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How Zonka Feedback Aided Sankara Eye Care to Improve Patient Experience

Sankara recognized the need for a robust feedback management system to effectively measure patient experience across various locations. They required a solution capable of efficiently managing the high volume of feedback received from patients and decided to partner with Zonka Feedback.

AboutSankara Eye Care

Sankara Eye Care is a renowned institution offering specialized and comprehensive eye care services. With a commitment to delivering exceptional patient care and leveraging advanced technology, Sankara Eye Care has become a trusted name in ophthalmology. Their team of highly skilled doctors and healthcare professionals diagnose and treat a wide range of eye conditions, providing personalized solutions. 

ChallengeClearing the Vision for Effective Feedback Management

The lack of a streamlined feedback collection process meant that there was no way for the hospital management to identify areas of improvement and take prompt corrective actions. Without feedback from patients, the hospital was at a loss as to what they were doing well and where they could improve.

The hospital faced several challenges in collecting feedback from patients, including:

  • Inefficiencies of Traditional Pen and Paper Surveys: The management faced mounting challenges in handling the volume of feedback. Processing, analyzing, and extracting meaningful insights from the extensive data became increasingly complex. To prevent valuable information from being overlooked, the hospital required an efficient solution to effectively manage and organize the collected feedback
  • Limitations of Google Forms for Feedback Collection: The limitations of Google Forms hindered comprehensive data analysis and decision-making due to restricted feedback capture. The hospital encountered difficulties in overcoming volume constraints and ensuring efficient data analysis.
  • Authenticity Concerns: Traditional surveys, including online forms, are vulnerable to manipulation and bias, which undermines the authenticity of collected feedback. Manipulated or biased feedback can yield inaccurate results and misguide decision-making. Ensuring authentic feedback is crucial for obtaining reliable insights and making informed improvements.
  • Challenges in Managing Feedback Volume at Scale: As feedback collection scaled up, managing the volume became increasingly challenging. Processing, analyzing, and deriving insights from the extensive data posed significant difficulties. The hospital required an efficient solution to handle and organize the feedback, preventing valuable information from being overlooked or lost.

Zonka Feedback has transformed our patient feedback management. With customizable features, email surveys, and location-based reporting, we've seen a significant increase in feedback volume. This has led to swift issue resolution and improved patient satisfaction. Zonka Feedback is a game-changer for enhancing the overall patient experience.

Ranjith Kumar, Sankara Eye Hospitals

SolutionZonka Feedback’s Multifeature Onboarding

To address these challenges, Sankara Eye Hospitals implemented Zonka Feedback, which provided the following solutions:

  • NPS Measurement: By adopting NPS in their feedback collection, Sankara Eye Hospitals obtained valuable insights into patient loyalty and advocacy. The quantitative NPS scores enabled tracking of satisfaction trends and performance benchmarking. This data-driven approach facilitated identification of improvement areas and prioritization of initiatives to enhance patient loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Customizable and Easily Accessible Platform: Zonka Feedback's customizable platform empowers Sankara Eye Hospitals to customize  and create personalized surveys, and include relevant questions. With accessibility across all 13 hospital locations, the platform provides a centralized system to collect and manage feedback, ensuring convenient data storage, review, and analysis for effective hospital management.
  • Device Deployment and SMS Offerings: Zonka Feedback was deployed on 48 devices, including tablets, to enable direct feedback collection by hospital staff and agents during patient visits. Additionally, SMS surveys were introduced as an alternative feedback channel, ensuring wider reach and higher participation rates. This multichannel approach enhanced accessibility and convenience for patients, maximizing the likelihood of receiving valuable feedback.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard and Data-Driven Reports: Zonka Feedback's platform provided a centralized dashboard for hospital management, offering a comprehensive view of feedback data and prioritizing corrective actions, leading to enhanced patient satisfaction.

ImpactUnveiling Countless More Stories of Patient Happiness

  • Improved Patient Satisfaction with NPS: 

    Zonka Feedback's NPS measurement and analysis guided continuous improvement efforts, identifying trends, addressing concerns, and boosting patient loyalty. This transformation fostered a culture of excellence, positively impacting Sankara Eye Hospitals' reputation and growth.

  • Efficient Feedback Collection Process: Zonka Feedback was deployed on 48 devices and utilized by nearly 30 agents, allowing tablets to be used to collect feedback from patients and SMS offerings to ensure unbiased feedback. The platform's comprehensive dashboard provided data-driven reports, enabling hospital management to make informed decisions, and negative feedback alerts via SMS allowed hospital staff to take immediate corrective action.
  • Increased Patient Feedback Volume: After implementing Zonka Feedback, Sankara Eye Hospitals saw a significant increase in patient feedback volume, with roughly 80,000 responses from inpatient surveys and nearly 2 lakhs from outpatient surveys. The increased volume of feedback allowed the hospital to address issues more quickly and improve the overall patient experience.
  • Heartwarming Patient Feedback: A patient who underwent cataract surgery at Sankara Eye Hospitals was impressed with the care and attention provided by the staff. Upon receiving an SMS from Zonka Feedback requesting feedback, the patient gladly shared her positive experience and was pleased to receive a prompt response acknowledging her input. The ease of providing feedback through this process has encouraged more patients to share their thoughts, helping the hospital to provide an exceptional experience for all patients.