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Post Event Satisfaction Survey Template

Employ our expert Event Satisfaction Survey Template to gauge the satisfaction level of your attendees' after the event. In addition to customer or guest satisfaction, this template also helps you collect data and capture leads at events, trade shows, or in the field in an offline mode.

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Post Event Surveys are a great way to allow attendees to share valuable feedback about an event. It helps organizers measure attendee satisfaction, track exhibitors’ and staff performance, evaluate event success, and improve future events.

Questions Included in this Post Event Satisfaction Survey Template

This Post Event Survey Template includes the following questions to collect post-event feedback to measure attendees' engagement, interaction level, productivity, and satisfaction at conferences and events.

  1. 1. Overall, how would you rate the event?
    • Poor
    • Fair
    • Good
    • Very Good
    • Excellent
  2. 2. What did you like about the event?
  3. 3. What did you dislike about the event?
  4. 4. How organized was the event?
    • Not At All Organized
    • Not So Organized
    • Neither Agree Nor Disagree
    • Agree
    • Strongly Agree
  5. 5. How friendly was the staff?
    • Not At All Friendly
    • Not So Friendly
    • Somewhat Friendly
    • Very Friendly
    • Extremely Friendly
  6. 6. How helpful was the staff?
    • Not At All Helpful
    • Not So Helpful
    • Somewhat Helpful
    • Very Helpful
    • Extremely Helpful
  7. 7. Was the event length too long, too short, or about right?
    • Too Much Short
    • Too Short
    • About Right
    • Too Long
    • Too Much Long
  8. 8. How likely are you to recommend the event to a friend or colleague?

You can easily customize this post-event satisfaction survey template and remove, add, or modify the questions of your choice depending on your survey requirements and the specifics of the event. Here are some suggestions for the post-event survey questions that you can consider including in your post-event survey.

  1. 1. How would you rate the venue of the event?
    • Excellent
    • Very Good
    • Good
    • Fair
    • Poor
  2. 2. Did the event meet your expectations?
    • Exceeded Expectations
    • Met Expectations
    • Somewhat Met Expectations
    • Did Not Meet Expectations
    • Disappointed
  3. 3. What was your favorite part (session or activity) at the event?
    (Open-ended question)
  4. 4. How smooth was the registration process for the event?
    • Very Smooth
    • SmoothExcellent
    • Very Good
    • Good
    • Fair
    • Poor
    • Average
    • Somewhat Difficult
    • Very Difficult
  5. 5. How would you rate the quality of the speakers and presenters?
    • Very Smooth
    • Smooth
    • Average
    • Somewhat Difficult
    • Very Difficult
  6. 6. How would you rate the quality of food and beverages provided?
  7. 7. How likely are you to attend future events of this kind?
    (Rating scale of 0 to 10)

These post-event survey questions cover a range of event aspects and provide event attendees with the flexibility to express their opinions based on their experiences.

How to Use the Event Satisfaction Survey Template?

You can run the event customer satisfaction survey after the event is over. You can either mount a kiosk device or tablet at the exit point of the venue or send a Post Event Satisfaction Feedback Survey via Email or SMS to your attendees. You can also engage with your event attendees during and pre-event using surveys. Here are the steps to conduct a post-event survey.

  1. Edit this template: Begin the post-event survey process by clicking on 'Edit this Template' to access the Event Satisfaction Survey Template. This action will take you to the customization interface where you can make adjustments to the survey.
  2. Customize the template: Once in the editing mode, customize the template to fit the specifics of your event. Tailor the post-event survey questions to capture relevant feedback from event attendees. Consider asking for feedback about various touchpoints of the event journey, such as registration, sessions, and overall experience. For example, include questions like "How engaging did you find the keynote speaker?" or "Rate the effectiveness of networking sessions."
  3. Review the survey: Take a moment to review the customized event satisfaction survey. Ensure that the questions align seamlessly with the aspects of the event you want to evaluate. Confirm that the survey flow matches the timeline of the event, from pre-event engagement to the conclusion.
  4. Share the survey: Share the survey with the event attendees. Choose the distribution method that aligns with your post-event strategy. You can use various channels like:
    • Use kiosk surveys by placing a kiosk or tablet at the venue exit for on-the-spot feedback.
    • Send a Post-Event Satisfaction Feedback Survey as Email surveys or SMS surveys to attendees after the event.
    • Engage with attendees during the event or just before the event ends and capture their feedback with the help of devices like iPads, iPhone, Android tablets, or smartphones. using these Android surveys or iOS surveys, you can gather real-time feedback with Zonka Feedback. 

The flexibility of survey distribution allows you to capture insights at various touchpoints in the event journey.

Key Features of Post Event Satisfaction Survey Template 

Conducting a perfect Post Event Satisfaction Survey can be an overwhelming task, but using the right event feedback software can make this easier for you. That’s why Zonka Feedback is equipped with useful features to help you leverage post-event surveys. 

  1. Customizable post-event template: Elevate your post-event survey experience with Zonka Feedback's pre-built template. Specifically crafted for post-event scenarios, this template allows you to capture valuable insights, measure attendee satisfaction, and gather feedback seamlessly. Customize the template to align with your event-specific inquiries, modifying post-event survey questions to suit touchpoints throughout the attendee journey.
  2. Dynamic surveys: Enhance the sophistication of your post-event surveys with Zonka Feedback's Dynamic Surveys feature. Leverage Skip Logic to tailor the survey flow based on respondents' previous answers, ensuring a personalized and relevant survey experience. Implement Survey Redirection to guide respondents to specific sections based on their responses, providing a seamless and efficient feedback collection process. These dynamic features add precision and depth to your post-event survey strategy.
  3. Automated workflows: Zonka Feedback optimizes your post-event journey through automated workflows. Include post-event survey questions questions about various touchpoints, capturing crucial insights precisely when they matter most during the attendee experience. Whether it's immediately after a session or at the event conclusion, automate post-event surveys to ensure timely and relevant feedback.
  4. Real-time response alerts and notifications: Stay proactive in addressing post-event feedback with Zonka's automatic response alerts and notifications. Receive immediate alerts for incoming feedback or negative responses, empowering you to address concerns promptly and enhance overall attendee satisfaction.
  5. Multiple channels to share surveys: Engage with your attendees wherever they are using Zonka's multiple-channel distribution. Seamlessly distribute post-event surveys through email, SMS, or through offline surveys with the help of iOS and Android devices like tablets and smartphones. This flexibility ensures that you capture insights from attendees at different stages of their post-event experience, contributing to a comprehensive understanding.
  6. Closing the feedback loop: Zonka Feedback transcends traditional data collection by offering an actionable feedback loop. Take well-informed actions based on post-event attendees' feedback, effectively closing the loop and ensuring a continuous cycle of improvement for your future events. Leverage valuable insights to enhance event planning, execution, and overall satisfaction. 
    With Zonka Feedback supporting your post-event surveys, the process becomes seamless, allowing for a deeper understanding of attendee experiences and paving the way for more successful and satisfying future events.

Question Types to Include in Post-Event Satisfaction Survey

When crafting your post-event satisfaction survey, utilizing diverse question types is recommended for obtaining comprehensive insights from your event attendees. Explore a range of question formats to design a thorough survey tailored to your post-event feedback needs.

1. Overall Satisfaction Rating Questions

Measure the overall satisfaction of attendees with your event using CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) rating questions. Employ a five-point rating scale with response options represented in various forms like adjectives from Excellent to Poor, smileys, star ratings, or numerical values. Consider options such as:

Clearly defined and consistent scales, such as 1 to 5, empower attendees to effortlessly convey their satisfaction levels with the post-event experience.

2. Open-ended Questions

Uncover profound insights into attendees' post-event experiences by incorporating open-ended post-event survey questions. Encourage respondents to share detailed feedback about the reasons behind their ratings, capturing complaints, suggestions, and unique experiences they may want to communicate.

Analyzing open-ended responses provides a deeper understanding of attendee sentiments, aiding in identifying areas for improvement and meeting attendee expectations for future events.

3. Multiple Choice Questions

Streamline post-event feedback collection with efficient multiple-choice post-event survey questions. Provide single or multiple response options, include ranking questions to gauge preferences, and structure the survey for standardized analysis.

Here is an example of a multiple-choice question:

Among the following aspects, which ones do you consider most impactful and valuable for enhancing your overall event experience?

  • Networking Opportunities
  • Speaker Presentations
  • Event Venue and Facilities
  • Entertainment and Social Activities

Checkboxes are used to allow respondents to choose multiple answers based on their post-event experience.

Enhance the depth and relevance of your post-event satisfaction survey by integrating these varied question types, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of attendee feedback for future events' improvements.

Post Event Satisfaction Survey Template FAQs

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