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3 Killer Strategies to get Patient Feedback

March 03, 2023


Healthcare service providers have all woken up to realize that patient feedback plays a crucial role in patient care. Many healthcare organizations have employed different mechanisms, software and tools to gauge patient satisfaction levels at different touchpoints and in the journey of doctor-patient interactions. A healthy record of the Patient Feedback helps you connect with your patients, know their feedback and perception in real-time and also equips you with the data to enhance their experience regarding patient care and treatment.

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Did You Know? Digital health market is expected to reach 206 billion U.S. dollars by 2020 specifically by mobile and wireless. (Statista)

Patient Feedback DataThere are multiple ways to take Patient Feedback and we're exploring three extremely effective ways to get feedback from your patients about their experience. 

3 Effective Ways to Get Patient Feedback 

  1. Post Appointment Email Survey for Outpatients 
  2. Post Discharge SMS Surveys for Inpatients 
  3. Kiosk-Based Feedback On-Premises at Hospitals

These three strategies are great to get actionable data from patients post their visit or stay at the hospital. 

1. Post Appointment Email and SMS Surveys for Outpatients

According to one Patient Satisfaction Survey Report by HotDoc, 8 in 10 senior healthcare professionals believe appointments start on time. By contrast, 48% of patients said they had to wait. With such disparate perceptions between medical practitioners and patients, post-appointment surveys can be a real eye-opener.

Before, during, and post appointment, a patient encounters a series of experiences including the waiting staff, staff efficiency and friendliness, experience with the doctor, patient's perception of the level of treatment, availability of medicines at pharmacy and much more. Based on these patient experiences, the patients build their perception towards your healthcare center. Therefore, taking a post appointment patient feedback is a great idea to allow the patients to share their experience (good and bad), with you directly. It makes the patients feel like you care about their experience and it gives you valuable information about their experience during the appointment. This gives you an opportunity to also improve on recurring patient issues and make amends in improving patient satisfaction.

You can connect your patient feedback tool to your internal systems and send automated Post Appointment Patient Surveys through emails and SMSes to get patient's feedback about appointment time, staff, doctor and treatment right after their appointment. 

2. Post Discharge Email Surveys and SMS Surveys for Inpatients 

According to the Pew Research Center, Nearly two-thirds of all Americans own a smartphone of some kind. And, over 2.2 trillion SMS messages are sent by Americans each year.

During the stay and post discharge of your patients, it is important for you to closely monitor their experience regarding the treatment and care.  Collecting patient feedback post discharge can helps you to understand the level of the care and treatment including staff efficiency and friendliness, experience with the doctor, availability of medicines at pharmacy and much more. This helps you to improve the quality of your healthcare services and keeps you abreast of our patients' needs and expectations. 

A Post Discharge Patient Feedback Form sent via Email & SMSes can effortlessly measure the core satisfaction level of the in-patient at a transactional level. This survey can be filled by the patient themselves or by their relative or spouse as well. 

3. Kiosk-Based Feedback on Premises at Hospitals

When it comes to acquiring On-Premises Feedback at hospital, Kiosk-based feedback set up is the most prominent way to get quick actionable patient feedback. Kiosk feedback is a powerful tool integrated with the high-level automation that provides you with deep insight into your patient satisfaction levels.

Did You Know? A Healthcare Kiosk Solution can manage 4 Times More Patients.

In this medium of feedback, tablets or mobiles are installed on multiple touchpoints across hospitals like near the pharmacy store, visitor’s lounge, and many more. These touchpoints provide ease to the patients to share their likes and dislikes, wants, and any problems or requests. 

The kiosk has helped many healthcare organizations and clinics to enhance their patient feedback.

According to Clearwave, a large Jacksonville, Fla.-based health system has offloaded 52% of patient check-ins to automated check-in devices, which has freed staff to greet patients and focus attention on more complicated questions, thereby enhancing the patient experience.


Patient Feedback - Kiosk

Be it feedback about the care and treatment experience or payment related reviews, healthcare kiosk solutions can help the organization to streamline their every administrative tasks including the medical administrators, appointments, staffs, payments. real-time data collected from the health kiosk solution enables you to take quick corrective actions that can help you to improve your patient experience and them with what they want.


The above 3 strategies help you to acquire quick & reliable patient feedback. Further these strategies can enhance your operating capabilities and streamline every administrative task to improve the patient experience. An ideal way to get started taking feedback from patients is to employ a Patient Feedback Software that is fit for Hospitals, Clinics and other healthcare centers. 

Zonka Feedback allows you to send healthcare surveys and feedback forms to your patients via Email, SMS or put up tablet-based kiosks at the clinic itself. You can embed online surveys on your hospital website to get feedback from patients and their family using Zonka Feedback. 

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Written by Archit

Oct 17, 2019

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