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Hotel Feedback Form Template

Use this hotel feedback form template to start collecting hotel feedback and improve guest experience dramatically. Get insightful guest feedback and use it to increase overall satisfaction and guest loyalty.

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Hotel Guest Feedback Form Template enables you to collect 360-degree hotel feedback in various aspects including staff friendliness, check-in process, room service, cleanliness, meals, affordability, and other factors like likelihood of recommending your hotel to others. 

Improving Guest Experience with Hotel Feedback Form Template

Improving guest satisfaction using a Hotel Feedback Form Template involves not only collecting feedback but also taking actionable steps to address concerns and enhance the guest experience. 

The best way to get started is to use a well-structured Hotel Feedback Form Template that covers various aspects of guest experience. Ensure that the questions are clear and straightforward. Determine the most effective distribution channels that work for your hotel. Some of the great options can include SMS, Email, Kiosk, QR Codes, and Website surveys.

Zonka Feedback Survey Software for Hotels offers you real-time alerts and notifications  so you can always stay on top of customer experience by enabling your team to take faster action on the customer feedback. With feedback alerts, you can prioritize areas of improvements and likely to have a significant impact on your guest satisfaction. 

Feedback from customers can help you uncover their pain points at your property whether it is with food, staff, stay, or something else. If the improvements involve changes in staff behavior or service standards, you can provide additional training to your staff and ensure that all the team members offer a professional experience and are aligned with the initiatives to offers great experience to the customers.

Using Hotel Guest Satisfaction Survey Template

Once you have signed up with Zonka Feedback Survey Software, you can access the guest feedback template. You can collect your guests' satisfaction using a tablet/mobile or a kiosk device placed in the lobby or reception counter, so when the guests are about to check-in or check-out, they can share their feedback based on their experience with you.

You can also email or SMS the hotel feedback survey template link to your guests after they check out (it's best to send the survey invite atleast 6 hours or a day after their check out) so they can share feedback when convenient. 

You can always edit the template to collect specific feedback. For example, you can collect restaurant feedback in your in-hotel restaurant or spa feedback post customers’ spa experiences on the facility. 

You can also collect additional guest visit data like name, contact details, region, etc., to personalize their experience in the future and improve marketing efforts.

Hotel Feedback Form Template Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How friendly was the front desk staff?
  2. 2. How quick was the check-in process?
  3. 3. How clean was your room upon arrival?
  4. 4. How clean did the housekeeping staff keep your room throughout your stay?
  5. 5. How well-equipped was your room?
  6. 6. How helpful was the concierge throughout your stay?
  7. 7. How comfortable were your bed linens?
  8. 8. How quickly did the hotel restaurant serve your order?
  9. 9. How convenient was the hotel breakfast service?
  10. 10. How delicious was the hotel breakfast service?
  11. 11. How affordable was the hotel breakfast service?
  12. 12. How affordable was your stay at our hotel?
  13. 13. Overall, were you satisfied with our hotel, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, or dissatisfied with it?
  14. 14. Full Name
  15. 15. Email
  16. 16. Mobile Number
  17. 17. Country
  18. 18. Would you like to receive updates and promotions about the Hotel on a monthly basis?

Hotel Feedback Form Template FAQ

  • 1. How can Hotel Guest stay Feedback Form Template benefit my hotel business?

    A Hotel Feedback Survey Template is a pre-designed questionnaire allowing Hotels to collect valuable insights from the guests to measure their satisfaction and possible improvements they'd like to see. The template helps you understand their experiences, preferences, and concerns, ultimately improving the guest satisfaction and quality of your services

  • 2. Can I use Hotel Feedback Survey Template for both online and offline feedback collection?

    Yes, Zonka Feedback's Hotel Feedback Survey Template is flexible and can be used for both online and offline feedback collection for Hospitality Industry. You can set up offline survey kiosks at your hotel to measure guest feedback at various touchpoints like check-in, check-out, at swimming pool, and more. Also, you can follow-up with guests using online surveys via email, sms, and in-app feedback collection method to measure their satisfaction with detailed guest satisfaction survey template.

  • 3. What kind of questions are included in the Hotel Feedback Survey Template?

    Our pre-built Hotel Feedback Survey Template includes a variety of questions tailored to the hotel services, covering aspects such as service quality, cleanliness, staff interaction, amenities, and more. You can measure CX metrics such as CSAT, NPS, and CES. You can also choose from different questions types such as button choice, drop down, smiley rating, radio metrics, contact information, and so on. The platform allows you to build your template from scratch or make customizations and modifications to the existing pre-built Guest Feedback Form.

  • 4. Is the template easy to use, even for those with minimal technical skills?

    Yes, our Survey Builder is user-friendly and does not require any coding skills. You can find clear instructions at every step to make it easy for you to customize and deploy the survey to your guests.

  • 5. How do I distribute the feedback form for guests staying at the hotel?

    There are multiple ways to distribute the Hotel Feedback Form:
    1. Email
    2. QR Codes
    3. Survey Kiosks
    4. SMS
    5. Website
    6. In-app

  • 6. How do I analyze the feedback collected using Hotel Guest Feedback Form?

    Analyzing hotel guest feedback is a crucial step to act on the actionable insights. Zonka Feedback offers advanced reporting capabilities that help in measuring Customer Satisfaction at the hotel. Our reporting feature enables Hotel Managers to easily view, track, and analyze your survey responses and customer feedback. Once you collect feedback, you can easily track happy guests and respond to negative reviews by getting in-depth insights with - Snapshot Report, Response Insights, Locations Insights, Team Performance Report, Response Inbox, Trends Report, and Text Analytics.

  • 7. Can I customize the template to match my hotel's branding and specific needs?

    Absolutely! You can full customize your hotel survey to match your hotel's branding. The survey builder not just allows you to customize your questions but it also enables you to change the look and feel of your survey template by changing the logos, changing background, the type of question, adding survey logic, and white-labelling your surveys to align with your hospitality business branding and unique requirements.

  • 8. How can I get access to this Hotel Feedback Form Template?

    To get access to our Free Hotel Feedback Form Template, you can login or sign up to Zonka Feedback. Once logged in, you can access the pre-built template which you ca further customize to evaluate guests and travelers' satisfaction with the hotel facilities and other crucial aspects of their stay and make feedback-driven improvement.

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