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Restaurant New Menu Survey Template

Stressing if your guests like your restaurant menu? Use this Restaurant New Menu Survey Template to collect your customer feedback and opinion about the changes in your menu.

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Collect customer feedback on your new menu in real-time to measure their satisfaction using Restaurant New Menu Feedback Template. Gauge their satisfaction with the variety, taste, portion size, value of money, presentation and more. 

Restaurant Menu Feedback Form is designed to capture customers' preferences and opinions regarding any new dishes in your menu along with the overall dining experience. Inviting your restaurant guests to fill new menu survey can play a crucial role in understanding how well the menu is received by patrons. This helps a restaurant in enhancing its offerings and customer satisfaction. 

Zonka Feedback's new menu form is fully-customizable so you can either go for the ready-to-use template, customize it or build it from scratch. The template covers questions regarding overall dining experience, evaluation of new dishes on certain aspects, and suggestions to improve the menu along with the dine-in experience of the guests. 

Promoting Menu Survey Form to Maximize Participation

To make the most of the Restaurant New Menu Survey, it is essential to promote your survey form effectively and encourage responses from your valued customers. Here are some of the channels that you can leverage:

  1. Survey Kiosks: Set up offline survey kiosks to collect feedback from the customers while checking out or after paying the bill. 
  2. QR Codes: Place QR codes throughout the restaurant or at the dining table to allow customers to provide feedback as per convenience. 
  3. Email & SMS Surveys: You can also make use of customer data who visited or tried new items in your menu at the restaurant to target email and SMS surveys. 
  4. Mobile App: If the customers have placed order from your restaurant using mobile app, you can trigger in-app pop-ups or link surveys post-delivery to collect feedback on your menu with ease. 

Restaurant New Menu Survey Template FAQ

  1. What is the purpose of Restaurant New Menu survey?
    Restaurant Menu Survey aims to gather feedback from customers regarding the introduction of new items on the menu. It helps the restaurant understand customers' preferences, evaluate success of new dishes, and identify areas of improvement. 
  2. How can I customize questions in the Restaurant New Menu Survey Template?
    You can quickly get started by signing up for free. Select the survey template you need and go to the editor. On the left panel, you will find the option to add questions, rating scales, comments box, personal information, and so on. You can access them to customize the survey template as per your requirement.
  3. Is the restaurant menu feedback anonymous?
    Usually, responses of a restaurant survey are kept anonymous to encourage honest customer feedback. It largely depends on the type of form you are building. You may request content information in case of follow-up purposes.
  4. How long does the restaurant menu feedback form take to complete?
    Zonka Feedback's Restaurant New Menu Survey Template is user-friendly and takes only a minute or two to complete. 

Restaurant New Menu Survey Template Questions

  1. 1. How satisfied are you with the variety of options on the new menu?
  2. 2. How would you rate the new menu on the following parameters?
    • Taste
    • Presentation
    • Value for Money
    • Portion Size
  3. 3. What were your favorite dishes from the new menu? (Please describe why you enjoyed them)
  4. 4. Based on your meal today, how likely are you to recommend our new menu to your friends & family?
    • o (Very unlikely)
    • 10 (Extremely Likely)
  5. 5. Do you have any suggestions for the new menu that you would like to see in the future?

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