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Healthcare Patient Satisfaction Survey Template

Gather important patient insights with our effective Healthcare Patient Satisfaction Survey Template. Capture feedback at different touchpoints to improve the quality of care & treatment and deliver healthcare services that yield high-level Patient satisfaction. 

Understanding Patient Satisfaction Survey Template

Our Healthcare Patient Satisfaction Survey Template helps you create patient surveys quickly to capture healthcare data. Patient feedback through this survey template helps you identify and fill the gaps between patient expectations and the quality of the healthcare services you are providing.

There are different touchpoints throughout the patient interaction journey like Post-Appointment, Post-Discharge, Pharmacy, and so on, where you need to gauge how your healthcare facility, treatment, and care are perceived by patients. 

Post Appointment Survey

You can connect your patient feedback tool to your internal systems and send automated Post Appointment Patient Surveys through Emails and SMSs to get patient feedback in terms of appointment time, staff, doctor, the level of treatment, availability of medicines at the pharmacy, etc., right after their appointment.

Inpatient & Post Discharge Survey

During the patient’s stay, you can use this patient survey template to capture feedback in terms of hospital means, cleanliness, availability of staff, regularity and efficiency of checkups, etc. A Post Discharge Patient Feedback Form can effortlessly measure the core satisfaction levels of patients during their stay at the hospital at a transactional level. This survey can be filled by the patient or by their relative or spouse as well. This further helps you to improve the quality of your healthcare services and keeps yourself abreast of your patients' needs and expectations.

On-Premises Patient Feedback Survey

Besides care & treatment, patients perceive healthcare based on the quality of the pharmacy, visitors’ lounge, washrooms, etc. in the facility. Using our healthcare patient satisfaction survey template, you can capture feedback on different healthcare aspects like these and even collect more information you may need.

Based on what kind of patient feedback you’re looking to collect, you can add, remove or edit questions in this healthcare patient satisfaction survey template. 

How to Use Healthcare Patient Satisfaction Survey Template?

You can use our patient feedback survey template in different ways:

Kiosks and Tablet – Automatically reloaded patient feedback surveys can be added to kiosks and tablet devices at important touchpoints like washrooms, pharmacy stores, reception, visitors’ lounges, etc., to capture instant patient feedback.

Email and SMS – Post-appointment or treatment feedback can be collected using automatic surveys triggered after appointments or patient discharge.

Website or App – You can collect post-appointment or appointment-booking experience feedback on your website using website feedback surveys. If you have your own app for online consultations and appointments, you can use in-app feedback surveys.

You can use our healthcare patient satisfaction survey template to create engaging Patient Satisfaction Surveys. The template can be used for hospitals, clinics, or medical centers.

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List of Patient Satisfaction Survey Questions

The following patient satisfaction survey questions are included in this healthcare survey template: 

Based on your recent shopping experience with us, how likely are you to recommend shopping with us to your friends and family?

We're sorry to hear that your experience wasn't great. Which of the following do you suggest we can work on to make you happier? *

  • Availability of Product

  • Pricing of Product

  • Ease of Finding the Product

  • Availability of Help

  • Billing & Checkout Process

  • Time Taken

Yay! We're glad you had a good experience. Which of the following made you happy shopping with us? *

  • Availability of Product 

  • Pricing of Product

  • Ease of Finding the Product

  • Availability of Help

  • Billing & Checkout Process

  • Time Taken 

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What should be included in a patient satisfaction survey?

Patient satisfaction survey questions:

  • How would you rate the quality of treatment and care at our facility?
  • How would you rate the staff’s friendliness and helpfulness?
  • How would you rate the overall care during your stay?
  • How would you rate the cleanliness and infrastructure of our facility?
  • How would you describe your experience with our healthcare services?

What are the key elements of patient satisfaction?

  • Overall care and treatment
  • Staff’s and doctors’ knowledge and helpfulness
  • Cleanliness
  • On-facility services
  • Communication
  • Waiting time before appointments

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