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Using Link Surveys to Take Feedback

One of the oldest and easiest methods of feedback collection today is sharing Link Surveys with the participants. Link Surveys are a form of Website Surveys and are not only easy to create but also easy to distribute, helping you collect quality feedback quickly and efficiently.

And though you may also be collecting feedback or distributing surveys through other channels like Email, SMS or Website, you can maximize survey responses if you use Survey Links in combination to others.

Gather Actionable Feedback with Link Surveys

Share survey links with your customers through channels like email, SMS, chat, and more to collect quality feedback from your customers.

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In this article, we understand how Link Surveys are beneficial, how they can be created and most importantly, how you can make the most of them. 

What are Link Surveys?

Link Surveys, also known as Survey Links or Survey URLs, consist of a web link that hosts the survey. The link, when clicked, takes the recipient to the survey landing page. A Link Survey is an easy-to-use multipurpose feedback methodology that allows surveys to be shared across multiple channels.


How to Use Link Surveys? 

Link Surveys can be created and shared for any Survey you build in your Survey Platform. They can be shared anywhere. Link Surveys are very versatile and can be used in multiple platforms. 

  • Emails 
  • Signature 
  • Chats 
  • Social Media Platforms 
  • Printed Marketing Material
  • Invoices and Bills 
  • QR Code 

Using Survey Links as QR Codes

A Survey Link can easily be converted to QR Code for customers to scan and access the survey on their mobile browsers. QR Code Surveys are very popular and work great for fast-moving locations or locations where placing physical devices for feedback is not possible like Washrooms, Airports, Quick Service Restaurants, Help Desks and more. 

QR Code Surveys are also a very cheap and effective way of capturing feedback and conducting surveys. 

Benefits of Link Surveys 

We already know Link Surveys are versatile and easy to use. And while they do have certain limitations, the benefits are manifold. Let's explore some of the key Link Survey benefits. 

  1. Multiplatform – Link surveys can be shared through any medium, such as email, SMS, social media, chat, etc.
  2. Can be used as QR Code – A Survey Link can be converted to a QR code which, when scanned, takes the participants to the survey page.
  3. Add as many questions – A link survey is like your regular survey. You can create both long and short surveys; all that’s needed to share the survey is a link.
  4. Quick and easy to create – A survey tool would allow creating Link Surveys with just a few clicks. Zonka Feedback typically generates a link that you can use and share as it is and start collecting feedback.
  5. Use of attributes and hidden information – You can pass attributes and hidden information for different surveys to their respective links to be able to better manage feedback and survey data.
  6. Easily customizable – You can customize the link as per your wish to be able to use it efficiently. You create a more relatable link so that it doesn’t look suspicious, for example, https://yourcompanyname.com/feedback
  7. Prevent multiple responses – You can both allow and prevent multiple responses from the same device using a simple setting in your Website Survey Tool. You can also change the settings after you have started a survey.
  8. End time for the Link – You can choose when to end the survey and have more control over your surveys.
  9. Multiple Link Surveys – You can create multiple links for the same survey to be able to distribute the survey across different channels and segregate responses channel-wise. You can also use multiple links for different purposes and manage survey data in a more organized way.
  10. Branding Opportunity with White-Labeled Link Surveys – You can edit your Survey Links using Zonka Feedback’s White-Labeling feature which enables brands to customize survey links. This means they can change the domain name for the survey recipients to be aware of the source of the survey. This is also a great branding opportunity for businesses.

When to Use Link Surveys?

  • For QR Code Surveys - Survey Links can be converted to QR codes that can be scanned to take the survey. So, if you're looking to leverage QR codes for on-site feedback, you can use a Survey Link and share it as a QR code wherever required.
  • On bills and invoices - You can print a Survey Link or QR code on bills and online invoices to take feedback without sending a special survey request.  
  • On packaging material - Survey Links can be printed on packaging material to seek feedback. Similarly, the QR codes from Survey Links can also be printed on the custom cardboard packaging
  • For anonymous feedback - When you wish to collect anonymous feedback or want to encourage survey participation, you can share Survey Links or a generated Dynamic QR code of the same. 
  • When you don't have customer details like Email Addresses, Phone Numbers - Survey Links can be shared over any channel, such as print media, social media, etc. So, you can share your surveys using Survey Links even if you don't have your recipients' contact details.
  • For Social Media sharing - Survey Links can be shared on social media and can target your entire follower base with a single post. 

When to Not Use Link Surveys?

  • When Internet connectivity may be patchy - Since a Link Survey is hosted on a web page, you may not want to use it when your recipients have poor internet connectivity.
  • When you have customer details and can send Email Surveys or SMS Surveys - When your survey audiences' contact details, such as email and text number or detailed invoices, it's better to send them survey requests separately to get attention in events when they are not able to check other platforms, such as a social media channel. 
  • On Website: Don't get us wrong. Websites are a great place to take feedback. But better than using Link Surveys, you can Embed the Survey right within the Website, or add a Feedback Button to your Website. If you're taking post-transaction feedback, a feedback form popup always works great. We suggest you choose these instead of using Link Surveys on your Website. 
  • For Post Transaction Surveys: When a customer is dealing with you and has already shared some key information, using a Link Survey may not be the best idea. Email Surveys or SMS Surveys may be better suited for post-transaction feedback.

Want to create your own Link Surveys? Sign up for a Free Trial and create your own Link Survey in minutes. 


Written by Bhawika

Jan 18, 2022

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