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Post-Visit Hospital Outpatient Satisfaction Survey Template

Use our Post-Visit Outpatient Satisfaction Survey Template to measure patients’ perceptions or satisfaction about medical care, treatment, attention, and gaps in healthcare service that they received during their appointment.

Measure Outpatient Satisfaction Post-Visit at Healthcare Centers and Hospitals

Healthcare service providers, hospitals, or clinics can use this Hospital Outpatient Satisfaction Survey Template effectively at a Transactional level. This includes measuring instant real-time patient's perceptions or level of satisfaction about the service and care they received before, while, and after the appointment.

You can use the Post-Visit Hospital Outpatient Satisfaction Survey Template to gauge the real-time experience and satisfaction of both Inpatients and Outpatients at different touchpoints like post-appointment, post-doctor appointment, pharmacy section, doctor’s clinic, etc. With Post-Visit Outpatient Survey, Patients feel free to share feedback about different things like the attention they received from the doctor and physician including time spent by the physician, explanation of the medical conditions, availability of medications at the clinic and hospital, and more.  

Post-Appointment or post-doctor visit, you can quickly share the Survey with your outpatients via Emails or SMSes. Similarly, if you want to track inpatient feedback, you can handover a quick Patient Survey through iPad, Android Tablets, or install a kiosk and encourage your patient to quickly rate their experience about various things like ease of booking the appointment, waiting time at the reception, experience at the health clinic, experience with the doctor, and overall level of satisfaction. 

You can connect your Hospital and Patient Management Tools to the Patient Feedback Software to automate the trigger of Outpatient Satisfaction Surveys as well as to pass data like Patient Name, Patient ID, the Doctor or Physician they met, and so on. This will ensure that all patients are surveyed and that they don't have to spend time entering details that you already have. 

To create a survey using the Hospital Outpatient Satisfaction Survey Template, just sign up or sign in to Zonka Feedback. You’ll be able to choose this Survey Template when you begin creating your feedback form or survey and customize it to your preference.

List of Post-Visit Hospital Outpatient Satisfaction Survey Questions

The following questions are included in this Post-Visit Hospital Outpatient Satisfaction Survey Template:

  1. Rate the information provided to you prior to your appointment at the clinic.
  2. How was the promptness and efficiency of your appointment?
  3. What is your feedback about the information given to you immediately after your appointment?
  4. What do you think about the timeliness of the letter and prescription received by the doctor after your appointment?
  5. Did you feel that the staff respected your privacy and dignity during your visit and appointment today?
  6. Was there anything that you particularly LIKED? (please also share here if you thought any staff member was particularly helpful)
  7. Was there anything that you particularly DISLIKED?

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