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SMS your Surveys to your customers for real-time feedback (announcing SMS Surveys)

SMS your Surveys to your customers for real-time feedback (announcing SMS Surveys)

This month, we’re on a roll. We released Email Surveys a week back and are now here to announce the release of SMS Surveys at Zonka Feedback. Because with email surveys, SMSes couldn’t really be far behind now, could they be?

SMSes have an even more higher open rate than emails – which makes SMSes a great way to send surveys to your audiences and get their feedback in real-time.

Say someone visited your store and you want to send them a Thank You message with a survey about how their experience was – use Zonka to send an SMS survey and they can get it even before they walk out of the store. Send quick NPS and Customer Satisfaction surveys from customers so they can swiftly give you feedback using their mobile phones, on the go.

SMS Surveys work pretty much exactly how Email Surveys work! Here’s how –

  1. Log into your account (or sign up for a free trial if you don’t have one already)
  2. Go to Surveys to create your survey
  3. Once done, click to distribute your survey via SMS
  4. Add recipients’ mobile numbers or upload your contacts
  5. Create a custom SMS template or modify the default template
  6. Preview and send!

Like with Email Surveys, with SMS Surveys in Zonka, you’re able to customize your survey and your SMS template, add mobile numbers or upload a file with mobile numbers for bulk sending, pre-add data about respondents, track SMSes, and get your responses and reports in real-time.

Zonka Feedback’s SMS surveys are really simple to use, convenient, easy to administer and lead to a high response rate.

Get started with SMS Surveys now in your account.


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