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Benefits of Salesforce SMS Survey & How to Implement them?

Answer a simple question. How many times did you open your phone today? Maybe someone tagged you in a group photo on Instagram, maybe you wanted to make an online payment, perhaps you got a text from your mom asking you if you had lunch, or maybe for no reason at all.

It might sound like a weird way to put it but mobile phones have become the extended body part that connects us to literally everything we perceive. Every message, every notification we get, simulates our brain cells and promotes action.

Most businesses, including yourself, might already know it and even be using this resource to promote themselves by asking people to download your apps or sending in-app notifications to remind them of your existence by sending deals & offers. But one of the proven practical ways to keep your customers engaged and know if they even like you is by sending them SMS surveys. For starters, sending SMS is inexpensive and they have a high response rate.

Reach a Wide Audience with SMS Surveys📈

With SMS Surveys, collect feedback in a fast and easy way through Survey Invitations sent via text message.

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For Salesforce users, it can be the best thing in the world as you can do Salesforce feedback management by syncing your SMS feedback data directly into your CRM. In this article, we’ll tell you the benefits of using Salesforce surveys through SMS and how to make the process as simple as possible.

Benefits of Salesforce SMS Survey

When you opt for the Salesforce survey using SMS, you are basically making it easy for yourself to manage the SMS feedback data collected from running those surveys.

Although it might sound uncanny the ownership age of smartphones has come down to seven years. Salesforce, on the other hand, is being used by more than 150,000 companies worldwide.

Now imagine the kind of power an SMS survey holds when it can reach out to almost everyone in the world. And being able to integrate it with Salesforce can be a force to reckon with. Sending an SMS is as effortless as tapping on a table and is basically unobtrusive. In fact, 66% of consumers prefer to be reached by companies via SMS over any other distribution channel. If we talk about millennials, the number goes up to 75%

Among many benefits of SMS surveys, a company can expect a better response rate, use the channel as an instant way of getting product/service feedback, and reach a diverse set of customers. It’s one of the easiest channels to set up if you want to measure customer experience, loyalty, or the overall satisfaction score with your business.

Integrating them with Salesforce implies that you can monitor and manage those surveys and responses within your CRM for better customer segmentation and response analysis. Let’s try to understand the use cases in detail.

So, What Can You Do With Salesforce SMS Survey?

There are numerous ways to use SMS surveys and Salesforce feedback management for maximum output.

1. Get Real-Time Data in Salesforce

Salesforce and SMS surveys combined enable feedback collection at multiple touchpoints while also ensuring real-time data mapping and updates. Let's take a few touchpoints, for example:

- During Onboarding

When a new customer signs up for your service, along with triggering a ‘Welcome’ email from Salesforce, you can send them an SMS survey. The survey could be conducted to measure the Customer Effort Score (CES). It may look something like this: 

Another way to utilize this resource is by asking them attribution questions like:

“How did you come to know about the product?”

The responses to this survey question can help you tap into a potential market to rope in new customers. 

- In B2B SaaS

B2B SaaS companies can utilize Salesforce SMS survey to target free trial software users. The SMS surveys can be triggered a day or two before and one day after the free trial’s expiration.

The response rate of such surveys is comparatively higher, making SMS surveys a great retention source for marketing qualified leads (MQL). With salesforce, you can segment customers based on the feedback data and increase your chances of converting MQL to SQL. To increase the response rate, make sure you use prospects’ correct cell phone numbers. Check out the best prospecting tools for Salesforce that offer compliant and up-to-date mobile numbers data.

- During Product Purchase (for both B2C and B2B)

Retail businesses can leverage SMS surveys by conducting customer service surveys if they are at the maturity stage. If they want to do concept testing, they can very well trigger a product pricing SMS survey via Salesforce.

On the other hand, SaaS can utilize Salesforce SMS survey if they are introducing any additional feature to their product or while increasing/decreasing the subscription pricing.

And of course, these both industries can send Customer Satisfaction surveys to their customers via Salesforce SMS survey triggers and expect a higher response rate than an email survey. These CSAT surveys may include open-ended questions like “Which feature did you like the most?”, giving you a better context of your customers' responses.

- Track Customer Lifecycle

You can incorporate SMS surveys at every stage of your customer lifecycle from the first point of contact with your company to the retention stage that is already present in your Salesforce CRM.

These SMS surveys can be used as standalone surveys or as a complimentary survey channel with your other survey methods like a website feedback button, in-app pop-up surveys, etc.

2. Bulk Send SMS Invitation Manually

Using Salesforce’s data coming from the website, product or service-related activities, and other interaction histories, you can do user segmentation and create your own list of contacts. You can see who has given you a good NPS score and target them with triggered Salesforce SMS survey asking them to review your product online.

3. Automate Survey Triggers

Salesforce SMS survey can be utilized by setting up trigger surveys in your CRM like:

  • Transactional triggers: Can be set up after specific events in the product or after a ticket closure in the Helpdesk. Another use case of transactional SMS survey triggers is after a customer has successfully made a payment in POS.
  • Relational triggers: Here you can trigger NPS survey SMS to your long-term users to improve your ORM.

4. Measure CX Metrics

You can trigger SMS surveys through your CRM to measure CX metrics like:

  • NPS - For relational SMS NPS surveys as mentioned above
  • CSAT - For running Adhoc surveys among long-term customers, new feature launch in SaaS, new product launch in retail, while introducing new treatments in the healthcare industry, and so on
  • CES - Surveys after ticket closure to measure the customers' effort in getting their issues resolved 

5. Getting a 360-Degree View of Customers

As we mentioned before, by integrating Salesforce with SMS surveys, you can connect customers’ product or service-related activities and interaction history from your CRM with the customer’s feedback data collected from multiple touchpoints.

That will enable you to unify the marketing, sales, and service departments to enhance personalization and customer experience. Marketing departments can leverage the data to run positive feedback loops and negative feedback loops and the teams can work on closing them.

Sales teams, on the other hand, can leverage this utility by upselling and cross-selling to the segment from the contact list who are already engaged or happy with the product or services. Lastly, service departments can use the Salesforce SMS survey data to work on retaining high-value customers.

Zonka Feedback launched SMS surveys back in 2017 and since then, we have seen this distribution channel being used as a secondary as well as a complimentary survey channel, making it one of the best SMS survey software out there. Salesforce users can easily set up Zonka Feedback’s SMS surveys to boost their customer engagement and easily manage feedback data through the CRM itself.

How to Set Up Salesforce SMS Survey on Zonka Feedback?

Zonka Feedback’s SMS surveys can be easily utilized by Salesforce Customers, who can look forward to expanding their omnichannel survey distribution approach. Here’s a guide to setting up Salesforce SMS survey on Zonka Feedback - Customer Satisfaction and Survey Tool.

1. Start by Setting up Salesforce Integration

Zonka feedback offers you two types of Salesforce Survey Mapping for Salesforce integration.

  • Custom Mapping

Custom Mapping offers you detailed mapping options where you can select mapping name, Salesforce object type, select action, and select mapping condition. You can further set up triggers and enable or disable mapping as per your requirements.

  • Managed Mapping

Managed Mapping, on the other hand, offers you one-click integration where you can instantly set up Zonka Feedback surveys with Salesforce.

To know about the two types of mappings in detail, check out our article on Salesforce Survey Mapping Types

2. Setup SMS as Survey Distribution

For this process, all you need to do is create the SMS content, add a list of recipients by making a contact list based on your Salesforce response-based segmentation, preview the surveys and simply send them to the contacts.

Here’s a detailed article on How to Setup SMS as Survey Distribution Channel in Zonka Feedback.

3. Add Workflows to Incorporate Salesforce SMS Survey

Create automated workflows to trigger SMS surveys at multiple touchpoints and send them to your active list. The feedback data will be synced back directly to your CRM in real time. 


Getting feedback on your product or services can be tricky when you don’t incorporate the distribution channels the right way. SMS surveys not only increase the chances of getting those responses but also enable your business to process those feedback responses faster upon integration with Salesforce.

Salesforce SMS survey can help your business, whether B2B or B2C, gather much-needed insights into your customer’s behavior, experience, and overall perception of your brand. They can be leveraged in so many ways when used for omnichannel survey distribution and covering 360-degree customer experience. Zonka Feedback offers quick and easy integration of its SMS surveys with Salesforce. So what are you waiting for, get started now!


Written by Ramnish

Sep 06, 2023

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