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Customer Onboarding Feedback Survey Template

How well is your customer success team onboarding new users? Use Zonka Feedback’s customer onboarding feedback survey template to identify the gaps and challenges in the onboarding process. 

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Onboarding feedback surveys allow your customers to share their valuable feedback about their onboarding experiences, which play a crucial role in creating the overall customer experience with your product and company. With Zonka Feedback’s versatile onboarding feedback survey template, gauge users’ onboarding experiences, identify improvement opportunities and optimize your processes to create exceptional onboarding experiences.

Questions Included in the Onboarding Feedback Survey Template

This customer onboarding template includes the following questions to help you gather user insights about your onboarding process and ensure a good customer onboarding process thus creating better onboarding experiences for them.

  1. 1. How has your training and assistance been so far?
  2. 2. Could you please explain the reason for your rating?
  3. 3. Which part of the onboarding was most helpful?
  4. 4. And which part was least helpful?
  5. 5. Could we grab your email address?

You can customize this customer onboarding template by removing or modifying any question in the template. You can also add your own questions as per your specific survey requirements. Here are some suggestions for the questions that you can consider adding to your survey.

  1. 1. How easy was it for you to understand the onboarding materials?
    • Very Easy
    • Easy
    • Neutral
    • Difficult
    • Very Difficult
  2. 2. Did you find the information provided during onboarding clear and concise?
    • Very Clear and Concise
    • Clear and Concise
    • Neutral
    • Not Very Clear
    • Not Clear at All
  3. 3. How would you rate the duration of the onboarding process?
    • Too Short
    • Just Right
    • Slightly Long
    • Too Long
  4. 4. Did you find any interactive elements (videos, quizzes, etc.) helpful during onboarding?
    • Extremely Helpful
    • Very Helpful
    • Somewhat Helpful
    • Not Very Helpful
    • Not Helpful at All
  5. 5. Were there any interactive components that you felt were unnecessary or confusing?
    • None
    • Very Few
    • Some
    • Many
    • All
  6. 6. How user-friendly did you find the onboarding platform or system?
    • Very User-Friendly
    • User-Friendly
    • Neutral
    • Not Very User-Friendly
    • Not User-Friendly at All
  7. 7. Were there any technical issues or challenges you encountered during the onboarding process?
    • No Technical Issues
    • Minor Technical Issues
    • Some Technical Issues
    • Major Technical Issues
    • Could Not Complete Due to Technical Issues
  8. 8. How would you rate the level of support and communication from our team during onboarding?
    • Excellent
    • Good
    • Average
    • Poor
    • Very Poor
  9. 9. To what extent did the onboarding process align with the expectations set during the sales or pre-onboarding phase?
    • Completely Aligned
    • Mostly Aligned
    • Neutral
    • Partially Aligned
    • Not Aligned at All
  10. 10. Do you have any suggestions for enhancing the overall onboarding experience?
    (Open-Ended Text Response)

How to Use this Onboarding Feedback Survey Template?

Maximize the effectiveness of this Onboarding Feedback Survey Template to gain valuable insights into customer satisfaction after their onboarding experience. Follow these steps to optimize the usage of this customer onboarding template and leverage it to collect valuable feedback from your new customers.

  1. Edit this template: Click on 'Edit this Template' to access the onboarding feedback form. This will take you to the editing interface, allowing you to customize the customer onboarding template feedback form based on your specific survey needs for the client onboarding process.
  2. Customize the template: While in editing mode, tailor the client onboarding feedback form to suit your unique needs. Incorporate questions that delve into different aspects of the customer's onboarding experience, such as satisfaction with the training process, clarity of instructions, the responsiveness of onboarding support, and overall satisfaction with the customer onboarding process. 
    For example, consider questions like "How satisfied are you with the training materials provided during onboarding?"
  3. Preview and adjust the template: Take a moment to review the customized customer onboarding feedback form. Ensure that the questions are clear and relevant to the customer's onboarding journey. Adjust the form flow to align with your specific feedback collection process, ensuring that customers can easily understand and respond to the questions.
  4. Share the Survey: Once you've completed all the editing and adjustments in the survey template, your client onboarding feedback form is ready to use. Consider multiple distribution channels to share your feedback form.
    • Trigger email surveys or SMS surveys after specific onboarding milestones or interactions to collect post-onboarding feedback.
    • If customers engage with your onboarding process through your product or mobile app only, utilize in-product or in-app surveys for seamless feedback collection.
    • For customers using your website, explore website feedback widgets like popup surveys, slide-up surveys, and feedback button to trigger surveys and capture in-moment feedback.
    • In case the customer onboarding process is organized offline, you can also use devices like iPads, Android tablets, and smartphones to collect customer feedback. You can use survey kiosks at your location for this purpose.

By following these steps, you can effectively collect feedback from new customers, gaining valuable insights to enhance their overall onboarding experience.

Key Features of Zonka Feedback for Enhancing Customer Onboarding Feedback Surveys

Crafting and executing effective client onboarding feedback surveys can be a complex task, but with an effective product feedback tool, the process becomes streamlined, enabling you to extract valuable insights from your new customers. Zonka Feedback emerges as a robust tool for onboarding feedback surveys, providing powerful features specifically designed to enhance your feedback collection process.

1. Customizable Survey Template

Enhance your client onboarding satisfaction survey using Zonka Feedback's customizable templates and online forms. Tailor pre-built templates to address various aspects of the customer's onboarding journey, allowing you to modify survey questions based on your survey objectives and specific touchpoints in the onboarding experience.

2. Skip Logic and Question Branching

Navigate through the client onboarding satisfaction survey intelligently with Zonka Feedback's skip logic and question branching. Customize the survey flow based on customer responses, ensuring a personalized and efficient survey experience for each participant.

For instance, if a customer expresses dissatisfaction with a particular aspect of the client onboarding process, you can tailor follow-up questions to gather more detailed feedback.

3. Real-time Feedback Alerts and Notifications

Stay proactive in addressing onboarding satisfaction feedback with Zonka Feedback’s real-time response alerts and notifications. Receive instant alerts for incoming customer feedback or negative responses, facilitating prompt resolution of concerns and enhancing overall user satisfaction.

4. Multiple Channel Distribution

Seamlessly distribute onboarding feedback surveys through email, SMS, website, or other online channels. This flexibility ensures that you capture insights from customers at different stages of their onboarding experience, depending on the channels through which the onboarding activity is conducted.

SMS Survey: Gather Feedback On-the-go

  • Trigger: Send a concise SMS with emoji reactions immediately after a key onboarding milestone.
  • Example: "Welcome aboard! How would you rate your onboarding experience? Reply with a thumbs up for excellent, a star for good, and a thumbs down for improvement."

Email Survey: Delve Deeper into the Onboarding Experience

  • Timing: 24-48 hours after the completion of the process of onboarding customers, send a detailed email survey covering various aspects of the onboarding journey.
  • Example: "We value your feedback! Please take a moment to share your thoughts on your recent onboarding experience with us."

In-App Survey: Immediate Feedback Post-Onboarding

  • Integrated Channel: Integrate the survey within your product or mobile app right after customers complete their onboarding.
  • Example: "Congratulations on completing your onboarding! How satisfied are you with the process? Rate your experience with stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐."

Website Survey: Collect Feedback Before Using Our Services

  • Trigger: Offer a pop-up survey on your website after new customers explore key onboarding information.
  • Example: "Welcome to our platform! Help us tailor your experience by providing feedback on your onboarding journey with this quick survey."

5. Automated Workflows

Streamline the post-onboarding customer journey with Zonka Feedback's automated workflows. Trigger online surveys at different touchpoints, capturing valuable insights at key moments of the customer's post-onboarding experience.

6. Closing the Feedback Loop

Move beyond mere data collection with Zonka Feedback's actionable customer feedback loop. Take informed actions based on received customer feedback, effectively closing the loop and ensuring a continuous cycle of improvement for your onboarding process based on customer insights.

Question Types to Include in Customer Onboarding Feedback Survey Template

Developing a comprehensive client onboarding feedback survey involves incorporating various question types to extract thorough insights from new customers. Explore diverse question formats to customize your onboarding feedback form, addressing the specific requirements of post-onboarding feedback.

1. Rating Scale Questions

Assess customer satisfaction following the onboarding process using Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) rating questions. Utilize a five-point rating scale with options represented through adjectives (Excellent to Poor), self-explanatory smileys, star ratings, numbers, and more.

Clearly defined and consistent scales, such as 1 to 5, empower customers to easily express their satisfaction levels regarding the post-onboarding experience.

2. Open-ended Questions

Gain profound insights into customers' post-onboarding experiences by incorporating open-ended questions. Encourage respondents to provide feedback on the reasons behind their ratings, capturing concerns, suggestions, and special experiences they may wish to share.

Analyzing open-ended responses offers a deeper understanding of customer sentiments, facilitating the identification of areas for improvement in the onboarding process and meeting your new customers' expectations.

3. Multiple Choice Questions

Streamline feedback collection with effective multiple-choice questions in your onboarding feedback survey. Provide single or multiple response options, include ranking questions to assess preferences, and organize the survey for standardized analysis.

"Among the aspects of this onboarding experience, which ones do you find most satisfying?"

  • Training materials
  • Duration of the Onboarding
  • Responsiveness of onboarding support
  • Overall satisfaction with the onboarding process

By incorporating these varied question types into your onboarding feedback survey, you can gather comprehensive insights to enhance and optimize various aspects of the client onboarding experience.

Customer Onboarding Survey Template FAQs

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