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How Simpl Revalued it’s Customer Experience with Zonka Feedback

Simpl felt the need to streamline its feedback mechanism as it struggled with its pre-implementation experience management partner. The company was looking for a more customizable feedback tool that could help them design multiple feedback surveys comprehensively.


Simpl, a leading fintech company in India, is revolutionizing the way people make purchases with its innovative "buy now pay later" service. By offering a seamless and hassle-free payment experience, Simpl empowers its users to enjoy the freedom of making purchases without immediate payment, making it a preferred choice for millions of customers across the country.

ChallengesFinding the Right Feedback Management Tool

Simpl was facing major challenges of collecting feedback from its customers. Without a proper feedback system in place, it was difficult for the company to understand the needs and preferences of its customers. As a result, it was challenging for Simpl to make changes and improvements to their services. 

  • Choosing the Right Feedback Management System: Initially, Simpl relied on another experience management tool for their customer feedback needs. However, they encountered several challenges with this system. Firstly, the lack of comprehensive survey design features limited their ability to gather insightful feedback. Additionally, the steep pricing model of Litmus World proved to be a hurdle for Simpl, making it difficult to justify the investment.
  • NPS Surveys via Email and SMS:In addition to the Zendesk integration, Simpl aimed to conduct Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys for all its users. To achieve this, they intended to reach out to customers via both email and SMS channels. This approach allowed Simpl to gather feedback from a broader user base, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Integration with Zendesk and SMS Surveys: Simpl desired a platform that seamlessly integrated with Zendesk, a customer support ticketing system. Specifically, they wanted to trigger SMS surveys when a ticket was resolved or closed, enhancing the feedback collection process. To address another requirement of SMS Surveys, we developed a customized solution that integrated Simpl's feedback system with Zendesk, enabling the automatic triggering of SMS surveys upon ticket resolution or closure.

Zonka Feedback has revolutionized our approach to customer experience at Simpl. It has empowered us to reimagine our services, make informed decisions, and prioritize our customers' needs. With Zonka, we have effortlessly captured feedback from a wide user base, identified crucial areas for improvement, and consistently enhanced our offerings. It has truly been a transformative tool that has reshaped our understanding and delivery of exceptional customer experiences."


SolutionRobust Customer Experience Management Platform

Simpl decided to implement Zonka Feedback, a customer experience management platform, to help them collect customer feedback and measure Net Promoter Score (NPS). Zonka Feedback provided Simpl with a user-friendly platform that allowed them to collect feedback from their customers through email and SMS.

  • Simpl implemented Zonka Feedback: Simpl decided to use Zonka Feedback, a customer experience management platform, to help them collect customer feedback and measure their Net Promoter Score (NPS). This platform provided them with the necessary tools and features to effectively gather feedback from their customers.
  • User-friendly feedback collection: Zonka Feedback offered Simpl a user-friendly platform that allowed them to collect feedback from their customers through email and SMS. This made it convenient for customers to provide their feedback, increasing the likelihood of their participation.
  • Integration with Zendesk: Simpl integrated Zonka Feedback with their customer support system, Zendesk. This integration made it even easier for Simpl to trigger feedback requests when a ticket was closed. This ensured that feedback requests were sent at the right time, enhancing the response rate and accuracy of the feedback collected.
  • Powerful analytics and reporting: Zonka Feedback's analytics and reporting features provided Simpl with valuable insights into their customer feedback. The platform's robust analytics capabilities allowed Simpl to analyze and interpret the feedback data effectively. This enabled them to gain a deeper understanding of customer sentiments, preferences, and pain points.
  • Data-driven decisions and improvements: Armed with the insights derived from Zonka Feedback's analytics, Simpl was able to make data-driven decisions and improvements to their services. They could identify patterns, trends, and areas that needed attention, allowing them to prioritize and implement changes that would enhance the customer experience and address any concerns raised by customers.

ImpactFeedback Management at Scale

Following the integration of Zonka Feedback, Simpl embarked on a transformative journey that revolutionized their customer experience. One notable achievement was their ability to reach and gather feedback from an extensive user base of nearly 6 lakh users. 

Identification of Improvement Areas: The feedback received through Zonka Feedback provided valuable insights for Simpl to identify specific areas within their services that required improvement. By analyzing the feedback data, Simpl could pinpoint pain points, customer concerns, and areas where their services fell short of expectations.

Implementation of Necessary Changes: Armed with the feedback insights, Simpl took proactive steps to make necessary changes to their services. They addressed the identified issues, resolved customer concerns, and implemented improvements to enhance the overall customer experience. These changes resulted in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Tracking NPS Score: Zonka Feedback's NPS tracking feature allowed Simpl to monitor their Net Promoter Score over time. By regularly tracking the NPS, Simpl gained insights into the effectiveness of their efforts in improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. They could measure the impact of their changes and adjustments on the overall perception of their services.

Continuous Service Improvement: Zonka Feedback empowered Simpl to adopt a continuous improvement mindset. They utilized the feedback system to consistently gather customer insights, analyze trends, and identify emerging needs or areas for enhancement. Simpl proactively implement iterative changes and updates to ensure their services evolved in alignment with customer expectations.

Impact on Business Growth: By establishing a reliable feedback system, addressing customer concerns, and enhancing customer satisfaction, Simpl strengthened their reputation in the fintech industry. Satisfied customers became loyal advocates, contributing to increased customer acquisition and retention, ultimately driving the company's growth and success.