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Collect Feedback Using Link Surveys

Effectively gather customer feedback and measure satisfaction in minutes through Link Surveys with Zonka Feedback


Link Surveys: What are These and How to Use Them?

Sharing feedback surveys to collect customer feedback is crucial for any business to know how customers perceive their experiences with its products, services, and the overall business. One of the most common and oldest methods (after traditional paper forms) of sharing feedback surveys with your customers is Link Surveys.

Link surveys are a simple, yet effective way to capture feedback from customers with the help of simple survey links shared through various survey channels.

In this article, we will explore link surveys, their types, how they work, how to set up link surveys and some popular use cases of these surveys. Let’s start by defining link surveys.


  • Link surveys are those which are accessed through hyperlinks or URLs allowing customers to click and navigate to specific surveys, fill them out, and submit their responses.

  • Survey links are of various types categorized on the basis of channels through which they are shared with the customers - email surveys, SMS surveys, QR code surveys, and website surveys. They can also be shared through other communication modes like social media and live chat.

  • Link surveys can be used to measure customer satisfaction, collect event feedback, employee feedback, website feedback, product user feedback, patient feedback, agent feedback, and more.

  • Link surveys can be easily set up with the help of an effective feedback survey tool.

  • Zonka Feedback is a powerful customer feedback software that enables you to create survey links, share them with the customers, collect feedback, and work on it to close the feedback loop. It also offers a free trial for 14 days.

Gather Actionable Feedback with Link Surveys

Share survey links with your customers through channels like email, SMS, chat, and more to collect quality feedback from your customers.

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What are Link Surveys?

Link Surveys are surveys that can be accessed through a hyperlink or URL shared with the customers through various channels. When the customers click the survey link, it takes them to the specific survey for which the link is built, where the customers can easily view the survey questions, respond to them, and submit their survey responses.

A survey link can be shared through multiple channels like emails, SMS, website, social media platforms, live chat, mobile devices, and also through QR codes. Let’s explore how link surveys work.

How Do Link Surveys Work?

Link surveys work with the help of feedback survey software. Here is how a typical link survey works:

  1. Creation of a Survey - Survey links are generated when you create a survey using a survey platform or tool. The survey itself consists of questions and response options that you want respondents to answer.

  2. Link Generation - Once the survey is created, the survey platform generates a unique web link (survey URL) associated with that specific survey. This link serves as the access point for respondents to open and complete the survey.

  3. Survey Distribution - The survey link needs to be distributed to potential respondents. This can be done in various ways, such as sharing the web link via email, SMS, social media, website embedding, QR codes, or other communication channels. Survey links can be distributed widely or selectively, depending on the target audience.

  4. Accessing the Survey - Respondents click on the provided survey link to access the questionnaire. This web link directs them to the survey survey page, where they can view and respond to the survey questions, and then submit the survey responses.

Types of Link Surveys

Link Surveys can be of various types depending on the channel through which the surveys are shared with the customers. Here are the various types of link surveys.


  • Email surveys wherein a survey link is shared after the survey invitation message in the email body itself, or as a email signature survey with the regular communication emails.

Link In Signature Email Survey

  • SMS surveys wherein the survey web link is shared along with the survey invitation text message.

SMS Survey Software

  • Website surveys where the web link of the survey is embedded on the webpage which the visitors can click and take the survey easily.

  • QR code surveys in which QR codes are generated for the web links to the surveys and are printed on bills, delivery boxes, posters, or added to the presentation slides. These codes can be scanned by the customers to access the web link and take the survey.Link & QR Code NPS Survey

Let’s learn how you can set up your survey link.

How to Set Up Your Survey Link?

With the help of an effective survey tool like Zonka Feedback, you can easily set up your survey link and share it with your customers through multiple channels to collect valuable customer feedback. Here is how you can utilize link surveys through Zonka Feedback.

1. Create a Survey

Zonka Feedback provides various ready-to-use survey templates to create survey links of various types and industries. Just create a free account and you can access these templates. These are customizable templates wherein you can add, modify, or remove any question you want as per your survey requirements.

2. Create a Link

As soon as you create the survey, a survey link is automatically generated. To access the link, go to the survey builder and choose the option ‘Share’. The link will appear on the screen.

Alternatively, you can also get the link from the Distribute section. 

  • Click on the Distribute option available at the top.

  • Choose the ‘Web’ tab for distribution.

  • Scroll the ‘Link Survey’ section, the default link will be available here.

  • Optionally, if you want to add more links, you can choose the option ‘Add Link’ and multiple survey links will be available here.

3. Rename the Link

The next step is to give a recognizable and friendly name to the link so that you can easily recognize your link surveys. 

  • Choose the option to rename the link from the ‘Settings’ icon.

  • A popup will appear on the screen where you can easily edit the name of the survey link.

  • Edit the name and save the changes you make.

4. Manage Multiple responses

Zonka Feedback supports multiple responses to all survey links by default. In case you want to restrict it to only one response per respondent, you can do it by simply turning off this feature.

  • Select the ‘Settings’ icon in the link list.

  • A popup will appear where you can clearly see the option of ‘Allow Multiple Responses’.

  • Uncheck this option to allow only a single response per question.

5. Distribute the Survey

So after creating the survey and saving all the settings, the next step is to Distribute the Survey’. By selecting the option to distribute, you will get choices of the survey channels for distribution. Select the most suitable survey channel as per your survey needs and target audience, and send the link survey.

Let’s explore some popular use cases of Link Surveys

Popular Use Cases of Link Surveys

Link surveys are a useful method to collect feedback from your target audience in various industries. Here is how you can use link surveys to collect feedback:

  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Experience - Businesses use link surveys to gather feedback from customers about their products, services, or overall experiences. Hyperlinks within the survey can direct respondents to specific aspects, such as a new product or a recent customer service interaction.

  • Collecting Event Feedback- If you are an event organizer, you can utilize link surveys to gather feedback from attendees about conferences, workshops, or social events. Hyperlinks can lead respondents to specific event highlights or sessions for more detailed opinions.

  • Measuring Employee Satisfaction and Engagement - You can also use link surveys to gauge employee satisfaction and engagement, and gather feedback on workplace culture. Hyperlinks might direct employees to specific policies, training programs, or company initiatives.

  • Website and User Experience Evaluation - If you want to collect product or website feedback, you can use link surveys to collect feedback on website usability and design. Hyperlinks can guide respondents to different pages, allowing for a detailed assessment of the user experience.

  • Collecting Student Feedback - If you are running an educational institute, you can use link surveys for gathering feedback from students about courses, instructors, or learning materials. Hyperlinks may direct students to specific topics or assignments for evaluation.

  • Measuring Patient Satisfaction - If you are a healthcare provider, you can use link surveys to collect patients' feedback about their experiences with medical services. 

  • Collecting Agent Feedback - Use link surveys to gather insights on agent performance, which allows you to enhance the quality of customer interactions and service delivery.


Link Surveys are a simple and easy way to share feedback surveys with your customers or target audience in whichever industry you are in, and an effective survey tool that can be used in product feedback, website feedback, Salesforce surveys, customer satisfaction surveys and more. 

Zonka Feedback is a powerful tool that you can use for this purpose. It provides customizable templates of various types to collect customer feedback and measure satisfaction in various industries. It not only enables you to create and share surveys with your customers but also helps take instant action on the feedback collected to close the feedback loop and improve customer experience.

It also offers a free trial. Try Zonka Feedback for free for 14 days and see how it works for your business.

Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Feb 14, 2024

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