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10 Best Survicate Alternatives And Competitors

Survicate is a well-known customer survey tool that is specifically designed to enable businesses to collect customer feedback and analyze the results effortlessly.

While Survicate may be a robust customer feedback tool, it’s certainly not your only option. The platform doesn’t really make it easy to map the entire user journey and target users at each step, reducing the possibility for businesses to collect more granular feedback.

That's when businesses may look for Survicate alternatives that not only let them create the survey but also cut short the feedback analysis time.

In this article, we will discuss the 10 best Survicate alternatives that are perfect for those looking to capture and analyze customer insights and craft compelling experiences.

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#1. Zonka Feedback

As one of the best Survicate alternatives, Zonka Feedback is the valued customer experience platform that enables users to measure and improve their visitor experience with its website surveys. The platform enables users to build surveys and collect customer feedback that helps them listen to customers and build world-class products, making it a strong competitor to Survicate.

A standout feature that makes Zonka Feedback the best Survicate alternative is its ability to measure website feedback without any technical knowledge. One can quickly measure survey results, collect responses, gain valuable insights into visitor behavior and preferences, and do further analysis to identify areas of improvement to make data-driven decisions.

With its CX automation capabilities and transparent pricing plan, Zonka Feedback provides survey response and feedback widgets to get customer feedback whenever they want.

The platform is built to enable startups and enterprises to improve their experiences and accelerate business growth. Its out-of-the-box survey targeting for products makes it one of the best Survicate alternatives for the target market.

Zonka Feedback-Survicate altZonka Feedback Features

  • Measure and improve visitor experience with a website feedback tool
  • Gather feedback, identify areas of improvement, and make data-driven decisions
  • Add a feedback button, and display web widgets like popups, slide-ups, and bottom bars
  • Choose from 200+ AI Survey Templates, and measure CX Metrics (NPS, CES, or CSAT)
  • Ask questions in the language your customers speak
  • Display feedback forms across your website to measure and understand visitors' preferences
  • Evaluate the relevance and effectiveness of your website content
  • Quickly measure buyer's loyalty, and reduce buyer's remorse
  • Use exit intent surveys to recover abandoned opportunities, and insights
  • Listen to your customers  and build world-class products
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through in-app surveys
  • Send real-time alerts to the dedicated teams to improve customer retention
  • Implement the right type of product feedback and tap every customer touchpoint to get valuable insights
  • Set up survey targeting and feedback distribution management
  • Improve process transparency and increase team productivity by automating manual tasks
  • Integrate with your existing tools for seamless feedback management
  • Keep every customer satisfied while closing the customer feedback loop


It offers a free plan.

The essential plan starts at $49/month.

You can also try it for 7-days free trial.

#2. Delighted

Another top Survicate alternative is Delighted as the platform enables users to collect website feedback, an email survey, in-app feedback, customer surveys, and more in the fastest and easiest way. The best part about this Survicate alternative is it enables users to set up automated surveys up and running in minutes, not days.

Using its easy-to-use website feedback survey software, you can quickly trigger a survey on just any website page. One can even customize and translate surveys in 30+ languages and also fine-tune survey timing.

The platform also allows you to ask the right in-app questions at the right time. Adding a logo, and customizing in-app surveys just take a fraction of a second. Another added feature you get with Delighted is the built-in survey throttling to prevent over-surveying.

Delighted-Survicate alternative

Delighted Features

  • Easy setup needs as minimal technical knowledge required
  • Customize and translate your survey to 30+ languages
  • Send your website feedback surveys to users once, on a recurring basis, or after an interaction
  • Test your survey before it’s live
  • Ask open-ended questions to uncover crucial insight into customer satisfaction
  • Customize a Thank You message based on the survey response
  • Use in combination with other survey methods such as Email, In-app, QR code, and Link surveys
  • Share takeaways and act on website feedback
  • Create your own in-app survey- no design resources necessary
  • Automate survey delivery for actionable feedback
  • Prevent over-surveying with built-in throttling

Pricing: You can create a free account to get the pricing details.

Delighted is a popular self-serve experience management platform; however, businesses are looking for its alternatives due to its higher cost, follow-up questions, and limited integrations. Here is a blog on Delighted competitors that can be based on your specific requirements, and future goals.

#3. Proprofs Survey Maker

ProProfs Survey Maker is a popular choice when it comes to choosing an online form builder and one of the top Survicate alternatives. The online survey builder allows users to have unlimited questions and create a survey in just 60 seconds! As an alternative to Survicate, ProProfs survey maker provides 100+ pre-designed templates and 100k+ ready-to-use questions.

Proprofs survey maker is a perfect fit for those looking to gather information in the simplest way. You can even create beautiful online surveys with the easiest online survey software, and customize it with your brand and logo.

One of the best parts is the tool allows you to do user research and sentiment analysis and leverage in-app surveys to understand what product features and pages are a hit among the target audience, and what aspects need improvements.

ProProfs Survey Maker-Survicate alt

ProProfs Survey Maker Features

  • Create a survey in under 60 seconds
  • Pick from 100+ ready-to-use templates
  • Ask visitors questions without even leaving your website
  • Easily create beautiful surveys with a free survey maker tool
  • Customize surveys as per your brand colors and logo, add survey logic and branching, and scores
  • Get all feedback in one place so as to evaluate, and take action
  • Select from 15 different question types, add images and videos
  • Leverage in-app surveys to understand what product features and pages are a hit among customers
  • Get useful insights with advanced reports and intelligent analytics

Pricing: The initial plan starts at $19/month. You can also try it free for 15 days.

#4. SurveySensum

SurveySensum is an AI-powered customer feedback tool that allows teams to collect feedback from digital channels across various touchpoints in the customer journey. Additionally, the tool enables teams to share feedback from multiple channels as collected in real-time.

The platform is one of the top Survicate alternatives as it helps businesses close the feedback loop and prioritize actions. Being one of the top in-app feedback tools, it also analyzes verbatim feedback using text and sentiment analysis and leverages AI and machine learning technology to provide meaningful insights into the feedback data.

One of its stand-out features is its in-app feedback which offers a comprehensive set of features enabling teams to conduct surveys using Android survey app and gather insights effortlessly. It empowers businesses to extract maximum value from in-app surveys with advanced targeting options, real-time feedback, and competitive analysis.

SurveySenum-Survicate alternatives

SurveySenum Features

  • Helps to choose the right survey for the right audience and touchpoints
  • Get in-built survey templates, and add custom questions depending on the objective
  • Gather feedback, take action, and close the loop with the help of the CX team
  • Effortlessly create in-app surveys, ensuring a seamless feedback experience
  • Tailor surveys based on user responses using skip logic, enhancing the relevance
  • Choose from an extensive library of templates and themes to customize surveys
  • Boost response rates with friendly reminders without being intrusive

Pricing: You need to connect with their sales team to learn about the pricing plans. However, you can also start with its free plan after signing up for the SurveySenum account.

#5. SurveyMonkey

One of the most popular Survicate alternatives, SurveyMonkey, is among popular Android survey apps that is a cloud-based survey platform offering robust features for collecting customer feedback and analyzing it to yield actionable business insights. Its website feedback and survey software enable users to distribute surveys and get feedback about customers' preferences, and needs.

These real-time insights and advanced analytics can empower the development team to boost the company’s effectiveness online. When it comes to in-app feedback, SurveyMonkey is the best alternative to Survicate. The platform integrates surveys right into your mobile app surveys and web forms so as to get more responses by simplifying the experience. You can even activate rewards, offers, or other actions and messages based on survey responses.

SurveyMonkey-Survicate alternativesSurveyMonkey Features

  • Survey respondent panels that allow users to target specific demographics
  • Intuitive experience for admins, users, and survey respondents
  • Advanced survey creation with AI guidance for creating better questions
  • 250+ survey templates for various use cases
  • Manage multiple users and gain visibility through data collected across locations
  • Make feedback automated and actionable by connecting to key business systems
  • Choose from expert-written sample questions to include in your surveys
  • Capture feedback when the experience is fresh
  • Gather real-time data to quickly identify opportunities and make improvements
  • Create your survey from scratch, and customize it to match your brand
  • Prompt users to leave reviews in the app store
  • Set intervals for when in-app surveys are shown

Pricing: The essential plan starts at $55/month.

SurveyMonkey has gained immense popularity when it comes to collecting feedback; however, the platform isn't your only option. Here is a blog on SurveyMonkey competitors to help pick the best one that suits your business needs.

#6. SurveySparrow

Popular among of voice of customer tools, SurveySparrow is another popular choice when it comes to choosing a Survicate alternative. The platform is one of the best website survey tools that allows you to obtain insights from website visitors and convert them into customers.

The platform also enables you to take targeted online conversations and surveys to collect attributes and feedback from website visitors, understand their needs, and improve customer experience. With SurveySparrow conversational surveys, you can make your website more user-friendly.

This Survicate alternative elevates data collection at every step. Using its in-app surveys you can collect feedback on the go with ease. The multi-device in-app survey enables users to gain better attention to what customers are looking for in your product and services. The best part is that SurveySparrow in-app surveys instantly capture raw from data collection and store it in its dashboard for detailed analysis and yields rich insights.

SurveySparrow-Survicate altSurveySparrow Features

  • Position website feedback surveys directly on selected web pages
  • Get valuable information from the website visitors with chat-like website feedback surveys
  • Acquire data-driven feedback from your website visitors
  • Get appealing UI to engage the audience better
  • Multi-device compatibility for in-app surveys
  • Instantly captures data and stores it in the dashboard
  • Personalized and customize the surveys as per your needs

Pricing: You can connect with the sales team to learn about their pricing plans.

Looking for easy-to-use and cost-effective alternatives to SurveySparrow? Here is a blog on SurveySparrow competitors where you can look for a better customer experience.

#7. GetFeedback

As one of the top Survicate alternatives, Getfeedback enables its users to use website and app surveys to quickly identify and resolve customer pain points. The platform allows users to launch website surveys faster without any coding knowledge. One can quickly target specific website visitors, identify issues, gain insights about site content, and more.

With GetFeedback you also can capture relevant metadata on websites like browser, device, location, and more. Another interesting feature that you get with GetFeedback is its in-app surveys that help you to get product feedback quickly.

Its mobile app surveys create online feedback and help users create surveys that yield higher response rates through better digital experience, product design, and embedded feedback to gain real-time customer insights.

GetFeedback-Survicate altGetFeedback Features

  • Set up campaigns to target website visitors based on browsing or usage behaviors
  • Allow users to provide feedback on specific parts of your website
  • Capture relevant metadata on website users like browser, device, location, and more
  • Comply with privacy mandates by filtering personally identifiable information
  • Design the feedback buttons and surveys to fit your brand
  • Gain more app users by improving product design and UX
  • Earn more revenue from your app due to better performance, more app adoption, and less detractors
  • Increase your mobile app ratings for iOS and Android
  • Embed conditional surveys automatically to respond to user actions
  • Add a fully customizable widget to seamlessly blend into your webpage
  • Allow visitors to give feedback on specific parts of the landing page

Pricing: You need to first sign in to the GetFeedback account, and then connect with the sales team to learn about the pricing plans.

GetFeedback's complicated UI, limited integration options, steeper learning curve, and higher costs might compel businesses to switch to its alternatives. Here is a blog on GetFeedback competitors that share a similar purpose and functionality but offer a distinct user-friendly experience.

#8. Hotjar

As one of the known Survicate alternatives, Hotjar allows users to collect data on customer experiences through website surveys. The platform is popular for heatmaps, and recordings of targeted surveys. The website feedback tool helps you to understand your customers better, and what they are looking for in your product or services.

One of the best parts about Hotjar website surveys is that you can place the survey across an entire website or trigger it so it only pops up on specific pages and/or after specific actions. The tool enables users to customize the brand style and track the progress in a single dashboard.

Hotjar-Survicate altHotjar Features

  • Collect website feedback to quickly grow your business
  • Place survey across your entire website or trigger pops up on specific pages
  • Quickly understand your visitors and measure the satisfaction of your customers
  • Add a  free website feedback widget to collect feedback constantly
  • Ask short or long open-ended questions, have quick yes or no answers or rating scales
  • Customize Feedback, and Surveys to match the style and personality of your brand
  • Get all feedback displayed through graphs and bar charts in dashboards
  • Quickly check what grabs users’ attention or frustrates them
  • Watch the full customer journey to find and fix issues

Pricing: The essential plan starts at $32/month. You may also go for its free plan.

Looking for an alternative to Hotjar? Here are some of the most powerful Hotjar competitors that can help you capture user insights and improve the overall customer experience. 

#9. Typeform

As one of the best alternatives to Survicate, Typeform helps users create forms and promotes survey collection into a fun and friendly conversation platform. Whether for feedback, lead generation, surveys, polls, or quizzes, Typeform focuses on providing visually appealing customized surveys.

The best part about this Survicate alternative is that it quickly allows you to create personalized surveys by using its intuitive survey creator and builder. You can create standout surveys for websites and apps in minutes. It also allows you to choose question types to send surveys to help you listen to your customers and take relevant answers.

Typeform-Survicate altTypeform Features

  • Offers more conversational, engaging, and interactive forms
  • Create payment forms with logic branching, ensuring a personalized experience
  • Get advanced question types, multiple choice, dropdowns, ratings, and more
  • Offers a range of pre-designed templates for different use cases
  • Provides real-time reporting and analytics for better insights and informed decision
  • Get high-quality feedback on the websites
  • Add a range of questions, one at a time to keep the audience engaged
  • Quickly embed surveys into the website either as a popup or a standard embed
  • Quickly ask for feedback on performance, functionality, and overall user experience

Pricing: The initial plan starts at $25/month.

Typeform helps brands treat people with thoughtfully designed tools like online forms and online surveys. But the platform has its own setbacks like few question types, higher cost, and complicated features. Here is a blog on Typeform competitors for you to help you choose the top alternatives.

#10. InMoment/Wootric

As a leader in employee and customer experience, InMoment is one of the best Survicate alternatives that helps users gain significant insights from customer and employee feedback, to help launch strategic data-driven decisions.

The cloud-based go-centric employee experience platform offers features such as executive dashboards, employee communication tools, indirect feedback, and models for gauging employee engagement and to measure customer loyalty. The platform primarily operates across three distinct domains: Customer Experience (CX) Cloud, Employee Experience Cloud, and Market Experience Cloud. These components synergize with the insights platform and provide businesses with valuable insights and a holistic comprehension of vital variables.

Inmoment-Suricate alterInMoment Features

  • Provides comprehensive analytics and prescriptive actions to increase retention, acquisition, customer lifetime value, and profitability
  • Collects CX from every format-social media review, video, web session, or visit to a store
  • Give your team members the opportunity to delight every customer
  • Execute data-identified learnings, socialize feedback, track and resolve customer cases
  • Helps companies continuously improve experiences at the intersection of value
  • Get mobile-optimized reports for better clarity
  • Get future-proof customer data and high-security standards

Pricing: You need to get in touch with the sales team.

InMoment is a popular customer experience platform that helps brands continuously improve their experiences with their comprehensive analytics and prescriptive actions. However, businesses are searching for InMoment competitors that suit their brand needs, and also for solutions that share a similar purpose. 

Wrapping Up

Now that you have a clear idea about the top Survicate alternatives, you can choose the one that best suits your business in terms of survey types, data required, budget, sample size, and others.

Each of these alternatives highlighted has its own strength, and unique features. As we conclude this in-depth piece, we hope this article has provided you with ample information to select the Survicate alternative that best aligns with the specific requirements of your business.

If you are still not sure which platform to choose, you can take Zonka Feedback's 7-day free trial. Take advantage of this cost-effective platform, gather feedback, and get started today! 

Nivedita Nayak

Written by Nivedita Nayak

Oct 13, 2023

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