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Send Surveys Across Multiple Channels with Zonka Feedback

Collect customer feedback from different channels like emails, in-product, websites, offline app, kiosks, and more. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Choose Survey Channels

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1


The survey is not the new concept in the market, it is a commonly used instrument to gauge the experience and satisfaction level of the customers. Over the decades, the survey has become the most trusted and reliable source of data collection. The survey helps you to collect customer feedback, employee feedback or market survey.

The survey is not a new concept in the world of the customer experience but something that is new in the market is the shift of conventional survey collection methodologies to digital suite.

When it comes to collecting surveys, survey collection mode matters a lot as it has a direct effect on the quality of the data you collect. It is the effectiveness of your survey collection mode that determines the survey response rates.

Thus, there are various online means to collect surveys including iPad, Android Tablet, Kiosk, Email, SMS, QR Code, and website that have not only trimmed down the long process and efficiency of collecting surveys but also helps you to analyze the survey results quickly to make corrective business decisions.

So, in this guide, you’ll learn how to choose the survey collection channels or online modes that will help you to optimize the amount and quality of the collected data.

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Chapter 2

Benefits of collecting Online Surveys

Now you are probably thinking you already have conventional survey channels then why you need an online survey collection mode?

Ask yourself, is the data collected from the conventional mode helping you make informed decisions and showing you a clear picture of where you stand? No, right?

Because you are employing a very slow approach that doing nothing except taking your time and efficiency.

This is the high time to make your feedback collection efforts result-driven and so you need online modes. Here we are revealing 4 advantages of online survey channels that are mighty sufficient to catalyze the decision for opting online survey software:

Captures Accurate Data Quickly

The efficiency and quality of data depend on the promptness of data availability. When it comes to acquiring accurate customer satisfaction or performance analysis data in a very short time span, online survey channels provide you with the high-end capabilities to collect, manage, and analyze the data quickly. This helps you to address the issues at the right time.

Provides Reliable & Real-Time Response

Usually, respondents are not in the mood or state to give feedback or sometimes due to social pressure to conform, respondents avoid their true feelings or he/she is not in the mood to give reliable feedback. Online survey channels (especially on-premises feedback channels including iPad, Tablets, and Kiosk) enable you to combat such scenarios. On-premises feedback collection modes enable the respondents to give instant real-time feedback without peer pressure. This helps businesses to collect honest and valuable feedback.

Analyses the Survey Results Quickly

Nowadays, the functionality of the Online Survey Software is so advanced that the results of the online survey are ready to be analyzed at any time. An Online Survey App offers real-time reporting that will monitor every feedback and get an in-depth analysis of all responses to swiftly resolve issues and improve customer experience.

Ensures Flexibility of Design

Survey design is another considering factor that determines that rate of response. If you make your survey audience-appealing, then only you can drive maximum response. When it comes to designing a survey, various questions revolve in mind including how to design the survey, which questions are to be added, which type of response format will work and much more. Some online survey tools enable you to create complex types of surveys easily. It also provides online survey templates which include a questionnaire and more than one type of response format.

Chapter 3

Types of Survey Distribution Channels

For a business, predicting the level of the response rate of the survey is widely dependent on a variety of factors. One among them is a survey distribution channel.

A survey distribution channel is a significant factor that determines the success of the survey. Choosing the right survey channels will not only help you to acquire relevant data but also drive the maximum survey response rate.

Here we have compiled 5 effective survey distribution channels that can enable you to distribute your survey that it reaches to the right respondents:

  1. Pads, Android Tablets & Kiosks Survey
  2. Survey Via Email
  3. Survey Via SMS
  4. QR Codes
  5. Website (Linking, Pop-up, Embedding)

iPads, Android Tablets & Kiosks Survey

iPad Survey Apps not only give a quick and real-time way to collect customer feedback but also saves time and cost. Tablets reduce costs by 75% and cut downtime by 45%.

iPad, Android Tablets, and Kiosks are the ideal options to capture feedback surveys from customers and employees on the premises itself. These on-premises feedback channels enable respondents to give instant real-time feedback without peer pressure.

You can hand over iPads, Android Tablets (like in a restaurant post a meal) or set up a feedback kiosk (like at a bank or airport) to gauge the customers’ experience and satisfaction level. A good on-premises Customer Feedback App will also run in the offline mode, i.e. without WiFi so you're able to get from your customers without relying on good internet connectivity.

Survey Via Email

Email Survey has provided an average response rate of 30%. (Statista)

Another great way to share a feedback survey is to email the survey to customers. With the Email Survey Tool, you can easily create, send, and manage Email Surveys within minutes. Through email survey tools, surveys can be triggered at regular time intervals. Either you send after purchase or interaction with your business or you can send out feedback surveys to your customers on a quarterly basis.

You can also embed your feedback survey question (NPS, CSAT, and CES) in an email body itself. When the customers see the embedded question in an email, they are more likely to click on the response and this leads to a better response rate.

Survey Via SMS

SMS is still a popular channel for conducting surveys because 89%of consumers choose SMS as a channel to communicate with a business (Trumpia).

If you want to gauge the customer satisfaction post service or post-interaction, SMS mode is the best option. Feedback surveys sent on SMSes are the easiest and fastest way to reach out to your customers.

Customer or Employee feedback survey links sent on text messages will surely grab the respondent’s attention in a jiffy. The opening rate of an SMS survey is much higher compared to the Email Survey. SMS medium of survey distribution is being actively used by the Travel industry (Airlines, Railways), E-Commerce and Healthcare industry.

QR Codes

According to Business2Community, the percentage of customers using tablets and mobile phones to complete the survey more than doubled after adding the QR code (14% to 36%).

QR codes can be used very effectively for getting customer feedback. These can be printed on bill receipts, delivery boxes, flashed on the website or put up on the counter for customers to scan and open the survey link and share their feedback. These are great to use as a low-investment method of taking feedback.

Customers avoid scanning QR code when it is not easily accessible to them. Always take care of the placement of the QR code. Place QR code in such a way that it can be scanned without having to take photos and zoom in.

Website (Linking, Pop-up, Embedding)

A main advantage of Web surveys, compared with other survey methods, is lower costs.

You can also embed your customer feedback surveys on your website or share it through Survey Links. Using surveys on your website lets you capture the instant feedback from your customers while they're still on your website. You can also embed your survey on any generic page or inside the blog and help pages to promote customers’ engagement. You can also share the online survey links to your customers and employees to capture their Net Promoter Score.

If you are running an online shopping store and want to capture customers’ feedback at various touchpoints, then linking surveys on the website is an ideal option for you. Embed your survey on post-interaction and transaction pages like after customers making a purchase, after completion of an activity and similar. This way customers can share their feedback with you before they leave the website.

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Chapter 4

Which Survey Channel to use in industries & sector and When?

Industries need to improve their products and services to make their brand more customer-centric. For this, industries need to know-how products and services perform in the market and track whether the customers are satisfied with the products and services?

Surveys are published yearly for each of EDB's priority sectors. Since 2015 these publications examine the current condition of the respective industries (production, foreign trade, investments, etc). on the global and regional scale, monitor and review institutional changes and government industrial policies, analyze prospects for the industry and monitor the financial condition and investment strategies of key companies in the industry. Geographically, each industry survey covers all the Bank's member states.

Hospitals & Healthcare Centers

Patient Feedback is important not just to hear the voice of the patient and gauge their experience, but also to understand patient needs, staff performances and improve patient care. Patient survey channels enable clinics, hospitals, and healthcare centers can take inpatient and outpatient feedback and effectively use this feedback to improve patient satisfaction.


With the rise of social media and restaurant listing websites, customers are more likely than ever now to share their thoughts about food, dining experience, and delivery experience online. More often than not, the feedback never reaches the business owners. With the survey channels, you can set up the on-premise real-time feedback from your customers at the moment. This allows the customers to rant their experience to you directly and allows you a chance to take action to improve customer experience.

Hotel & Resorts

It is almost an unsaid rule that guest feedback at hotels and resorts is mandatory. Miffed guests at hotels will almost always complain at the TripAdvisor and other online sources and they’re very likely to not recommend. An upset guest is always going to encourage others to not visit the hotel as well. You can take feedback at hotels and resorts at various touchpoints, get real-time feedback alerts about guest feedback and keep the staff on their toes to act on issues instantly.

Education & Academics

Create and take feedback at education institutions like Schools, Colleges and Universities from teachers and students using Feedback Survey Software. Education surveys and feedback forms are a great way to get unbiased and direct feedback from students, parents, and opportunities. Use Zonka Feedback at schools, colleges, and universities to get real-time, actionable feedback and take prompt action to address complaints.

Trade Shows, Event & Exhibitions

It is important for event organizers to track a few things from the end of the attendees like "how the event went?", "What did attendees like?", "What didn’t interest them?", "What about sponsors, Will they likely to support the event next year?" and much more. The best way to know your attendees’ unbiased feedback is to ask them directly. That's why Event Survey Tools offer multitudes of Pre-event survey and post-event survey questions that help you to gather valuable feedback that can optimize your event strategy.

Automobile Sector

In the automobile sector as well as customers’ feedback plays a crucial role in enhancing the level of the product and service experience. There are various interactions or touchpoints like a post test drive, post interaction, post-purchase and post-service at the car, bike and automobile centers where a service provider needs to track the customer experience. A customer feedback tool offers you a complete customer feedback platform to hear the voice of each customer and get their feedback about your product, staff, service and more– all in real-time.

Airline & Airport

Various airline service providers focus on improving their air services and adding other facilities to lure more passengers. To achieve this, airline service providers have started tracking passengers’ experience by taking regular feedback. Using a survey app, users can hear the voice of each passenger – about airport staff, airport amenities and general passenger perception about the airport and about the flights. You can gauge the passengers’ experience at various touchpoints or interaction levels at the airport and during and after their journey on the flight including check-in, post-security security check, at washrooms, in-flight, post-flight and other key areas.

Banking & Insurance

A Digital Customer Feedback Software at your bank will help you easily hear the voice of each customer, their experience and opinion about your services, staff and efficiency of operations – all in real-time. Capturing customer feedback at retail banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions helps you to track the real-time staff performance, the quality of services rendered at each teller counter, and much more – all in real-time.

Retail, Shopping and eCommerce Sector

You can use survey tools at retail stores, shopping centers, malls, hypermarkets, and supermarkets to get real-time customer feedback from shoppers. Taking customer feedback at retail stores is a great way to understand what your customers like and dislike and why they purchase or didn’t purchase at your store. Feedback from shoppers and customers at retail stores, shopping centers is also helpful in understanding your customers better and gathering information about them.

Spa & Salons

A customer feedback platform with customizable feedback forms, real-time reporting, in-depth analysis and instant alerts for beauty centers, salons, and spas. A survey app is a great way to hear the voice of each customer and get their feedback about your product, staff, service and more at the beauty centers, spas, and salons – all in real-time.

Employee Sector

Employee Feedback is a key indicator of employee retention, productivity, and satisfaction. Most companies (including yours perhaps) are already using feedback forms to gauge employee satisfaction. It contributes a lot to building a better work culture in an organization. According to Officevibe, the practice of taking employee feedback has helped companies to lower turnover rates by around 14.9%. To drive efficiency and productivity in an organization you need to track the employees’ satisfaction. The best way to measure in-the-moment employee feedback at all touchpoints at your company. This helps you to increase communication, reduce employee turnover and create a great workplace culture.

Chapter 5

Which Survey Channel to use for audiences and When?

Which survey channel to use and when is also determined by another factor which is your survey goals. Your survey collection mode may differ according to your survey goals. You need to identify the reason and for whom you want to conduct a survey. There are basically 2 targeted audiences that define your survey goals.

  • Customer Feedback
  • Employee Feedback

Customer Feedback

Simply put, Customer Feedback is the data or information retrieved from the customers about their overall experience regarding business, products, and services. Customer feedback plays a crucial role in the success of the business by enhancing the level of the products and services and delivering the customers with a world-class experience. Thus, every business uses a customer feedback survey tool to understand the customers' journey.

Survey channels help you to capture customer data effectively across touchpoints, and can get you the information you need. It can help you understand how well your touchpoints are performing and what your customers are happy with. And don’t forget, customer feedback is a touchpoint in itself too. When used effectively, it can help you create a strong customer experience.

For obtaining qualitative customer feedback data, you should have a keen eye to quickly identify various touchpoints to interact with your audience.

Employee Feedback

Whether you are a human resources professional, a manager, or a business owner, you want your employees to be happy at work. You want a workforce that is productive and isn’t looking to abandon ship. You want employees that contribute to your long-term growth and for this, you need to achieve maximum employee satisfaction. Employee Feedback helps you to track how satisfied employees are with the job, the workplace, their manager, and the company. Capturing employee feedback at various touchpoints can help you identify the pain points of the employees and take corrective actions to increase satisfaction.