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Feedback Management

Measure Customer Satisfaction with Email Signature Surveys

May 26, 2023

Customer Satisfaction is the core of any business. It would not be wrong to say that it is the main reason for the existence of any business. For knowing the level of Customer Satisfaction, the only way out is to collect Customer Feedback.

Companies nowadays have realized the importance of gathering Customer Feedback, and they use different channels like email, SMS, kiosk, and website to survey their customers.

Among them, email is one of the most common methods used to send Customer Surveys. But do all customers respond to Email Surveys? The average email survey response is still only 30%.

But what about the other 70% of customers? Well, imagine yourself as a customer. Do you read all the emails in your inbox? It’s good if you do, but most people skip many emails, especially marketing emails and survey emails.

The reason is simple - lack of time. People don’t actually want to spend much time reading and responding to surveys. Many people don’t even open survey emails, and some survey emails even go into the Spam folders. So how would you gather feedback? The solution to this is to make the process shorter and present it so that the customers know it wouldn’t take long.

The best way out is Email Signature Surveys. These surveys are short and are sent with emails to the customers. Let’s learn what Email Signature Surveys are and how they can be super beneficial in capturing Customer Feedback.

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What is an Email Signature Survey?

An Email Signature Survey is the one that is embedded in the signature of an email used for customer interaction for any purpose rather than sending a Customer Feedback Survey in a separate email.

Email Signature Survey is a quick and easy way to gather Customer Feedback and measure Customer Satisfaction without bothering the customers with another email inviting them to take a survey and provide feedback.

These surveys are essential to collect feedback about a product, service, interaction, and the overall Customer Experience. Here's an example of an Email Signature Survey:

Email Signature Survey

You can create different Email Signature Surveys depending on the customer touchpoint you wish to collect feedback at. You can also use Email Embedded Surveys if you're sending separate email survey requests and looking to achieve a high participation rate. 

Read about In-Signature Surveys in comparison with Email Embedded Surveys

Why Email Signature Surveys?

Email is an easy and cost-effective way to send surveys and collect Customer Feedback. Now the question arises as to why to send Email Signature Surveys rather than regular survey emails? To answer this question, we need to learn the importance of Email Signature Surveys. Let’s explore the benefits of these surveys to realize the power of Email Signature Surveys:

Benefits of Email Signature Surveys

  1. Reduced Time and Efforts
  2. Reduced Customer Efforts
  3. High Response Rate
  4. Ability to Gather Feedback on Every Touchpoint
  5. Ability to Fetch Instant Responses
  6. Trusted Source of Communication
  7. Less Time-consuming

Let’s learn how these benefits of Email Signature Surveys help make it a powerful way to capture Survey Responses and feedback:

1. Reduced Time and Efforts

The most significant advantage of an Email Signature Survey is that it takes very little time and effort to create and send these surveys. You don’t need to develop special survey emails with long questionnaires, neither you need to draft another email inviting the customers to take a survey. You don’t even need to find the customers from your contact lists to which you want to send surveys.

You only need to attach the survey in the signature of your regular email, which you are sending for the purposes like closing a deal, providing a resolution to an issue, or sending a business notification and send it along with the email.

2. Reduced Customer Efforts

By using Email Signature Surveys, you not only reduce your efforts, but you are also able to make it easy for the customers to provide you feedback. Survey studies suggest that 40% of the people agree that they have more than 50 emails in their inbox which are unread.

But with this method, you don’t bother your customers filling their inbox with survey invitation emails, but you provide them an opportunity to give feedback if they want to do so.

You can even use one-question surveys in your email signature, which the customers can easily click to respond, and the survey is done. You can also give them options to write their comments after responding to the first question.

If they have anything in mind about their experience with your organization, they can share easily without putting in much effort to take a full-fledged survey.

3. High Response Rate

The easier the customers feel to take a survey and provide feedback, the more they respond to a survey. By opting for the Email Signature Survey, you have opted for ease for customers to respond to your survey. And this ease contributes to increasing your response rate.

Moreover, customers, many times, tend not even to open the survey emails. But in this method, customers are most likely to open the email to get updates to their work. When they open and read the email, see the survey question in the email signature, and have any feedback in their mind, they get the opportunity to share what they feel. They can hardly stop themselves from sharing feedback.

4. Ability to gather feedback on every touchpoint

For a regular survey email, you have to keep a check or control in sending surveys so that you don’t oversend surveys which can cause your surveys to lose value and declines your response rate. But Email Signature Surveys allow you to send surveys at every touchpoint of the customers’ journey.

For instance, you are a SaaS company providing certain IT services to your clients. With every step in the customer journey, you will be doing email communications. With these emails, you can send a survey in the Email Signature that your clients can take if they feel the need.

This allows them an opportunity to share feedback at every touchpoint. Whenever they feel like sharing feedback, they can do so. So you can get feedback at every touchpoint without sending too many emails to invite your clients to respond to them.

5. Ability to fetch instant responses

As the process of Email Signature is quick and easy, you can quickly gather instant responses to the surveys. You don’t need to wait for a deal or an issue to be closed. Instead, you can get an instant feedback at any step of the process with the help of these quick and short surveys.

6. Trusted Source of Communication

Email is a trusted source of written communication for many industries. When you ask for feedback from the customers with your regular written communication emails, it impacts the customers that their feedback would be taken seriously. If, in any case, your customers feel that survey emails are just for the formality of asking for feedback, and no action is taken on it, they would stop giving feedback.

But when you attach a survey in an important actionable email, customers take it seriously as a email or trusted source of written communication. They tend to respond more to it rather than regular survey emails.

7. Less time-consuming

Email Surveys are less time-consuming. Neither it takes you much time to create and add them to your emails, nor it requires your customers’ to spend much of their precious time filling a survey form. So it saves time as you can send them quickly, and your customers can respond to them instantly.

Now, let’s learn how you can create Email Signature Surveys so that you can measure Customer Satisfaction with them.

When to use In-Email Signature Surveys?

In-Email Signature Surveys are ideal for situations when email communication is a prominent part of your customer interaction and you are sending important information through emails. In those cases, the customers will definitely open your email and will see the opportunity to provide feedback through the email signatures. Email Signature Surveys are ideal for:

1. Customer Support Emails

In an industry like SaaS or any such service industry where customers raise their concerns and queries through emails, they expect email reverts and open and read almost every email from the vendor.

This makes customer support Emails one of the best mediums of sending Email Signature Surveys. Along with providing an answer or resolution in the email, you can add a survey in the signature of the email.

2. Post Online Demo or Webinar

After a demo or a webinar, usually, a mail is sent to the customers regarding the notification of completing the demo/webinar or to send the documents related to it.  You can embed an Email Signature Survey in this email.

3. Post Meeting

After a business meeting, an MOM (Minutes of Meeting) email is sent to the attendees as written documentation of the aspects discussed and decided in the meeting. Along with this email, you can embed an Email Signature survey asking for feedback from the attendees.

Now let's explore the different types of Email Signature Surveys that you can use to collect Customer Feedback and measure satisfaction or loyalty.

Types of Email Signature Survey

There are three types of Email Signature Surveys you can choose from in order to send a survey to your customers with your emails.

1. Embed Question

In this type of survey, the first question of the survey is embedded in the email signature clearly visible to customers, so that they can easily share any feedback they have in their minds. Answering the first question of the survey takes them to the next questions which they can easily fill and submit within seconds.

2. Survey Link

In this type of survey, a link to the survey is provided in the signature of the email with a small one-liner like 'Share Feedback' or 'How did we do?' This one-liner is linked to the survey. Clicking this redirects the customers to the survey which they can easily respond to and submit.

3. Survey Button

In this type of survey, a button is provided in the signature of the email with a one-liner asking for feedback like 'Let us know for any Feedback'. The feedback button is given a small name like 'Share Feedback'.

Set up Email Signature Surveys with Zonka Feedback

With Zonka Feedback's Email Survey Tool, you can create Email Signature Surveys in a jiffy. Here are some simple steps following which you can easily create Email Signature Surveys with Zonka Feedback:

  1. Navigate to Surveys from the left sidebar and select the option Add Survey. Give a name to your survey and write a description of it.
  2. Navigate to Build and choose a template to add the questions in the survey. You can also write your own questions.
  3. Add themes and set up Survey Logic (skip/hide survey questions). Using a rating question as your first question would be better, like an NPS, CES, or CSAT question.
  4. After done with designing, select the option Distribute to send the email signature survey.
  5. You will be presented with various channels. Choose the channel Email.
  6. Scroll down and select Setup Email Signature Survey and click on Configure Button.
  7. Choose your Email Application from the Email Signature Setup page. Choose the Embedding Syle among the three embedding styles available viz. Question, Button, and Hyperlink. In the question, the first question will appear in the signature of the survey answering to which will open the next question and the whole survey.
    Choosing the Button option will embed a button in your survey signature clicking which will redirect the customer to the Zonka Feedback Survey on their browser.
    Choosing a Hyperlink will also open the survey to the customers’ browser.
  8. Now there is an HTML code that appears in the box. You need to copy the code by selecting the option Copy Code.
  9. Now add the code to the signature of the Email Application you use. 

Let’s suppose you choose Gmail as your Email Application. Now you need to follow simple steps to add the signature survey to our Gmail account.

  1. Open Gmail and open Settings and scroll down to Signature.
  2. Place your cursor where you want to embed the survey and paste the HTML code you copied to add your survey to the signature.
  3. Save the changes.

Similarly, you can also add email Signature Surveys to the other browsers with these simple steps.

Get Started with Email Surveys

Send Email Survey Invitations, Embedded Email Surveys, In-Signature Surveys, and measure Customer Feedback remotely, in real-time.

Learn more about the Email Surveys

Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Sep 08, 2021

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