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PSIPLS Rebuilds Customer Experience Landscape with Zonka Feedback

PSIPL aspired to optimize feedback management by creating an interactive system accessible to all washroom users. Zonka Feedback proved to be the perfect solution, seamlessly integrating a one-of-a-kind picture-based feedback feature. This innovative integration amplified user engagement and elevated the feedback experience, perfectly aligning with PSIPL's vision.


PSIPL (Professional Services for Integrated Property and Facilities Management Limited) is a prominent facility management company operating in multiple locations across the country. With 15 active locations, PSIPL offers comprehensive property and facility management services to a diverse range of clients, including commercial buildings, residential complexes, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and more.

ChallengesFixing things for Feedback Management

Before implementing Zonka Feedback, PSIPL faced challenges in effectively capturing and analyzing customer feedback. The process was unstructured, with feedback data scattered across different channels, making it difficult to identify and address issues in a timely manner. The lack of automated workflows for negative feedback also made it challenging to proactively resolve customer grievances.

Manual and time-consuming feedback capture and analysis: PSIPL faced difficulties in collecting and analyzing customer feedback due to the manual nature of the process. It consumed a lot of time and resources, making it inefficient and slow.

Scattered feedback data across different channels: Feedback from customers was received through various channels such as emails, phone calls, and in-person interactions. This scattered data made it challenging for PSIPL to consolidate and analyze feedback effectively.

Lack of automated workflows for negative feedback: PSIPL did not have automated processes in place to handle negative feedback. This meant that customer grievances were not being addressed proactively and promptly, resulting in potential dissatisfaction.

Zonka Feedback has worked wonders for PSIPL, subtly reshaping our customer experience realm. It has sparked a delightful transformation in our interactions, empowering us to craft elevated and engaging connections with our cherished customers. Zonka's insights have fueled impactful enhancements, unveiling the secrets behind our success. It's our magic wand, enchanting the world of customer experience at PSIPL


SolutionZonka Feedback For Streamlined Feedback Experience

After implementing Zonka Feedback, PSIPL experienced a significant improvement in their feedback management process. Zonka Feedback has provided PSIPL with a comprehensive feedback management solution that has streamlined their feedback collection, analysis, and reporting processes.

Implemented Zonka Feedback platform for streamlined feedback management: PSIPL adopted Zonka Feedback, a comprehensive feedback management platform, to overcome their challenges. This platform offered a centralized system for collecting, managing, and analyzing feedback, streamlining the entire process.

Utilized device-based feedback feature with 50 tablets at touchpoints: PSIPL deployed 50 tablets at touchpoints throughout their facilities, enabling customers to provide feedback conveniently. This device-based feedback method made it easier and more efficient to capture customer opinions.

Implemented unique picture-based survey for specific washroom feedback: PSIPL introduced a picture-based survey to gather feedback specifically related to their washroom facilities. This allowed them to obtain detailed insights into washroom hygiene, cleanliness, and maintenance, helping them identify areas for improvement.

ImpactRebuilt Customer Experience Landscape

The implementation of Zonka Feedback has had a significant impact on PSIPL's facility management services. By capturing and analyzing customer feedback in a systematic and efficient manner, PSIPL has been able to enhance their services. 

Conducted numerous feedback responses across 7 locations: With the implementation of Zonka Feedback, PSIPL successfully collected a significant number of feedback responses from customers across multiple locations. This indicates improved customer engagement and willingness to provide feedback.

Improved customer satisfaction through CSAT measurement: PSIPL utilized the CSAT feature of Zonka Feedback to measure customer satisfaction levels accurately. This enabled them to gauge customer sentiment and make data-driven decisions to enhance their services accordingly.

Proactively addressed customer grievances with automation and workflows: The automation and workflow capabilities of Zonka Feedback allowed PSIPL to proactively handle negative feedback and promptly address customer grievances. This proactive approach helped in resolving issues swiftly and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Utilized various types of reports for in-depth analysis and tracking trends: PSIPL made use of Snapshot reports for quick insights, Inbox reports for managing feedback responses, Insights reports for identifying trends, and Trends reports for tracking feedback patterns over time. These reports provided valuable information for analyzing feedback data and making informed decisions.

Enhanced facility management services and delivered superior customer experience: By implementing Zonka Feedback and leveraging its features, PSIPL was able to improve their facility management services. They took proactive actions based on customer feedback, made data-driven decisions, and continuously improved their services to deliver a superior customer experience across their locations.