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10 Ways to Improve Customer Experience

Ensuring a remarkable Customer Experience (CX) in a customer relationship delivers improved engagement, retention, satisfaction, and, ultimately, better financial growth. According to American Express, 70% of Americans are willing to spend an average of 13% more with businesses or brands that provide excellent customer experience. Similarly, Oracle found that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.

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If you’re striving to strengthen your customer relationship, consider enhancing customer experience and delight your customers with better products and services. For this, you have to know your customers, their preferences to deliver personalized experiences across the customer journey — from beginning to end.

What is Customer Experience?

The Customer Experience (CX) is the expression that indicates how your customers perceive your product, service, or brand. For example, it is an amazing experience for customers or users to undergo a new software migration after onboarding.

Based on this, customers formed their perceptions. The customers formed the experience based on different interactions:

  • Direct Interaction - These interactions are initiated during the customer journey, like interacting with the customer support team.

  • Indirect Interaction - The audience indirectly interacts with your brand through recommendations, word-of-mouth referrals, or reviews on websites and social media.

While getting started, however, industry experts are overwhelmed with different ideas of improving customer experience. But there’s no need to be overwhelmed — you can enhance the customer experience in 10 simple ways and ideas.

1. Identify Customer’s Needs

An innovative product or service always comes from a customer itself. All you need to do is identifying their needs and providing solutions that fulfil those needs. For example, create Taxi Booking App along with facilitating riders with comfortable taxis, Uber has address riders’ needs related to safety and security and implement them to enhance their services and customer experience.

To identify customer needs, you need to map the customer journey. Mapping customer journey refers to as tracking the touchpoints or phases a customer goes through while engaging with a product or customer service. This practice helps you to identify threats associated with your business, and opportunities for improvement.

2. Personalize the customer experience

Customers are likely to purchase from a company that knows about them, their behavior, purchase history, and recommendations based on them. 79% of customers expect personalized services. Humanization is the best element that connects the customers with the brand at an emotional level. When you treat your customers personally and address their issues, they feel delighted and likely to remain loyal to your brand. There are various ways in which you can personalize the experience for your customers:

  • Always address your customers by their name. 
  • Send personalized messages/replies.
  • Do reach out to your customers when they sign up for your free trial or purchases any product. Ask about their onboarding experience.
  • Ask them how you can help them.

Even if customers don’t take your help, they’ll for sure appreciate this positive gesture and create a positive impression of your business in their minds.

3. Take regular Customer Feedback

Customer feedback works as a catalyst to convert your unhappy customers to happy customers.

Customer Feedback provides you with the opportunity to listen to your customers, their feedback, and suggestions. Customer data gives you a clear picture of how your customers perceive your brand, are they happy with your products and services, etc. You can also ask follow-up questions to know the reason for the feedback. in addition, you can consider asking for suggestions through the comment box or simply add custom QR codes on your product packaging that prompt a customer to give feedback. Based on the suggestions, you can upgrade your product and enhance your customer experience.

Advanced automated Customer Feedback app/software provides you with a comprehensive platform to collect, measure, and analyze customer feedback. It captures survey responses and enables you to turn them into insightful data that helps you identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

4. Monitor Customer Experience & Satisfaction Metrics - NPS, CSAT, and CES

Customer Experience Metrics The significance of feedback data determines by the way you gauge the experience of your customers. To measure or collect the authentic customer experience, you can use Customer Experience Metrics. It measures customer feedback in quantitative terms. There are majorly 3 scientifically researched metrics like NPS (Net Promoter Score), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), and CES (Customer Effort Score). These metrics will help you to benchmark yourself in the industry.

5. Identify potential churn

95% of the sample admitted that they would rather share negative reviews, 54% shared these negative stories with more than 5 people. Your unhappy customers will give not only negative feedback but also do bad word-of-mouth advertising among the public. This ultimately hits your brand position and leads to losses in business.

By Archit - Customer Churn Rate (1)

To avoid this, you need to identify the touchpoints or events that lead to churn. For this, you can conduct net promoter score surveys and customer satisfaction surveys and quickly identify unhappy customers and label them as potential churns. You can also identify your churn customers through competitive analysis. You can analyze yourself based on the quality of products and services, pricing & features, and bad customer support services.

6. Address customers’ issues efficiently

When you take your customer feedback, you get both positive and negative feedback. Usually, companies focus on positive reviews and ignore negative feedback. So, to compensate for the loss of negative feedback or churned customers, they acquire new customers. But doing this is 5 and 25 times more expensive than retaining existing customers. It is better to retain your existing customers. How?

It depends on how you address customers’ issues. For this, you can use the customer feedback tool to collect feedback in a collaborative response inbox. It helps you to monitor every issue. Moreover, the team can effortlessly segregate issues into personal and recurring categories through filters. If it is a recurring issue, you can solve them at the company’s level. But if it is a personal issue, you can solve it personally and ensure accurate solutions.

In any case, getting organized when it comes to responding to customer issues is crucial to brand reputation and perception - with a little diplomacy and care, you can retain a disappointed customer's business, and avoid having to put and cease and desist demand letter in the post.

7. Provide omnichannel customer support

It is very frustrating for your customers when they’ve to wait a long to get connected with your customer support agent. Subsequently, they cut the call and leave negative customer support feedback on your website. Make it easy for your customers to reach your agents quickly. 

For this, you can provide Multichannel support to your customers. It helps you and customers to connect without any delay. It offers a seamless transition between channels to customers.

The multichannel support channels include - In-person interactions, Social media support, Email support, Phone support,  and Live chat support.

8. Improve product or service quality

Customers prefer brands that continually provide them with new and enhanced products. The qualities and features of the product/service always influence the overall customer experience. Customer Feedback is the best way to improve your product/services. The data collected from customer feedback help you to understand the correlation between the product/service and customers’ sentiment and ensure long-term customer relationships.

9. Follow-up with your customers (unhappy)

Following up with your unhappy customers or detractors is another foolproof solution to enhance your customer experience. As discussed above, if you ignore your detractors, they will spread bad word of mouth, which will take a toll on your brand image. If you follow up with your detractors, you can get an opportunity to improve their experience and convert them to promoters.

10. Close the feedback loop

The A.C.A.F Feedback Loop

Closing the feedback loop refers to settling down things positively and developing a long-term relationship with your passives to improve their experience. Always follow up with your customers and ask them follow-up questions to understand their pain points.

It enables you to quickly act upon the issues and resolve them to change their perception towards your products, services, or business. Thus, you'll be able to close the customer feedback loop on a positive note and improve customer experience and satisfaction.

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Written by Archit

Sep 03, 2021

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