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How Zonka Feedback Transformed Customer Satisfaction for Purplle

Purplle faced challenges in collecting feedback specifically related to their in-store shopping experience. They recognized the importance of gathering feedback for their beauty advisors and ensuring that each store's feedback was captured accurately.


Purplle is a prominent e-commerce platform in India that specializes in offering a diverse range of cosmetic, skincare, haircare, and beauty products to customers across the country. With a strong online presence and over 10 physical stores, Purplle aims to provide a hassle-free shopping experience and top-notch customer service. The brand is committed to expanding its physical footprint and reaching more customers nationwide.

ChallengesStepping Up Customer Satisfaction: A Call to Action

Purplle needed to collect and analyze customer feedback for an enhanced experience. They aimed to establish a synchronized feedback process for in-store beauty advisors to assess customer satisfaction. Capturing feedback ensured meeting customer expectations and improving the shopping experience.

  • Absence of a centralized source of truth for all locations: Absence of a centralized repository for location information. This led to inconsistency in operations, marketing, and customer experiences. The lack of a centralized source hindered decision-making and brand consistency.
  • Challenges faced in collecting feedback for Beauty Advisors: Purplle needed targeted feedback on beauty advisors' performance. Gathering feedback about interactions and assistance posed challenges. A systematic approach was required to collect and analyze feedback for improvement. 
  • Implementation of a single platform for Offline Kiosk and Online Feedback Collection: Purplle aimed to streamline feedback collection from offline kiosks and online sources. Integrating these channels into a unified platform would simplify data management and analysis. Gathering feedback from diverse sources efficiently would provide insights into the overall customer experience.
  • Requirement for a unified platform to offer NPS and CSAT solutions: Purplle sought a unified platform for accurate measurement of customer satisfaction and loyalty to measure Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). to enable consistent tracking, analysis, and data-driven decisions for enhancing the customer experience.

Purplle's collaboration with Zonka Feedback has led to an uplift in customer experience. With location-based surveys, automation features, and CSAT measurement, we have achieved an impressive average CSAT rating of over 98%. Our commitment to continuous improvement is evident as we are on to providing a superior beauty shopping experience for our customers.


SolutionZonka Feedback’s Mutilple Feature Deployment

To address these challenges, Purplle partnered with Zonka Feedback in June 2022, revolutionizing their customer feedback and survey capabilities. The following features were leveraged:

  • Location-Based Surveys:  Zonka Feedback enabled Purplle to conduct location-specific surveys, gathering targeted feedback. Tailoring surveys to each store provided insights into regional preferences, shopping patterns, and unique challenges or strengths. This information informed decisions on inventory, marketing, and customer service improvements
  • CX & Automation:CX and automation features streamlined Purplle's feedback collection. Automation set up triggers for timely feedback prompts, reducing manual follow-ups. Efficiency improved, response rates increased, and a seamless customer experience was ensured.
  • CSAT: Purplle used Zonka Feedback's CSAT feature to measure and analyze customer satisfaction levels through a standardized survey. They leveraged Zonka's reporting capabilities to gain insights and address areas of improvement, enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • Offline Kiosk: Zonka Feedback's offline feedback feature empowered Purplle's customers to provide feedback without internet. It benefited physical stores and offline touchpoints, expanding reach and inclusivity. The feature gathered feedback from a broader customer base, enhancing understanding of satisfaction and areas for improvement.

ImpactEnhancing Satisfaction and Delight

The partnership with Zonka Feedback has had a remarkable impact on Purplle's customer experience efforts. The key outcomes are as follows:

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Implementing Zonka Feedback boosted Purplle's customer satisfaction, with an average CSAT rating of over 98%. This validated their commitment to exceptional service and solidified their leading position. Improved satisfaction scores highlighted the success of feedback analysis and data-driven improvements.
  • Actionable Insights: Zonka Feedback's Reporting features empowered Purplle with actionable insights. The Snapshot report highlighted key metrics and trends, while the Inbox ensured prompt response to feedback. The Trends report identified patterns and recurring issues, and the Insights report offered detailed analysis and recommendations. These insights helped Purplle refine products, enhance the customer journey, and address pain points effectively.

    Purplle's partnership with Zonka Feedback led to increased satisfaction and valuable insights. By utilizing Zonka's solutions, they improved CSAT ratings and refined their offerings based on customer preferences. Incorporating NPS surveys via SMS demonstrated their commitment to customer-centricity and continuous improvement.