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Home Delivery Feedback Form

Send this short & crisp home delivery feedback form to your customers through SMS, emails or get the survey QR code printed on food boxes. Sign up and use!

Measure and Improve the Home Delivery Services By Implementing Home Delivery Feedback Form

Measuring the overall experience of the customers is the way to move forward in the restaurant or food delivery business. Having apt customer feedback provides various user cases and allows us to figure out what is working and what is lacking. 

The template here covers the main points of what a user experiences such as the quality of the food delivered, speed of the delivery, overall experience of ordering food and more. There’s no more need to use the same old outdated manual feedback methods (taking feedback on paper forms). 

Get instant customer feedback about the home delivery services which is possible by sharing the home delivery feedback form via email or SMSes. Want to get on the spot feedback? It’s easier, simply share the survey link via Slack. For measuring post-customer interaction you can send CES to know the level of satisfaction customers have with your services. 

Automate home delivery feedback form at various touchpoints such as Post-call, Post-meeting or the help desk by integrating Zonka Feedback software with your business management software. 

To create a survey using the Home Delivery Feedback Form Template, just sign up or sign in to Zonka Feedback. You’ll be able to choose this Survey Template when you begin creating your feedback form or survey.

List of Home Delivery Feedback Form Survey Questions

The following questions are included in this Home Delivery Feedback Form.

  • How would you rate the food delivered to you?
  • How would you rate the speed of the delivery?
  • How would you rate the packaging of the food delivered?
  • How would you rate the taste and quality of the food delivered?
  • How would you rate the overall experience of placing an order with us?
  • Please share your comments and suggestions?

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