, price comparisons, or unexpected fees. By asking users for feedback, you can pinpoint issues and take action. This helps bring leaving visitors back, gives direction to marketing campaigns, gets qualified traffic, drives sales and increases conversion rate.

Here are some shopping cart abandonment survey questions that you can add to your website surveys gauging exit reasons:

  • What prompted you to quit shopping?
  • Do you need any additional information to complete the purchase?
  • Do you have any queries you'd like to ask before you place your order?
  • Were there any concerns or issues that made you hesitate to proceed with the checkout?
  • Were there any specific products you could not find or were out of stock?
  • Did you encounter any difficulties during the checkout process?
  • Were there any security concerns that made you hesitate to purchase?
  • Were there any pricing or discount-related issues that influenced your decision?

Website Exit Intent Surveys Shopping Cart Abandonment Question

2. Website Exit Intent Popup on Navigation

According to a study by Baymard Institute, 25% of users abandon websites due to poor navigation. To improve the user experience and reduce website exit rates, it's important to understand how visitors navigate your website and create popup surveys gauging the reasons.

Here are some questions that you can consider for your website surveys for exit intent that can also help you improve your website's user experience:

  • Did you find what you were looking for on our website?
  • Did you find our website easy to navigate?
  • Was there any information you were unable to find on our website?
  • Did you encounter any technical issues while using our website?
  • Was our website loading speed fast enough for your liking?
  • Is there anything you would suggest we improve about our website navigation?

Exit Intent Survey Question on Website Navigation

3. Website Exit Survey on Pricing 

Despite liking your product's features, customers might leave your website upon seeing the price, possibly due to budget constraints or feeling the price doesn't match the product's value. When visitors exit at the pricing page, it signals potential issues in your pricing strategy or page design. Addressing these can improve conversions and prevent losing potential customers.

By asking the following questions, you can understand the problem, find a solution to fix issues on the pricing page and prevent visitors leaving:

  • What pricing concerns or issues made you hesitate to proceed further?
  • Did you find the pricing competitive compared to other alternatives in the market?
  • Were there any uncertainties or confusion about the pricing structure?
  • Is there a particular price point at which you would consider our offering more compelling?
  • Were there any specific concerns about the value or benefits offered at the given price?
  • Would additional information or clarification about our pricing influence your decision?

Website Exit Intent Surveys Pricing Question

4. Exit Survey Questions for Product Feedback

Customers might leave your product for different reasons like quality, functionality, user experience, compatibility, or pricing. They could also exit due to insufficient information, unclear descriptions, or trouble finding the right product. Gathering website feedback when they exit can reveal these issues and help you improve.

Here are some questions to collect and refine the product experience:

  • Was the product easy to use and understand?
  • Did you experience any technical difficulties while using our product?
  • Did our product solve the problem you were trying to address?
  • How does our product compare to similar products on the market?
  • Would you recommend our product to others? Why or why not?
  • Could we have done anything differently to improve your experience with our product?

Exit Intent Surveys Product Feedback Question

5. Goal Completion Survey

When customers aim to achieve specific tasks like signing up, purchasing, or downloading resources, ensuring a smooth process is important. If visitors leave before completing these goals, it could be due to various reasons such as confusion, lack of trust, technical difficulties, etc. Identifying these hurdles is crucial for increasing engaged users and improving the customer journey.

Consider these questions to create a website exit intent survey for goal completion:

  • What can we do to help you complete your goal of visiting our website?
  • Did you encounter any issues while attempting to complete your goal?
  • Did you find the information or product you were looking for?
  • Were there any technical difficulties you experienced while trying to complete your goal?

Website exit intent survey question on goal completion

6. Lead Generation Survey

An exit survey can gather contact information from website visitors interested in your offerings but not ready to buy. Setting up survey collection during exit intent allows for targeted emails or personalized sales efforts, nurturing these connections until your website visitors are prepared to make a purchase.

Here are some lead generation survey questions you can add to your website exit survey:

  • Are you interested in learning more about our products/services?
  • Would you like to receive updates about our latest offers and promotions?
  • Would you like to speak to a sales representative about our products/services?
  • Would you like to schedule a demo of our product/service?
  • Can you tell us what could have persuaded you to make a purchase today?
  • Are there any specific features or benefits you're looking for in our products/services?
  • Would you like to receive a free trial of our product/service?

Exit intent survey question on lead generation

7. Landing Page Bounce Research Survey

When driving traffic to your site, a high bounce rate on landing pages can be frustrating. Using targeted website survey questions helps you gain valuable insights into necessary changes for better conversions. You can ask about the design, layout, content, and information provided. These valuable insights help to optimize pages, decrease bounce rates, and drive better conversions

Some example questions for a landing page bounce rate research survey could include:

  • Were you able to find the information you were looking for on this page?
  • Was the layout of the page easy to understand and navigate?
  • Did the page load quickly enough for you?
  • Were the images and visuals on the page helpful?
  • Did the content on the page match your expectations?
  • Did you encounter any technical issues while browsing the page?
  • What was missing from the page that would have made you more likely to take action?

Website Exit Survey Question on Landing Page Bounce Research

Best Practices for Creating Website Exit Intent Survey

Simply adding a website exit intent survey will not get you actionable feedback. Your website exit intent survey should be done in such a manner that it is engaging, relevant, and easy to complete for the visitors.

Here are some best practices that you can follow while implementing website exit surveys to maximize response rate:

  • Keep it Short: Understand that your users might be in a hurry or have a limited time attention span, so your survey should be short and to the point. You can leverage microsurveys that have just one or two questions to collect customer feedback.

  • Add a Mix of Questions: Use a mix of questions like multiple choice answers, survey widget question, open ended survey questions, close ended questions, follow up questions, Likert scale questions, survey rating scales questions, and questions on CX surveys like net promoter score and customer satisfaction score to gain insights on different aspects.

  • Make it Visible: Your exit intent survey should be highly visible and easy to find for the visitors who are about to leave your website. Use pop-ups, overlays, or catchy designs to grab visitors' attention and prompt them to provide feedback.

  • Test the Survey: Before launching your website exit intent survey, it's important to test it thoroughly to ensure it is configured across all devices. Conduct A/B tests to compare different survey formats, questions, and designs to see which ones are most effective at capturing visitor feedback using survey software.

  • Make it Easy to Exit: While capturing visitor feedback is important, you also want to ensure that your exit intent survey does not create a negative impression of your brand by interfering with the user experience. Provide visitors with a clear and easy way to exit the survey if they choose not to participate.

  • Create Targeted Survey: By creating targeted exit intent surveys for different segments of customers based on their behavior on your website, you can gather more relevant and specific information about the causes of customer churn

Exit Survey Use Cases Across Industries 

Exit surveys are versatile tools used in various industries. They aim to uncover why people leave websites or cancel subscriptions, and help to improve customer experiences and retain their loyalty. Here are some popular use cases for exit surveys across different industries:

1. E-Commerce

Website exit intent surveys or website exit intent popup surveys can be used in the e-commerce industry to capture: 

  • Product Feedback: Exit surveys can be used to ask visitors who abandoned their cart about their experience with the website, product, or checkout process. This can help identify issues with the website or checkout process and improve the overall customer experience.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Exit intent surveys can gauge customers' experience with the website or buying process and attempt to understand and measure customer satisfaction, which can be worked upon based on the feedback.

  • Feature Feedback: By enquiring customers who are about to cancel their subscription or uninstall the software about the features they found useful and that could be improved, you can understand the most popular features and areas where the software could be improved.

  • User Experience: Whether the software is intuitive and easy to use or meets user requirements, it can be used to identify areas where the software could be made more user-friendly.

2. Healthcare

In healthcare, website exit intent surveys can be used to get: 

  • Patient Feedback: With website exit surveys, you can ask patients who are about to leave the website or after their visit to provide patient feedback on their experience with the website or clinic.

  • Treatment Feedback: You can show an exit intent survey to patients who have completed their treatment to provide feedback on their experience with the treatment, medication, or therapy. Doing this can detect any issues with the treatment process and improve patient satisfaction.

3. Travel and Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry also makes a lot of improvements using exit surveys. Here's what they use it for:

  • Booking Experience: If users have abandoned their booking or want to know about their experience with the booking process, including any difficulties they encountered or information they needed but could not find, you can leverage exit surveys. 

  • Guest Feedback: You can inquire to guests who have completed their stay to provide feedback on their experience with the hotel or resort in the exit surveys. Based on customer feedback, you can work on areas where the hotel or resort could be improved to meet guest needs better. 

4. Education

In the education sector, website exit surveys capture both student and teacher feedback. Here's how:

  • Student Feedback: Exit surveys can be useful to ask students who have dropped out of a course or are about to drop out to provide feedback on their experience with the course. Through the student feedback survey, you aim to find any issues with the course structure or content and improve student outcomes.

  • Instructor Feedback: Requesting feedback from students who have completed a course can help identify areas for improvement in the instructor's teaching style and feedback quality, leading to an enhanced student learning experience.


Using exit intent surveys is a powerful way to grasp customer needs and refine user experiences. Asking targeted questions reveals why customers leave your site, helping in better solutions to address concerns and drive sales by meeting customer expectations throughout their journey.

Through a powerful tool like Zonka Feedback which has features like pre-built customizable survey templates, sharing the exit survey through multiple channels, and advanced reporting and analytics, you can create, distribute, and analyze survey responses to take action and close the feedback loop.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial and get started with creating website exit intent surveys now to witness the positive transformations it can bring to your business!


Written by Kanika

Dec 11, 2023

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