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How Mozaic Utilized Zonka Feedback to Get High CSAT Score

Mozaic Bali sought to establish a comprehensive mechanism that would effectively collect intel, enabling them to continually refine and elevate their guests' culinary journey. By embracing this innovative approach, Mozaic Bali aimed to enhance customer satisfaction, provide personalized offerings, and maintain its reputation as a premier dining destination on the enchanting island of Bali.


Mozaic Bali is a renowned French-Indonesian restaurant located in the enchanting town of Ubud, Bali. Led by celebrated chef Chris Salans, Mozaic offers a culinary experience that combines exquisite flavors and culinary innovation. With a commitment to using locally-sourced ingredients, Mozaic has become a culinary gem in Bali's thriving food scene, captivating diners with its delectable creations.

ChallengesDefining Goals For Culinary Dining Experience

Mozaic recognized the importance of collecting and understanding customer feedback to address issues or concerns promptly.

Need for Customer Feedback Management: Mozaic understands that gathering feedback from customers is crucial for identifying and resolving any issues or concerns they may have. They acknowledge the significance of acting quickly to ensure customer satisfaction.

Guest feedback collection was cumbersome: Mozaic faced challenges in collecting and managing feedback manually from their large number of daily guests. This process required significant time and effort, which could be better utilized in other areas of the business.

No solution to streamline the feedback collection process: Mozaic was seeking a more efficient way to collect feedback from their customers. They wanted to automate the process and make it more streamlined, reducing the time and effort required to gather feedback.

No Alerts for negative feedback: Mozaic wanted a system that could immediately alert them when negative feedback was received. Real-time alerts would enable them to promptly address any concerns raised by customers and take appropriate actions to resolve them.

Lack of efficient communication with customers: In addition to collecting feedback, Mozaic wanted a solution that would enable smooth and effective communication with their customers. This would allow them to respond promptly to feedback, provide updates, and address any further queries or concerns customers might have.


"We have been using Zonka Feedback for 5 years now, and it has proven to be an invaluable asset for our restaurant. The system's user-friendly interface and real-time alerts for negative feedback have enabled us to promptly address guest concerns. The Negative Feedback SMS for Customers has also allowed us to demonstrate our commitment to resolving concerns and ensuring guest satisfaction. Zonka Feedback has significantly contributed to enhancing our guest experience and upholding our reputation as a top restaurant in Bali."

- Chris, Founder of Mozaic Bali

SolutionRevolutionizing Restaurant Experience Management

Implementing a Customer Experience Management Tool: To address the issues of time-consuming and labor-intensive manual feedback collection, Mozaic chose to implement Zonka Feedback. Zonka Feedback is recognized as a reliable solution in the industry and was selected by Mozaic to tackle their  CSAT:

  • Omnichannel Feature Deployment: Mozaic took advantage of Zonka Feedback's user-friendly platform to collect feedback from guests. They provided various channels, such as on-site tablets, online surveys, and SMS feedback, to make it convenient for customers to share their feedback in a way that suits their preference.
  • Deploying Negative Feedback SMS Alerts for their team: To ensure prompt action on negative feedback, Mozaic set up Negative Feedback SMS Alerts. This feature notifies the team in real-time whenever negative feedback is received, enabling them to quickly address the concerns raised by customers. With the Negative Feedback SMS Alerts in place, Mozaic's team can promptly address any issues or concerns that are brought to their attention through negative feedback. 

ImpactElevating Inhouse Dining with an Exquisite Taste

  • Actionable Insights and Continuous Improvement: Mozaic's implementation of Zonka Feedback enables them to collect numerous feedback daily, providing valuable insights into customer preferences and areas for improvement.Prompt addressing of customer issues through Negative Feedback SMS Alerts leads to faster problem resolution and improved guest satisfaction.The utilization of CSAT measurement allows Mozaic to measure and track customer satisfaction, driving continuous improvement efforts.
  • Enhanced Guest Experience and Reputation: By promptly addressing customer concerns through Negative Feedback SMS for Customers, Mozaic showcases their dedication to excellent customer service and enhances their reputation among guests.The implementation of Zonka Feedback has resulted in an elevated guest experience, leading to increased guest satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Efficient Feedback Management and Streamlined Processes: Zonka Feedback becomes an indispensable tool for Mozaic, enabling efficient management of customer feedback and streamlining feedback collection processes.The use of Zonka Feedback's features, such as SMS and email capabilities and customizable workflows, optimizes feedback collection and empowers Mozaic's team to make data-driven decisions.
  • Positive Impact on Business Growth: The actionable insights derived from Zonka Feedback's features contribute to continuous service improvements, ultimately driving business growth for Mozaic. By consistently measuring customer satisfaction and addressing concerns, Mozaic enhances their overall reputation, attracts more customers, and maintains their premier status in the competitive restaurant industry.