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PreSales Survey To Boost Your Sales

Getting leads is an essential part of running a successful business. However, qualifying those leads—determining which ones are likely to lead to a sale—is an equally important step that some businesses overlook. Although all leads may turn out to be viable, it is unlikely that some of them are not the right audience for your business.

Instead of leading your sales team to a dead end, you can qualify each lead by asking them key questions to determine its worth. This is where a pre-sale survey comes in handy. Therefore spend some time making and sending out a pre-sales survey tools instead of trying to sell the wrong products to the wrong people.

What is a Pre-sale survey, and why is it important?

Feedback from customers is invaluable for any business. A Pre-sale survey is a customer success survey that a company can use to collect vital information about new leads, enabling businesses to understand the lead better.

Pre-sales surveys, primarily used in the B2B space, include some basic questions about the lead's challenges, needs and background.

 The respondent's answers can help your company determine whether or not this person is part of your target audience. Companies usually send a pre-sales survey to managers before meeting with a sales representative. However, there are many reasons to use pre-sales research in your sales process. One of the main benefits of using them is that they can make your sales team more efficient. Secondly, it can help your team prioritize them and gauge how likely each will become a customer.

Benefits Of Pre-Sale Survey

There are many ways in which pre-sale surveys can be helpful. One of the essential things pre-sale surveys can do is enable businesses to reduce time spent on bad leads, shorten the sales cycle, and increase the conversion rate and deal size. Here are a few benefits of pre-sale surveys.

1. Helps To Reduce Time On Bad Leads

Whether leads are inbound or outbound, most don't make the last stage of your sales cycle. The first contact with your customer is a series of qualifying questions that enables you to determine if the product you want to sell is worth pursuing both you and the customer.

Using a pre-sale survey helps any business to understand their potential customers, saves their time and provides the information they need to prioritize, which leads to pursuit.

2. Shortens The Sales Cycle

Whether you have a range of products and services or your product or service can be used in many different ways, the most challenging part in any sales process is communicating the best possible service you can offer to your potential customers. Knowing your customers beforehand can help you understand their needs before you hit the ground running.

3. Boost Your Conversion Rate

When your potential customers are busy, and you're taking a long time to make a sale, the lesser your chance of retaining their attention and interest in your product or service. Sending the right message at the right time will maximize the opportunities to make it through to the next stage of your sales cycle.

4. Increase Your Deal Size

Your customers can only buy what they are offered. A deeper understanding of their needs (or budget) often reveals additional solutions you can offer that you might have yet to present. Pre-sale data can help personalize their experience and accelerate the stage of the sales funnel where they decide to buy.

Best Practices for creating a pre-sales survey

If you want to develop a successful pre-sales survey that improves the quality of your inbound and outbound leads, these tips will help you.

Keep it short

Choose the questions that add the most value to your sales team. Don't ask too many questions, and don't be too pushy. Ask what you need to determine if the lead is viable. Questions typically focus on the leader's budget, timing, purchasing authority and needs.

 Choose the right time

 You should send a pre-sales survey soon after getting a lead and before your sales team can meet with them. The pre-sales survey is moot if your team has already met with the manager. 

Emphasize design and functionality

 A pre-sales survey should have an eye-catching design and match your company's branding. In addition, it should be intuitive and easy to use - both for leaders and your sales team.

 Create urgency

Consider adding a  timer to your survey to encourage your audience to complete it immediately. This reduces the possibility of them procrastinating and forgetting about it. 

 Analyze  data

If you're getting a lot of low-quality leads, you should rethink your lead generation process. Adjust your marketing strategies to improve overall lead quality.

Information You Need To Ask Through Your Pre-Sale Surveys

It's clear that eliminating bad leads and tracking them will help you improve your sales. But what exactly should be asked in the pre-sales survey? Here are some ideas, including market research questions and business graphics, to help you write a sales survey.

  • Information about the company's size and its focus
  • Information about your contact's department, position, and responsibilities
  • Questions about your customer's current tools and setup
  • Questions of any pre-requirements they might have
  • Discovery of your prospect's specific priorities

Using an online pre-sale survey tool can enable you to integrate with your sales team seamlessly, making the qualification process much more straightforward and almost effortless.

On the ending note

Now that you have a better understanding of pre-sale surveys and how they can help you make more sales, you can use this method to find out everything you need to know before time and give your leads well-researched, valuable solutions.


Written by Tanya

Mar 02, 2023

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