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Product Feature Feedback Template

This feature feedback survey template allows you to understand which features of your product or mobile app are important for your audience. It also enables capturing feedback specifically on features’ performance and efficiency. 

The questions in the survey template ask users to rate each feature by importance: extremely important, very important, somewhat important, not so important, and not at all important. It reveals surprising insights such as customers using the product differently than you envisioned it or going back to your product because of a small feature.

How to use the Product Feature Feedback Survey Template? 

The Product Feature Feedback Survey Template is a free template available in Zonka Feedback. To use this template, follow these steps. 

Ready to take it a step further?

With a product feature feedback survey template, you can see the quality of experience a new or improved feature creates for your customers. This template allows business owners to uncover what experiences their users had with the new feature, and learn the positives and negatives before moving forward with, let’s say upgrades. 

Similar to the NPS survey, a feature feedback template can be used across many industries. For example, if you are a product company and need to understand the opinion of the user about a new feature. Creating a feature feedback survey is easier with Zonka Feedback. 

Questions in Feature Feedback Template

The following questions are included in this survey template.

  • Have you used <feature name> in <product name>?

  • How useful was the new <feature name>?

  • How does the feature impact this product's value compared with its competitors?

  • How relevant is the feature to you?

  • Has the new feature made the product more efficient and easy to use?

FAQs about Feature Feedback Template

1. What are the steps to conduct a feature feedback survey?

Even if you create an amazing survey, it will be useless unless you conduct it flawlessly. Here are some guidelines for conducting an effective survey:

  • Determine your goals.

  • Internal testing

  • Gather responses

  • Examine the responses

  • Take action based on the outcomes

2. What is a feature feedback template?

Perhaps one of your customers suggested that you include a feature in your product. And your development team has implemented it. The product was then made available to users. You can now create a template that users can use to determine whether or not the feature is operational.

3. Where can I use this Feature Feedback Template?

You can use a QR code at your touchpoint. Another way is by triggering an email or SMS survey as soon as the service provided to the customer is completed. If you don’t have an internet connection, you can use offline surveys via kiosks, mobile or tablets. 

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