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Hotel Feedback Form Template

Use this hotel feedback form template to start collecting hotel feedback and improve guest experience dramatically. Get insightful guest feedback and use it to increase overall satisfaction and guest loyalty.

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Understanding Hotel Feedback Form Template

Our template feedback form for hotels enables collecting 360-degree hotel feedback in terms of staff friendliness, check-in process, cleanliness, room service, concierge, meals, affordability, and the likeliness of recommending your hotel to others.

You can also collect additional guest data like name, contact details, region, etc., to personalize their experience in the future and improve marketing efforts.

You can always edit the template to collect specific feedback. For example, you can collect restaurant feedback in your in-house restaurant or spa feedback post customers’ spa experiences on the facility. 

How to Use Hotel Feedback Form Template?

You can collect your guests’ feedback with a tablet/mobile or kiosk device placed in the lobby or the reception counter, so when guests go in and out of the hotel, they can share feedback based on their experience so far.

You can also email or SMS the hotel feedback survey link to your guests after they check out or a day after their check out so they share feedback at their convenience. 

List of Hotel Feedback Form Template Questions

The following questions are included in this template feedback form for hotel: 

  • How friendly was the front desk staff?
  • How quick was the check-in process?
  • How clean was your room upon arrival?
  • How clean did the housekeeping staff keep your room throughout your stay?
  • How well-equipped was your room?
  • How helpful was the concierge throughout your stay?
  • How comfortable were your bed linens?
  • How quickly did the hotel restaurant serve your order?
  • How convenient was the hotel breakfast service?
  • How delicious was the hotel breakfast service?
  • How affordable was the hotel breakfast service?
  • How affordable was your stay at our hotel?
  • Overall, were you satisfied with our hotel, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied it, or dissatisfied with it?
  • Based on your stay with us, how likely are you to recommend us to friends and family? *
  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Mobile Number
  • Country
  • Would you like to receive updates and promotions about the Hotel on a monthly basis?


What is the guest feedback form in a hotel?

A guest feedback form helps collect guest feedback at the hotel in the form of satisfaction ratings or open-ended comments. You can add an emoji or star rating scale for measurable feedback and MCQs and comment boxes for descriptive feedback.

What to include in a hotel feedback survey?

Hotel feedback survey questions:

  • Please rate your satisfaction with your stay at our hotel.
  • Please rate the friendliness of our hotel staff.
  • What did you like or dislike about your stay?
  • How would you rate the cleanliness at our hotel?
  • How would you rate the room service?
  • How would you rate our amenities?

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