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Top 8 Cloudcherry Alternatives & Competitors (Now Cisco Webex Experience Management)

Cloudcherry, now known as Cisco Webex Experience Management, is a well-known name in the realm of customer experience management, specially designed for enterprises.

The tool was brilliant as it used various key metrics such as Sentiment Analysis, Customer Delight Score, Net Promoter Score, and more to help brands generate a range of insightful reports for measuring customer satisfaction.

However, the tool isn't for every enterprise looking for advanced CX solutions. Many of its features can be developed further and the interface can be simplified down to reduce the learning curve.  

Thankfully there are many tools available that can be a better fit as Cloudcherry alternatives. In this blog, we've covered the top 8 Cloudcherry competitors that share a similar purpose and functionality but offer different aspects and a distinct user-friendly experience.


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#1. Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is the top contender for Cloudcherry alternatives for enterprises looking for a simplified and comprehensive customer engagement strategy. The powerful customer survey and product feedback platform allows large enterprises to collect customer feedback, get a 360-degree view, and hear the Voice of Customer.

As an valuable tool and an alternative to Cloudcherry, Zonka Feedback enables enterprises to streamline customer experience, gauge customer satisfaction, and boost their business expansion.

To see the whole picture and act swiftly, the platform makes data readily accessible and gives actionable insights to the company’s employees—from the front line to the C-suite. It also allows enterprises to get precise feedback using a professional survey or a form and track their ratings through CX metrics like Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Score, and Customer Effort Score.

Its robust data security is another stand-out feature that enables users to securely sync data between different devices within a centralized database. The platform also focuses on approaches like case management and service recovery, mainly helping enterprises retain customers and understand what keeps customers coming back.


Zonka Feedback Tools- Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback features

  • Hear the voice of your customers from wherever they are and at every touchpoint

  • User Segmentation to analyze the different groups and identify opportunities

  • Securely sync data between different devices within a centralized database

  • Use the right customer satisfaction metrics to measure customer happiness, loyalty, and effort

  • Omnichannel signal collection to get a 360-degree view

  • Setup your brand through multiple channels and manage feedback from a single platform

  • Capture experience signals in real-time from direct and in-direct feedback to quickly closing the customer feedback loop

  • Integrate with popular CRMs POS, SMS Gateways, Email Gateways, and others

  • Easily measure, track, and improve customer feedback trends and grow your business

  • Easy to close the feedback loop with real-time feedback alerts

  • Get enhanced security features

  • Get custom billing and payment options or choose your own billing cycle


Custom, marketing plans for enterprise users with Growth Features+. Works on all survey channels - Website Feedback, email surveys, SMS survey, In-app surveys, website apps, mobile app surveys, and Offline surveys.

You can also try Zonka Feedback for free for 14 days.

#2. InMoment

As Cloudcherry alternative, InMoment is best known for its customer and employee feedback to help enterprises with employee and customer experience data and intelligence. As a leader in CX, the platform helps enterprises gain significant insights and launch strategic data-driven decisions.

The cloud-based go-centric platform offers features such as executive dashboards, employee communication tools, indirect feedback, and models for gauging employee engagement and loyalty.

This Cloudcherry alternative makes data-driven business decisions easy as the tool is powered by business intelligence features to deliver a comprehensive solution. With its AI-powered survey approach, users can eliminate data silos and leverage intelligence to prioritize action for unhappy customers and make clients to take informed decisions.

InMoment-Cloudcherry alternative

InMoment Features

  • Collects CX from every format-social media review, video, web session, or visit to a store
  • Provides comprehensive analytics and prescriptive actions to increase retention, acquisition, and profitability
  • Helps enterprises continuously improve experiences at the intersection of value
  • Get mobile-optimized reports for better clarity
  • Execute data-identified learnings, socialize feedback, track and resolve customer cases
  • Get future-proof customer data and high-security standards
  • Give your team members the opportunity to delight every customer
  • Driving consistency across the organization by sharing results in multiple languages
  • An integrated AI-powered approach to eliminating data silos

Pricing: For an enterprise plan, you can connect with their sales and marketing team.

#3. SurveyMonkey Enterprises

SurveyMonkey Enterprise stands out as a customer feedback survey platform powered by AI, offering seamless integration with over 150 applications. It empowers users to enhance customer satisfaction, gain deeper insights, monitor, and create user-friendly surveys.

The best thing about this Cloudcherry alternative is its AI-powered guidance and logic. With its business intelligence capabilities, the platform enables data-driven decision-making through real-time reports.

Being one of the top alternatives, SurveyMonkey Enterprises enables businesses to manage and gather holistic feedback as the platform offers robust data governance features. Its impressive dashboard segments and robust set of advanced features make it a top-notch alternative to CloudCherry.

SurveyMonkey-Cloudcherry alternative

SurveyMonkey Features

  • Full understanding of customers, and continue to sharpen ideal customer profiles
  • Conduct market research to receive insightful analytical reports
  • Secure sensitive data collection with SSO, data encryption, and governance capabilities
  • Reduce negative feedback through conversational surveys
  • Increase contextual feedback through a better understanding of the customer's journey
  • Uncover customer insights using AI
  • Automatically respond to the in-app user feedback with a relevant response

Pricing: To get more personalized options, you can get in touch with the sales team or book a demo.

SurveyMonkey lacks different question types, survey templates, and other premium features that many enterprises are looking for. If you're searching for the top SurveyMonkey alternatives then check out the  SurveyMonkey competitors that meet your requirements. 

#4. Medallia

As an award-winning customer experience management platform and software tool, Medallia enables enterprises to drive loyalty at every point of the customer journey. The enterprise tool is one of the best Cloudcherry alternatives that is equipped with the most comprehensive capabilities for capturing feedback and analyzing experience signals.

Medallia uses a highly engaging survey, or a form to capture responses combining experience data, and operational data. The omnichannel platform goes beyond traditional surveys to make companies fully understand the customers for better business growth.

Medallia-Cloudcherry alternatives

Medallia Features

  • Create a rich experience profile for every customer to gain a 360° view
  • Apply AI and machine learning to predict customer behavior
  • Quickly capture and analyze user feedback, predict behavior, and create experiences
  • Capture the Voice of the customer and capture suggestions on the customer experience
  • Capture systemic root cause issues across different channels
  • Drive loyalty at every point along the customer journey

Pricing: You can schedule a consultation or request a demo to learn about pricing and project management plans for enterprises.

Although Medallia is a brilliant customer experience management platform, teams are looking for alternatives due to its complex learning curve and high costs. If you're also looking for the best Medallia alternatives, then check out this blog on Medallia competitors to craft compelling experiences.

#5. AskNicely

Another top player for Cloudcherry alternatives is AskNicely. The platform aims to measure customer satisfaction with products and services through its data collection tools.

It mainly prioritizes collecting customer feedback through the NPS methodology; however, it has some advantages over other Cloudcherry competitors. Besides one-off surveys, it enables users to send surveys and study customer perception through data analysis and survey results.

AskNicely-Cloudcherry alternatives

AskNicely Features

  • Suitable for enterprises seeking a more streamlined and user-friendly approach
  • Collect feedback, measure NPS and CSAT
  • Leverage workflow automation and integrations to take action on customer feedback
  • Quickly measure every customer experience and motivate your frontline teams
  • Share out-of-the-box reports to the CEO
  • Offers predictive analytics to some extent, helping businesses anticipate customer behavior based on feedback
  • Share feedback across the organization in real-time
  • Compare performance across locations for every team member
  • Close the loop effortlessly

Pricing: For a customized pricing plan, you can get in touch with the sales team or book a demo.

AskNicely is popular for motivating the frontline team; however, the platform lacks other CX metrics. If you're looking for AskNicely alternatives to capture CX beyond NPS, you can check these AskNicely Competitors.

#6. Qualtrics

Trusted by some of the popular enterprises, Qualtrics is a leading name when it comes to enterprise customer experience and management software. The platform's software works with data collection, a prominent feature, giving better insights to drive better results for enterprises.

Qualtrics promotes omnichannel communication to collect customer data effectively. Using this information, the platform employs machine learning and predictive intelligence to analyze and improve customer experience and behavior.

Qualtrics-Cloudcherry alternatives

Qualtrics Features

  • Manage data collection rules and permissions with advanced governance and administrative controls
  • Discover insights faster through real-time analytics and intelligence features
  • Integrate your surveys with top CRMs like Salesforce, Marketo, Adobe, and many more
  • Get quick and faster insights with enterprise survey software
  • Get role-based security and brand controls
  • Get Qualtrics iQ as your automated expert to provide recommendations or run analysis
  • Empower every team-mate to gather insights through a powerful, easy-to-use platform
  • Control data collection rules like sensitive personal data
  • Prevent unauthorized personally identifiable data

Pricing: To know about their pricing plans, you can request a demo.

Qualtrics is known to offer customer experiences, especially for enterprises; however, it has become too complex for businesses looking for specialized services. If you're looking for some of the top Qualtrics alternatives, check out this blog on Qualtrics competitors.

#7. GetFeedback

As a top Cloudcherry alternative, GetFeedback is a versatile and powerful feedback management and collection software designed for both mid-size businesses and large enterprises. Its motto is to help enterprises scale within days through its popular CX metrics like NPS ®, CES, CSAT, Digital and Purchase Experience, and more.

It enables users to build effective customer feedback surveys through its drag & drop option, and through sentiment analysis and personalized features. Businesses can update themselves using customer data, timely information, and insightful analytical gathered using GetFeedback.

GetFeedback-Cloudcherry alternative

GetFeedback Features

  • Increase adoption of products or services through the CX program
  • Win loyalty by actively listening to customers
  • Collect data through customer feedback management and quickly iterate digital experiences
  • Quickly pivot based on customers' feedback and drive more value
  • Reduce churn rates into winbacks by bringing more value
  • Close the feedback loop faster with real-time alerts

Pricing: For pricing, you can connect with their product management or sales team.

GetFeedback is a well-known customer experience management platform; however, teams might look for alternatives due to its complicated UI, limited integration options, steeper learning curve, and higher costs. Here is the blog you can read to learn about GetFeedback competitors.

#8. Forsta

As a customer experience management tool, Forsta is one of the top Cloudcherry alternatives. The platform offers a popular CX survey software solution, helping enterprises collect data to fully understand their customers.

It delivers an upgradable end-to-end platform that enables users to gather data, integrate seamlessly analyze, visualize, and act on data collected from any audience, be it from small teams to global communities.

Forsta’s interactive dashboards and text analytics give you a customer’s eye view of every contact, making it a top choice as Cloudcherry's competitor. Its easy-to-use online survey tool and software weed out underlying problems and force businesses to take quick, actionable insights and build long-term customer relationships.

Forsta-Cloudcherry alternative

Forsta Features

  • Use customizable alerts and template emails to get the right insights
  • Track your performance by a line of business, product, region, or any other category.
  • Interactive dashboards to give you a customer’s eye view of every contact
  • Enables users to collect all data in one place
  • Use advanced analytics to deep dive into your enterprise data

Pricing: You can either continue as a guest or create your account to learn about pricing plans.

Why Are Businesses Switching To Cloudcherry Alternatives?

Although Cloudcherry was famous for providing accurate data and engaging feedback surveys to enterprises, the platform still lacks certain advanced features that are forcing many businesses to search for alternatives.

Several factors are pushing the transition towards Cloudcherry alternatives that align more effectively with the strategies for their business expansion. Here are a few limitations to look at.

  • Features: You can measure NPS using Cloudcherry however, the platform lacks some of the other CX metrics like CSAT, CES, and more.

  • User Interface: It can be frustrating for potential customers to search for solutions as one needs to contact their customer support for their previous CX features.

  • Scalability: As your business grows, you may require a more scalable solution, and other platforms might offer better scalability options.

  • Integration: Cloudcherry or Webex Experience Management lacks integration with most of the popular CRMs and support tools.

  • Pricing: The pricing plans aren't available publicly. It can be frustrating for customers to connect with its sales team to learn about their previous plans.

  • Customization: Cloudcherry's customization options could be restrictive for enterprises requiring highly tailored surveys and reporting structures.

  • Limited Real-time Analytics: Enterprises looking for robust real-time analytics capabilities might switch to Cloudcherry alternatives.

  • Lack of Personalization: Enterprises aiming for highly personalized customer interactions might find Cloudcherry's features lacking in delivering the desired level of personalization.

As more and more organizations jump to Cloudcherry competitors, highlight how the customer experience management platform keeps changing. The above points will help you choose the right customer experience platform that fits your enterprise and customer journey perfectly.


Through our thorough evaluation, focusing on some of the key aspects like features, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and scalability, it is now clear how essential it is to choose the right platform to drive your customer experience strategy.

Each of these alternatives has its own strengths, addressing specific enterprise requirements, and ensuring meaningful outcomes.

The most essential thing to keep in mind while choosing the right alternatives to Cloudcherry is to make sure it smoothly fits your current and future growth and aligns with your industry needs.

If you're still unsure which alternative to choose, why not try Zonka Feedback's 14-day free trial? You can take advantage of this cost-effective platform, gather feedback, and get started today!

Nivedita Nayak

Written by Nivedita Nayak

Sep 14, 2023

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