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How Jones the Grocer is Transforming Customer Experience in All its Restaurants with Zonka Feedback

Jones The Grocer recognized the necessity of implementing a comprehensive feedback system to effectively evaluate customer feedback and improve the overall dining experience at their restaurant. They adopted Zonka feedback to enhance the feedback capturing process and manage customer experiences while elevating their ability to gather and analyze feedback for their restaurants and cafes.

AboutJones the Grocer

Jones the Grocer is a renowned gourmet restaurant chain hailing from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, boasting 39 locations throughout the UAE. The chain is highly regarded for its superior food and beverage offerings, which are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. With an unwavering commitment to delivering an unparalleled dining experience, Jones the Grocer has cemented its reputation as a purveyor of gourmet excellence, consistently exceeding expectations with its quality and consistency.

ChallengeAmplifying Customer Experience All Across the Restaurant Chain

Jones the Grocer recognized the importance of gathering and analyzing feedback from its customers to better understand their needs and preferences and to make necessary improvements to its operations and services. However, the pen and paper-based system used for collecting feedback proved to be inefficient and outdated.

The challenges faced by Jones the Grocer with their manual feedback collection system include:

  • Difficulty tracking and analyzing feedback: The manual process of compiling and organizing feedback forms made it challenging to track and analyze customer feedback effectively.
  • Time-consuming process: The pen and paper-based system resulted in delays in collecting and analyzing feedback, hindering the ability to gather meaningful insights for improvements.
  • Prone to errors: The manual system was susceptible to errors, leading to inaccurate data and misinformed decisions based on flawed insights.
  • Delayed responses to customer feedback: The staff found it difficult to respond to customer feedback in real time, resulting in unresolved issues and customer dissatisfaction.

We achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of over 90%, showcasing their commitment to customer satisfaction. Employee feedback was utilized to identify training needs, address concerns, and foster a positive work environment. Operational efficiency was enhanced by addressing customer feedback, and attracting and retaining customers. With actionable insights gained, Jones the Grocer provides an exceptional dining experience. We are on the way to set a shining example for other restaurants to follow, excelling in customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and operational efficiency thanks to Zonka Feedback.


SolutionUnleashing the Power of Customer Insights

To overcome these challenges, Jones the Grocer decided to implement Zonka Feedback, a leading provider of feedback management software. The adoption of Zonka Feedback offered several key solutions:

  • Convenient feedback submission: Zonka Feedback was deployed on nearly 20 devices across various locations, providing customers with convenient ways to submit their feedback.
  • Multiple feedback channels: The software offered in-restaurant tabs and a mobile app, enabling customers to provide feedback even after leaving the restaurant, expanding the avenues for feedback collection.
  • Comprehensive reporting: These reports now provide a holistic view, empowering informed decisions for exceptional customer experiences.
  • NPS and CX automation: Automated Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Experience (CX), enabled Jones the Grocer to track customer satisfaction and continuously improve its operations and services.
  • QR codes for accessibility: Jones the Grocer utilized QR codes to make feedback collection more accessible and convenient for customers.
  • Offline survey capability: The tool allowed for conducting surveys even without an internet connection, ensuring feedback collection efficiency and reliability.
  • Internal employee feedback: Collection of valuable feedback from employees, enhancing employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity.

ImpactAchieving New Milestones in Customer Satisfaction

Here are the key impacts of Zonka Feedback on Customer Satisfaction of Jones the Grocer:

  • Improved customer satisfaction: Prompt response to feedback, identification of trends, and targeted improvements resulted in a significant increase in customer satisfaction. 
  • Employee feedback utilization: The feedback collected from employees helped identify training needs, address concerns, and foster a positive work environment that supports growth, development, and employee empowerment.
  • Operational efficiency: Zonka Feedback improved operational efficiency by addressing issues identified through customer feedback, attracting new customers, and retaining existing ones.
  • Exceptional dining experience: With the transformative feedback collection process and actionable insights gained, Jones the Grocer is well on its way to providing an exceptional dining experience to all customers.