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Top CX Events You Must Attend in 2024 to Elevate Your Customer Experience Game

Every year, some of the great CX leaders and professionals come together to share their insights and experiences about CX, learn from each other, and explore the best practices and CX trends in CX events and conferences held globally. Attending these events helps you learn more about how to keep customers happy to develop lasting customer relationships, discover new CX strategies, and stay updated with the latest CX trends, technologies and ideas.

In this article, we will check out some of the most important, useful and best customer experience conferences and events that you should consider attending to enrich your knowledge, discover new trends and CX strategies, and explore the insights shared by some great thought leaders and industry specialists. Let’s get started!


  • A CX event is a gathering where CX professionals and leaders from various industries come together to share insights, experiences, best practices, and strategies to focus on delivering better customer experiences.

  • Attending a CX event gives you various benefits like learning opportunities, inspiration, knowledge about the latest technology and innovation, professional development, and networking to develop lasting relationships.

  • We have covered 50+ CX events in this article that you should consider attending this year to gain more knowledge about CX trends and the latest CX management tools, create useful networks, and be able to deliver better CX.

  • Zonka Feedback is one such survey software and customer experience management platform that you can use to measure and improve CX. It also offers a free trial for 14 days.

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What is a CX Event and why should you attend it? 

A Customer Experience event is a gathering where professionals, experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts from diverse industries come together to share insights, best practices, and innovative strategies to focus on improving the way businesses interact with their customers to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Here are some reasons why you should consider attending CX events and conferences.

  • Learning Opportunities: CX events provide a wealth of knowledge through keynote speeches, panel discussions, and workshops led by industry experts. Attendees gain insights into emerging trends, best practices, and innovative strategies for improving customer experience.

  • Networking: These events offer invaluable networking opportunities, allowing attendees to connect with peers, industry leaders, and potential collaborators. Building relationships with like-minded professionals can lead to new partnerships, career opportunities, and shared learning experiences.

  • Inspiration and Innovation: CX events often showcase groundbreaking ideas, case studies, and success stories from leading companies. Exposure to innovative approaches and real-world examples can inspire attendees to think creatively and implement fresh strategies in their own organizations.

  • Professional Development: Whether you're a seasoned CX professional or just starting your career, attending these events can contribute to your professional growth. From skill-building workshops to leadership development sessions, CX events offer resources and opportunities for continuous learning and advancement.

  • Staying Ahead of the Curve: In today's competitive business environment, staying informed about the latest trends and developments in customer experience is essential. By attending CX events, you stay ahead of the curve, gaining a competitive edge and positioning yourself as a thought leader in your field.

Let’s explore the CX events and customer experience conferences in 2024.

Top Customer Experience Conferences and CX Events in 2024

Here are the events and customer experience conferences to attend in this year 2024.

Month Event Name Date Location
January CX Summit by Boussias January 25, 2024 (Ended for this year) Online
February CX USA Exchange February 26 - 27, 2024 (Ended for this year) Fort Lauderdale, USA
CCW Conference 2024 February 26 - 29, 2024 Berlin, Germany
CCW Australia and New Zealand February 28 - March 01, 2024 Gold Coast, Australia
March Pharma CX Summit March 20 - 21, 2024 Princeton, US
Adobe Summit March 26-28, 2024 Las Vegas, US & Online

April Customer Contact East April 07 - 10, 2024 Fort Lauderdale, USA
Nordic B2B Customer Experience Event April 09, 2024 Malmö, Sweden
Nordic Growth Summit April 11, 2024 Oslo, Norway
Global Digital Transformation and CX Summit April 13 - 14, 2024


CX Telecoms Global Exchange April 22 - 23, 2024 London, UK 
CX Live Show MEA April 30 - May 01, 2024  Marine, Dubai
May X4 Summit (Qualtrics)  May 01 - 03, 2024

 Salt Lake City, Utah, US
The Customer Show May 07 - 08, 2024 Melbourne, Australia
Customer Service & Experience 2024 May 13 - 14, 2024 San Diego, US
World CX Summit & Awards May 22, 2024 Mumbai, India
CX Summit APAC May 28, 2025  Sydney, Australia and Online
CX Strategy Summit & Awards 2024 May 29, 2024

Dubai, UAE
Customer Loyalty Conference May 30, 2024 Stockholm, Sweden
June Customer Contact Week June 03-06, 2024 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
XI Form Sydney June 06, 2024 Sydney, Australia
CX North America by Forrester June 17 - 20, 2024 Nashville, USA
CX Summit Emea by Forrester June 24 - 26, 2024 London, UK & Online
July CX Retail Exchange July 08 - 09, 2024 London, UK
E3CX July 09 - 10, 2024 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
CXFS July 15 - 16, 2024 Boston, USA
Customer Contact Week Asia 2024 July 16 - 19, 2024  Singapore
Voice CX Summit 2024 July 22 - 23, 2024 Auckland, New Zealand
Xperience Sydney July 30 - 31, 2024 Sydney, Australia

August World CX Summit by TresconCX August 02 - 03, 2024 Singapore

The Customer Show Sydney August 16 -17, 2024 Sydney, Australia
e4m CX India Summit & Awards 2024  August 30, 2024 Mumbai, India
September CX Travel and Hospitality September 09-10, 2024 London, UK
Contact Centre Summit September 09-10, 2024 Manchester, UK
Customer Relationship and Marketing Meetings September 17-19, 2024 Cannes, France
October CCW Europe Summit October 7-9, 2024 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Customer Experience Live Show October 8-9, 2024  London, UK
Global Digital Transformation Summit (DTS-2024) October 10 - 11, 2024 Berlin, Germany
Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit October 16, 2024 Singapore
CX Solutions Summit October 17, 2024 London, UK
Digital Customer Engagement Summit October 19, 2024 London, UK
CX Healthcare East October 29 - 30, 2024 Florida, USA
November Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ November 4 - 7, 2024 Barcelona, Spain
CX Retail EU Exchange November 5 - 6, 2024 Marriott, Lisbon, Portugal
Web Summit November 11 - 14, 2024 Lisbon, Portugal
Digital Customer Experience Summit November 13 - 14, 2024 Toronto, Canada
CCW Europe Exchange November 13 - 14, 2024 London, UK
Contentsquare CX Circle November 17, 2024 November 17, 2024
CX Asia Week November 19 - 22, 2024 Singapore
Customer Engagement Summit November 26, 2024 London, UK
December French Touch Dreamin December 3 - 4, 2024 Paris, France

CX Summit in January

1. CX Summit by Boussias, Online

Buassias organizes a CX Summit in January where more than 20 global CX experts, thought leaders, and CX professionals from various organizations and enterprises share their wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise about customer experience. This conference promises to be an essential experience for CX professionals and marketers alike, offering invaluable insights and practical strategies to drive success in the ever-evolving landscape of customer experience management.

Discussions about the future of CX and insights on the megatrends that are defining the next level of customer experience are some parts of the event.

CX Events 2024 - CX Summit

  • Date: 25 Jan 2024 (Ended for this year)

  • Location: Online

  • Agenda: To share the experiences of CX experts and thought leaders and discuss the future of CX and its changing trends and best practices.

  • Target Audience:  CX professionals and marketers

  • Keynote Speaker: Peter Dorrington, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Anthrolytics; Professor Mohamed Zaki, Deputy Director of Cambridge Service Alliance; Dr Ana Iorga, CEO and Chief Neuroscientist, Buyer Brain; and some more popular personalities.

CX Conferences in February

2. CX USA Exchange, USA (Ended for this year)

CX USA Exchange is the event for the community of CX leaders where all speakers share their success stories, the challenges they face, lessons learned from their experiences, and what they would do differently if they get an opportunity to have their time again. The key themes covered in this event would be:

  • Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence

  • Balancing Digital Transformation with Human Touch

  • Tailoring Experiences for Diverse Consumer Needs

  • Implementing CX Strategies to Unlock Value

Attendees from brands like Marriot, Twitch, Hewlett Packard and more attend this event.

CX Events 2024 - CX USA Exchange-1

  • Date: Feb 26-27 2024 (Ended for this year)

  • Location: Fort Lauderdale, USA

  • Agenda: To talk about success stories, lessons learned in the speakers' journeys, AI, digital transformation, and optimising customer experiences.  

  • Target Audience: Senior Customer Experience Leaders

  • Keynote Speaker: Stacey Wagner, Chief Experience Officer, Zappos; Kash Pervez, Sr Director of Product Management, Digital Employee Experience, Toyota; Sheetal Kohli Rishi, VP, Global Customer Success & Solution Engineering, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Gavin Johnston, Director of User Experience Research, Hyatt Hotels Corporation; and more.

3. CCW Conference 2024, Berlin (Ended for this year)

CCW Berlin is one of Europe’s largest congress conferences, attracting a large crowd from all over the world. It has hundreds of exhibitors, sponsors, and 40+ pioneer speakers sharing their insights on acquiring new customers, digitalization, the customer service industry, new technologies, future trends, and much more. There were also the European Customer Champion Awards for managers who have succeeded at customer dialogue.

CX Events 2024 - CCW Europe Exchange

  • Date: February, 26 - 29, 2024

  • Location: Berlin, Germany

  • Agenda: The intersection of human and artificial intelligence. Discussions and panels speaking on topics centered around digitalization, innovation, customer dialogue, contact centre management, networking, and more.

  • Target Audience: Customer Service & Support Leaders, Customer Success Heads, and many more.

  • Keynote Speakers: Sebastian Adelberger, DHL Group; Hans-Joachim Belz, Carglass GmbH; Emina Biscevic, Freshworks GmbH; Collin Croome, Metaverse-Experte

4. CCW Australia and New Zealand, Australia (Ended for this year)

Customer Contact Week Australia and New Zealand brings together CX professionals from across the region for an immersive 3-day event featuring the most interactive sessions like CCW Disrupt-a-thon, Genius Bar, Swards & Diamond Disco, interactive discussion groups, technology showcases, demonstrations, and more.

You can expect insightful sessions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities with the industry’s top and most cutting-edge solution providers, innovative thought leaders, over 50 ANZ customer management experts, and 200+ industry attendees. With learning with their insight experiences, you will be able to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

CX Events 2024 - CCW Australia-1

  • Date: February 28 - March 1, 2024

  • Location: Gold Coast, Australia

  • Agenda: Centered around ‘Connections that matter’. Aimed to help the audience gain insights about effective CX decision-making, discover top CX priorities, explore interactive floorplans, find exhibition options to fit their goals, network and showcase CX solutions.

  • Target Audience: Customer contact professionals, CX leaders, call center managers, customer service executives, and professionals involved in customer engagement and support roles from Australia and New Zealand.

  • Keynote Speaker: Cameron Adams, Head of Go to Market & Strategy Webex CX APJC; Mark Atalla, Head of Zoom CX ANZ Zoom; and more.

CX Events in March

5. Pharma CX Summit, US (Ended for this year)

The Pharma CX Summit focuses on customer experience strategies specific to the pharmaceutical industry. The event will bring together the CX leaders of pharma and enable the attendees to explore how pharma CX and marketing teams are utilizing technology, design and data to enhance customer experiences. The two-day event would be divided into two parts:

  • Patient-focussed CX day (March 20th)

  • HCP-focussed XX day (March 21st)

As an attendee, you will be able to gain the benefits of actionable insights, takeaways, peer-to-peer interactions, collaborations, and networking opportunities with personalities from pharma and medical device companies.

CX Events 2024 - Pharma CX Summit-1

  • Date: March 20-21, 2024

  • Location: Princeton, US

  • Agenda: To help attendees learn about patient-focussed CX and HCP-focussed CX and empower them with actionable insights, takeaways, and networking connections in the industry to be able to tackle pharma CX challenges easily at any touchpoint of the CX journey.

  • Target Audience: Professionals from the pharma industry and medical device companies

  • Keynote Speaker: Priscilla Tavener from Coopersurgical; Sydney Crowley from Cencora; and more.

6. Adobe Summit, US & Online (Ended for this year)

Adobe Summit is a premier event for digital marketing and customer experience professionals. Attendees will learn about the latest Adobe Experience Cloud innovations, digital transformation strategies, and best practices for delivering personalized customer experiences across channels.

The focus of the event is on CX management in a generative AI-powered future, data-driven personalization, accelerating content supply chain for enterprises, accelerating content production, enhancing customer journeys, and the right approach to responsible AI innovation.

CX Events 2024 - Adobe Summit-1

  • Date: March 26-28, 2024

  • Location: Las Vegas, US & Online

  • Agenda: To discuss and learn about the future of digital marketing with generative AI, personalization at scale, and more.

  • Target Audience: Digital marketers, advertisers, audience strategists, business development representatives, CX professionals, e-commerce executives, IT professionals, data analysts, and business leaders from various industries.

  • Keynote Speaker: Shantanu Narayen, Chairman and CEO, Adobe; Anil Chakravarthy, President, Digital Experience, Adobe; David Wadhwani, President, Digital Media, Adobe; and more.

CX Events in April

7. Customer Contact East, USA

Customer Contact East brings together contact center professionals to explore strategies for delivering exceptional customer service and driving operational excellence. Attendees can expect to learn about emerging technologies, workforce optimization, and customer engagement trends.

The Frost and Sullivan Executive MindXchange provides the tools, and insights, and helps you network and develop relationships to build and execute customer contact strategies, enhance customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and increase revenue.

CX Events 2024 - Customer Contact East Frost

  • Date: 7-10 April 2024

  • Location: Fort Lauderdale, USA

  • Agenda: To let attendees explore the latest tools, create networks and get insights from expects to build better customer contact strategies to increase satisfaction and prevent churn.

  • Target Audience: Customer service professionals, contact center managers, CX leaders, customer experience executives, and professionals involved in customer engagement and support roles.

  • Keynote Speaker: Industry experts

8. Nordic B2B Customer Experience Event, Sweden

This annual B2B CX conference is aimed at taking business leaders on a transformative journey to CX excellence. One can witness real-life case studies of companies excelling at delivering customer experience, dive into the latest trends and practices they can follow, and get an opportunity to meet fellow B2B customer experience people. It talked about the importance of having a human touch and being useful to improve the customer experience.

CX Events 2024 - Nordiac B2B CX Event

  • Date: April 9, 2024

  • Location: Malmö, Sweden

  • Agenda: Discussions on the importance of human touch, empathy, role of employees in creating customer experience, data-driven decisions, closing the loop, and much more. 

  • Target Audience: B2B CX leaders of the Nordic countries

  • Keynote Speaker: John Sills, Managing Partner, The Foundation Growth Consultancy; Jørn Fogh, Sales Excellence Director, STARK Group, and more.

9. Nordic Growth Summit, Norway

Tech innovators, marketing aficionados, and data-driven leaders of the Nordic region mark their attendance at the Nordic Growth Summit. The conference aims to bring C-suite executives and CEOs from different countries of the Nordic region together and offers them opportunity to grow, network, and learn the latest trends and strategies to take their business to new heights.

CX Events 2024 - Nordiac Growth Summit

  • Date: April 11, 2024

  • Location: Oslo, Norway

  • Agenda: Talks and discussions on entering new markets, using AI for business growth, using data for personalized experiences, and much more along with impactful networking opportunities. 

  • Target Audience: CEOs, C-suite professionals, and business leaders from the Nordic region. 

  • Keynote Speaker: Christopher Miller, VP,  Product for Growth and AI at HubSpot; Jason Bevan, VP Marketing EMEA, Warner Bros Studios; Daniel Sandler, Head of Commercial Partnerships, Typeform

10. Global Digital Transformation and CX Summit, Amsterdam

This summit brings together global thought leaders and experts to explore digital transformation strategies and their impact on customer experience. The event will help its attendees to adopt innovative technology, and keep a match with the new ‘always online’ customers and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

You can expect to learn about the latest trends and technologies like AI, CX automation and new channels, and how to fulfill challenging and complex customer expectations and drive customer engagement.

CX Events 2024 - Global Digital

  • Date: April 13-14, 2024

  • Location: Amsterdam

  • Agenda: To discuss and learn about CX in the age of AI, delivering personalized experiences, ensuring data protection, proactive vs reactive customer service, automation and empowering customers with self-service.

  • Target Audience: CEOs, VPs, Directors, CXOs, Heads, Senior Managers, Managers

  • Keynote Speaker: Yves Van Den Brande and Emmanuel Garcin, CX experts

11. CX Telecoms Global Exchange, UK

X Telecoms Global Exchange is a premier event for telecom professionals focused on enhancing customer experience in the telecommunications industry. The event will focus on key topics like smoothly integrating technology platforms to help enhance the CX journey, harnessing data to predict customer needs and fulfill them by tailoring your CX strategies, and finding ways to increase customer loyalty, and retention, and prevent customer churn.

You will also learn to handle critical challenges in Telecom CX. The event features keynote presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities with industry experts and peers. Topics covered include digital transformation, customer journey optimization, and innovative approaches to customer engagement. Whether you're a telecom operator, service provider, or technology vendor, this event offers valuable insights and opportunities to stay ahead in the competitive environment in telecom.

CX Events 2024 - CX Telecom

  • Date: April 22-23, 2024

  • Location: London, UK

  • Agenda: Opening remarks, keynote plenary presentation to discuss about accelerating customer growth and profitability, panel discussion on having a balance between increasing prices and higher customer expectations without compromising CX, leveraging AI, and driving continuous NPS improvement through network empowerment.

  • Target Audience: Senior customer experience leaders in Telecom

  • Keynote Speaker: Katalin Méry, Customer Service Director, Telekom HU; Todd Gillam, Former Executive Director Customer Experience, Comcast; Alexandra Foster, Managing Director Division X, British Telecom, Ruben Bell, Head of Engineering Delivery Optimisation & Global Digital Demand, Vodafone; and more.

12. CX Live Show MEA (Dubai)

Customer Experience Live Show Middle Ease is a prestigious CX show for top-tier CX suites. It is an annual event featuring live shows, dedicated sessions allowing brainstorming and discussions, panel discussions, live awards distribution under various categories, exhibition, and invite-only sessions like Leaders Connects.

Attending this event helps you learn the latest CX strategies and raise the bar to stand out in the competition. The upcoming event will focus on key topics like AI and cloudification, strengthening engagement and brand value, Voice of Customer, contact centres, agent training, and operational and process excellence.

CX Events 2024 - CX Live Show Middle East

  • Date: April 30 - May 1, 2024 (Ended for this year), will held next year on April 29-30, 2025

  • Location: Marine, Dubai

  • Agenda: Sessions, award show, and panel discussions where CX and contact centre leaders share insights and experiences on how to transform CX to boost business growth.

  • Target Audience: Top-tier CX suite and teams

  • Keynote Speaker: Not Mentioned

CX Conferences in May

13. X4 Summit (Qualtrics), US

The X4 Summit, hosted by Qualtrics, is a premier experience management event that brings together 10,000+ C-suite executives, thought leaders, experience management professionals, marketers, and business leaders to explore the future of customer experience, employee experience, and brand experience.

The event features more than 100 informative, inspiration-filled breakout sessions about the latest AI-powered innovations and trends in experience management. Attendees can expect inspiring keynotes, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities.

CX Events 2024 - X4 Qualtrics

  • Date: May 1st-3rd, 2024

  • Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, US

  • Agenda: To explore how experience management can give a competitive advantage and build customer relationships. It will include sessions on AI, CX strategy, frontline employee experience, and company culture and engagement.

  • Target Audience: CX professionals and business owners from every industry.

  • Keynote Speaker: Zig Serafin, CEO of Qualtrics, and top Qualtrics executives.

14. The Customer Show, Melbourne

The Customer Show is one of the biggest CX events where 2500+ professionals are going to gather to get groundbreaking insights, forge key connections, and collectively navigate the future of CX. 120+ speakers including industry leaders, changemakers, and innovators will speak and share their insights, experiences, and ideas about data-driven CX, the latest strategies, personalization, and emerging techniques to improve customer experience efficiency.

Attending this event will give you opportunities to learn, engage, and explore current and future CX advancements, meet new prospects, and meet the right people who can provide you with the right business solutions.

CX Events 2024 - The Customer Show Melbourne

  • Date: May 07-08, 2024

  • Location: Melbourne, Australia

  • Agenda: 100+ presentations, panel discussions and 7 free-to-attend programs covering areas like digital marketing, digital experience, customer insights, contact centre transformation, AI in CX, citizen services, and more.

  • Target Audience: CX, Marketing & Digital Professionals

  • Keynote Speaker: Greg Curcio, Director of Customer and Performance, Knox City Council; Robert Lopez, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer, Norths Collective; Alex Genov, Head of Customer Research and Marketing Insights, Zappos; Janelle McQueen-Paice, Chief Experience Officer, Selfwealth; and more.

15. Customer Service & Experience 2024

Customer Service & Experience 2024 is a conference focused on redefining CX strategies, embracing transformative technologies, and cultivating customer-centric best practices to exceed customers’ expectations.

Attendees will learn about the latest technologies, CX strategies, and trends shaping the future of customer service, with sessions covering various CS and CX topics, and discussions about various CX experiences, challenges faced, and success stories. You can expect benefits like cross-industry collaborations, peer-to-peer networking, interactive roundtables and workshops.

CX Events 2024 - CS and X West

  • Date: May 13-14, 2024

  • Location: San Diego, US

  • Agenda: Keynote presentation on Navigating the AI-enhanced Frontier, Executive panel discussion on Myth busting in Generative AI, Presentation on generative AI solutions, discussion on CX leadership and digital+human.

  • Target Audience: Customer service and customer experience professionals and leaders

  • Keynote Speaker: Sean Lee, Chief of Customer Experience, Coca-Cola; Michael Lawder, Chief Customer Officer¸ ASAPP; Tori Faulkenberry, SVP Customer Care, Astound Broadband; and more.

16. World CX Summit & Awards, Mumbai

Celebrating the top CX leaders in India, this Summit & Award offers an impactful stage for businesses to network and showcase their strategies in front of CX experts. It also recognizes the most remarkable marketing leadership in a country that is fast rising as a business magnet. Organized by Trescon, this event is a must-visit for businesses eyeing to get insights from leading CX award winners.

CX Events 2024 - World CX Summit Awards

  • Date: May 22, 2024

  • Location: Mumbai, India

  • Agenda: Celebrating CX and Marketing Leaders and recognising the immense talent hidden in the Indian industry. 

  • Target Audience: Businesses, brands, hardware/software service providers, CX tech providers, AI, ML, chatbox experts, etc.

  • Keynote Speakers: Not disclosed yet

17. CX Summit APAC, Sydney

CX Summit APAC is a premier event by Forrester designed for CX, B2C marketing, and digital business leaders across the Asia Pacific region. The event is focused on how you can integrate CX, digital, and marketing to harness the power of human+AI to fulfill customer expectations and create exceptional customer experiences. The event will contain 10+ sessions to meet your strategic priorities, and numerous session formats like analyst presentations, panel discussions, fireside chats, and more to meet your learning style.

Attending this event will help you understand how human+AI matters for your customers, employees, and organization; how to better align CX, marketing and digital to create outstanding experiences; collect and act on customer insights, follow the best practices, and measure and improve CX. Moreover, you will get opportunities to find the right solution partner for your business needs, and network with more professionals to expand your community.

CX Events 2024 - CX Summit APAC

  • Date: May 28, 2025

  • Location: Sydney, Australia and Online

  • Agenda: Keynotes, sessions, and roundtables for discussion on topics like customer-centric evolution, ‘Forge Boundless Experiences with Human+AI’, getting actionable customer insights, designing your AI customer strategy, meeting CX challenges for 2024, and more; with networking breaks.  

  • Target Audience: CX, B2C Marketing, & Digital Business Leaders

  • Keynote Speaker: Dr. Peter Chow, Chief Executive Officer, IHH Healthcare Singapore; Riccardo Pasto, Principal Analyst, Forrester; Jarrod Howard, Deputy CEO of Customer Service Delivery Group at Services Australia; Tom Mouhsian, Principal Analyst, Forrester; John Brand, VP, Advisor, Forrester; and more.

18. CX Strategy Summit & Awards 2024, Dubai

CX Strategy Summit and Awards 2024 is an exclusive conference which will bring together experienced professionals with innovative minds to share new ideas, ways, and strategies to connect and communicate with customers leveraging the new tools and technologies, and building trust among the customers. The event will be focused on building next-gen customer experience at scale.

By attending this event, you will be able to learn and understand more about increased customer expectations with the rise in digital channels, how to win customers’ trust by putting the customers first, and providing personalized experiences to build long-term customer relationships. Moreover, you will get opportunities to meet senior CX professionals,  compare best practices, learn how to develop the greatest CX strategies, and information about the latest technology and CX tools.

CX Events 2024 - CX Summit EMEA-1

  • Date: May 29, 2024

  • Location: Dubai, UAE

  • Agenda: Case studies, thought leader sessions, panel discussions and more to focus on key themes like CX practices, designing CX strategy with Analytics, transforming customer experience AI and ML, B2B CX, the value of ROI in CX, strengthening internal communications, innovative technology and digital channels, creating a customer-centric culture, utilizing VoC and customer analytics to enhance CX, innovation, strategic insight management, and more.

  • Target Audience: Heads, Directors, CXO, Vice Presidents of departments like CX, Customer Support, Customer Service, Customer Care, Innovation and Technology, Customer Analytics, Customer Operations, Contact Centre, Customer Relations, and Service Delivery.

  • Keynote Speaker: Ankit Lathigara, Director, Customer Delivery, Adenza (now Nasdaq); Nitin Bhandari, VP & Head of Payit Digital Wallet, First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB); Mohamed Magdy, Global Associate Director Country Operations, Customer Experience & Engagement IM International, Novartis; Dina Kahiel, Director Experience Center & Innovation, EEMEA - Mastercard; and more.

19. Customer Loyalty Conference, Sweden

The Customer Loyalty Conference brings together loyalty program managers, marketing professionals, and CX leaders to discuss strategies for building and maintaining customer loyalty. The event will focus on AI for marketing, customer experience, loyalty programs, customer insight, customer value management, customer journey mapping, marketing automation, and more.

Attending this customer insights symposium will help you gain insights into loyalty program design, customer retention strategies, and innovative approaches from 200+ professionals, decision-makers, and others working in the area to drive brand advocacy.

Note: The main language is Swedish, but speakers and presentations in English are fine!

CX Events 2024 - CLC

  • Date: May 30, 2024

  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden

  • Agenda: Sessions like Embracing Disruption in an Age of Change, Radical Loyalty; keynotes on Emotional Loyalty, Mastercard, Revolutionizing Retention; case studies and interactive sessions.

  • Target Audience: Marketing executives, CX & CRM executives, CX managers, customer loyalty managers, customer insight managers, retention managers, business development managers, and web managers.

  • Keynote Speaker: Sara Spadora, CM Delivery Lead, CA Banker; Hanna Kollberg, Head of Content Automation Management, Telia Company; and more.

CX Events in June

20. Customer Contact Week, Las Vegas

Customer Contact Week is the world's largest customer contact event, bringing together around 5000 contact center professionals to explore the latest trends, tools, technologies, and techniques to drive business success to new heights. The event has 165 sessions with 250 speakers who are leaders across the customer contact sector including seasoned executives from renowned brands and influential thought leaders of the industry.

Rebecca Jarvis, award-winning ABC News’ Chief Business, Technology, and Economics Correspondent, will be hosting the event. As an attendee, you can expect keynote presentations, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities with industry experts.

CX Events 2024 - CCW Las Vegas

  • Date: June 3-6, 2024

  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

  • Agenda: To empower customer contact executives with a collaborative platform, through provoking keynotes, interactive workshops, and engaging think tanks, and making them learn casting-edge strategies and tactics.

  • Target Audience: Professionals in CX, Retail, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Healthcare, and Travel industry.

  • Keynote Speaker: Mayukh Bhaowal, Co-Founder and CEO Cuein.AI; Ricardo Parodi Vice President, Customer Engagement Centers Strategy Marriott; and more.

21. XI Form Sydney

XI Forum Sydney is an event organized focusing on integrated customer experience. In this event, award-winning speakers will share their wealth of knowledge about three pillars of integrated customer experience viz., strong signals, richest insights, and smartest actions. The event will consist of 10+ sessions, interactive demonstrations  and 6+ hours of practical training with 250+ delegates and top-level speakers.

Attending this event will help you learn how you can influence CX at every customer interaction and every touchpoint of the customer journey to reach customer delight and get better business outcomes. Moreover, you will get networking opportunities to create lasting relationships.

CX Events 2024 - XI Forum InMoment

  • Date: June 6, 2024

  • Location: Sydney, Australia

  • Agenda: Presentaions and sessions on topics like Integrated CX, Developing Customer Obsession Across The Craveable Brands Group, Understanding Holistic Customer Voice, Driving CX Forward with Honda, From Insights to Impact: Understanding “CX Elasticity”, and more.

  • Target Audience: CX professionals, Digital marketing professionals, and delegates.

  • Keynote Speaker: John Lewis, CEO, InMoment; Sam Middleton, Vice-President Product & Solutions Marketing, InMoment; Karen Bozic, Group CEO, Craveable Brands; and more.

22. CX North America by Forrester, USA

CX North America, hosted by Forrester, is a premier event for CX and digital marketing professionals. The event focuses on human+AI experiences for customers, employees, and organizations and provides 60+ role-based sessions.

Attending this event will help you gain insights into an understanding of human+AI experiences, align CX, digital and marketing efforts to build outstanding experiences, drive customer loyalty, collect and leverage customer insights, upgrade your practices to measure and improve CX will gain insights into the latest trends, technologies, and strategies for delivering exceptional customer experiences across channels.

The event features keynote presentations, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities. It will focus on key topics like customer analytics, customer insights, brand marketing, emerging technology, customer experience and strategy, leadership, and more.

CX Events 2024 - CX Summit NA

  • Date: June 17-20, 2024

  • Location: Nashville, USA

  • Agenda: Forrester’s women leadership program, workshops on CX healthcare index and CX capabilities, keynotes, ELE workshop skill-building workshop, awards, and more.

  • Target Audience: CX professionals, B2C marketing, and digital business leaders

  • Keynote Speaker: J. P. Gownder, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester; Katy Tynan, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester; Dipanjan Chatterjee, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester; Judy Weader, Principal Analyst, Forrester; Rick Parrish, VP, Research Director, Forrester; and more.

23. CX Summit Emea by Forrester, UK & Online

CX Emea, hosted by Forrester, is a leading event for CX professionals in the EMEA region. It will bring immersive experiences that provide valuable insights and actionable advice to drive better results for your business. Keynote sessions will cover topics like how empathy unlocks innovation, how to design and develop responsible products, beyond customer lifetime value, customer-obsessed enterprise awards, and more.

As an attendee, you will get 20+ sessions aligned to your strategic priorities, numerous session formats to match your learning style, marketplace opportunities to find the right solution providers and various networking opportunities.

CX Events 2024 - CX Summit EMEA-2

  • Date: June 24-26, 2024

  • Location: London, UK & Online

  • Agenda: Programs like Executive Leadership Exchange, ForrWomen Leadership, and more. 

  • Target Audience: CX professionals, customer experience leaders, digital marketers, business executives, IT professionals, and individuals involved in customer-centric roles across industries in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region

  • Keynote Speaker: Aurelie L'Hostis, Principal Analyst; Brandon Purcell, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester; Zhi Ying Barry, Principal Analyst; and more.

CX Events in July

24. CX Retail Exchange, London

CX Retail Exchange is the UK’s premier invitation-only event organized for the Retail industry’s Senior Customer Experience Leaders where CX leaders from the retail and eCommerce industry come together for discussions and insights sharing. The speakers will discuss about the challenges in the industry like decreasing customer loyalty, low budgets and resources, uncertain futures, and how to deal with these challenges.

By attending this event, you will get good knowledge, insights, ideas, and strategies to reach retail excellence. Moreover, you will get opportunities to engage with suppliers, speakers, and delegates and create useful networks.

CX Events 2024 - CX Retail Exchange

  • Date: July 08-09, 2024

  • Location: London, UK

  • Agenda: Keynotes, panels, think tanks, roundtables, and workshops related to the retail industry, challenges faced by businesses, how to deal with them, and how to reach retail excellence.

  • Target Audience: Senior CX Leaders in Retail

  • Keynote Speaker: Manuela Pifani, Founder and MD CXellence Consulting; Lauren Aitken, Head of Customer Experience, Asda; Deborah Honig, Former Senior Director/GM Nike Omnichannel EMEA, Nike; SJ Grabiec, Global Head CX & Fraud, AllSaints & John Varvatos; and more.

25. E3CX, Saudi Arabia

The E3 Customer Experience Conference is a premier event for customer experience professionals in the Middle East. The event is dedicated to exploring and enhancing customer experience strategies and best practices across various industries.

Attendees will gain insights into business models and best practices, connect with global leaders, learn about user-friendly tools for transformative experiences, and get inspired by regional and international success stories. Moreover, the event fosters ample networking and collaboration opportunities for the attendees.

CX Events 2024 - E3CX

  • Date: July 9-10, 2024

  • Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Agenda: KSA-focused CX protocol discussions with global leaders, success stories, and learning from regional and international thought leaders to deal with CX challenges.

  • Target Audience: CX professionals, customer experience leaders, business executives, marketing professionals, and individuals involved in customer-centric roles

  • Keynote Speaker: Dr. Salim Al-Shuaili, Director of the Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technology Projects, MTCIT, Oman; Lolitta Mohamed Suffian, Vice President Group Customer Experience, Telekom Malaysia; Abdulaziz Alosime, Chief Executive Officer, Right Decision, KSA; and Shubhranshu Singh, Chief Marketing OfficerTata Motors, India


CXFS is a conference focused on customer experience and financial services. The conference brings together world-class speakers from across the financial industry spectrum, dedicated to making you learn about innovative CX strategies.

Attendees will learn about the latest trends, and CX strategies for delivering exceptional customer experiences in the financial industry, with sessions covering topics such as digital banking, customer journey optimization, and personalized experiences.

CX Events 2024 - CXFS-1

  • Date: July 15-16, 2024

  • Location: Boston, USA

  • Agenda: Keynotes like ‘Why User Research is Key to Understanding your Customers’, discussion panels on Strategies for Collaboration, CXFS Partner Presentation, roundtable discussions, general sessions, empathy mapping workshops, fireside chat, covering topics like practical application of AI, and more.

  • Target Audience: CX and finance professionals from big banks, mid-sized credit unions, fintech, wealth management firms or insurance companies

  • Keynote Speaker: Richard Charette, Chief of Staff, Digital Research & Strategy, Wells Fargo; Marco Leon, Head of Design, Wealth Management, U.S. Bank; Sri Sankar, VP Customer Experience Strategy & Engagement, Nationwide; and more.

27. Customer Contact Week Asia 2024

Customer Contact Week Asia is the premier event for contact center professionals in the Asia-Pacific region. This event brings together leading contact center, customer support, customer service, customer operations, and customer care professionals to explore and learn to deliver more business value through proactive service.

Attending this event will let you explore more about customer experience excellence in customer contact functions, digital capabilities, agent experience, shifting from reactive to proactive customer service, managing dynamic customer demand, and improving customer engagement and satisfaction.

CX Events 2024 - CCW Asia-1

  • Date: July 16-19, 2024

  • Location: Singapore

  • Agenda: Sessions on how to deliver value above and beyond through proactive service in customer contact functions

  • Target Audience: customer contact professionals, customer service professionals, customer operations professionals, customer care professionals, consultants, solution providers, technology providers, senior level delegates.

  • Keynote Speaker: Darko Popovic, Chief Operations Officer, Multitude Bank; Maple Chang, Director of Customer Contact Centre, CPF Board; Bharath Chandrashekar, Head of Customer Operations, AirAsia; Bhavani Mishra, Senior Director, Operations, Foodpanda; and more.

28. Voice CX Summit 2024, Auckland

Voice CX Summit 2024 is a premier event which focuses on the hot topics like latest CX strategies, mastering customer analytics, exceeding customer expectations, mapping and designing CX, EX, and UX, leveraging AI smartly, omnichannel experiences, and more. The event features keynote presentations, panel discussions, post-event workshops, powerful case studies and networking opportunities for the attendees.

CX Events 2024 - Voice CX Summit 2024

  • Date: July 22-23, 2024

  • Location: Auckland, New Zealand

  • Agenda: Panel discussions, workshops, case studies, and keynotes covering important topics like mastering your CX Strategy, How to engage with customers in 2024, Strategic Design, the importance of CX and VoC, Mastering your CX measurement, and more.

  • Target Audience: CX professionals, and leaders in Digital & UX, Data & Analytics, Marketing, Customer Service and Insights teams.

  • Keynote Speaker: Katie Macdiarmid, GM Digital Products, NZME; Martin King, GM Customer Vulnerability, Bank of New Zealand; Nellie-Ann Abraham, Founder and Managing Director, Takapaukura; Paul Linnell, Managing Director, CTMA New Zealand Ltd; and more.

29. Xperience Sydney

Xperience Sydney is an event organized by Genesys and is focused on experience orchestration with the latest advancements in AI, digital, and journey management. The event helps its attendees to learn how to deliver personalized customer and emloyee experiences, at scale.

Attending this event will give your various networking opportunities and help you learn how to use latest AI technology to deliver exceptional CX, and get insights from industry-leading organizations on how they are using digital, AI, cloud, and workforce management tools to enhance their customer and employee journeys.

CX Events 2024 - Xperience Sydney

  • Date: July 30-31, 2024

  • Location: Sydney, Australia

  • Agenda: Networking breaks, keynotes, workshops, and sessions on topics like ‘Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences with Genesys AI’, ‘Practical and Responsible Use of AI for Government in Australia and New Zealand’, Empowering Excellence, Generative AI, and more. 

  • Target Audience: CX professionals

  • Keynote Speaker: Mark Buckley, Vice President, Australia & New Zealand, Genesys; Peter Graf, Senior Vice President Strategy, Genesys; John Connolly, Head of Customer Contact Centre, Newcastle Greater Mutual Group; Simon Kriss; Chief Innovation Officer, Customer Experience Innovation Institute; Scott Synder, Chief Information and Digital Officer, Western Sydney University; and more.

CX Events in August

30. World CX Summit by TresconCX, Singapore

The World CX Summit, hosted by TresconCX, is a premier event for customer experience professionals in the Asia-Pacific region. The event gathers pre-qualified CX leaders, marketers, and tech experts under one roof to discuss about how the combination of the latest technologies and customer insights can change CX and help to deliver better experiences.

The summit will feature insightful sessions, keynotes, case studies and panel discussions which will empower your knowledge which you can implement in your CX strategies to deliver exceptional customer experiences. The themes in focus would be improving CX strategy, building a customer-centric culture, hyper-personalization and trust, enhancing CX with AI and automation, omnichannel customer engagement, and more.

CX Events 2024 - World CX Summit by Trescon-1

  • Date: August 2-3, 2024

  • Location: Singapore

  • Agenda: Sessions, keynotes, case studies and panel discussions about Accelerating digital transformation, changing customer behaviours, the art and science of leveraging data, automating contact centers, conversational AI and chatbots, omni-channel customer communication, digital experience platforms, and navigating changing customer expectations.

  • Target Audience: CESs, CMOs, COOs, CTOs, CIOs, CPOs, and heads of different departments like product development, technology, consumer insights and analytics, AI, digital transformation, customer service, customer operations, and more.

  • Keynote Speaker: Guillermo Arbeiza, Chief Customer Officer, Singlife with Aviva, Singapore; Achint Setia, Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer (CRMO), Zalora, Singapore; Vineet Sharma, Chief Operations Officer, Pizza Hut South Asia – Yum! Brands, Singapore; and more.

31. The Customer Show Sydney

The Customer Show Sydney is a leading event for customer experience, contact centre, and digital experience professionals in Australia. The event consists of 6 quality programs with 80+ expert speakers and will be attended by more than 1000 attendees. The mission of the event is to inspire and empower businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences by sharing insights, knowledge, and best practices from over 80 leading experts.

Attendees will gain insights into the latest trends, technologies, and strategies that are transforming the CX landscape in order to gain a competitive edge. Moreover, you will get opportunities to learn, build networks, and benchmark at scale.

CX Events 2024 - The Customer Show Sydney

  • Date: August 16-17, 2024

  • Location: Sydney, Australia

  • Agenda: 6 Quality programs where 80+ leading expert speakers share knowledge, insights, and best practices.

  • Target Audience: customer experience, contact centre and digital experience industry professionals.

  • Keynote Speakers: Morgan Ryan, Chief Transformation Officer, Capitol Health; Adam Geneave, Chief Customer Officer, Entain Australia; Alberto Fernandez, Head of Insights, Latitude Financial Services; and more.

32. e4m CX India Summit & Awards 2024, India

Redefining the landscape of customer engagement in the digital era, e4m CX India Summit is one of the biggest events in India. The talks will revolve around the future of customer experience, trends, strategies, technologies and more. With CX India Award, organizations that have excelled in the game of customer satisfaction and experience. It would also showcase success stories, best practices, and much more to empower organizations elevate their CX game.

CX Events 2024 - e4m CX India

  • Date: August 30, 2024

  • Location: Mumbai, India

  • Agenda: Offer a unique platform for businesses to gain expertise in customer experience management, networking opportunities, strategies for digital innovation, business empowerment, and collaboration. Implication of AI in customer service, amalgamation of physical and digital CX, CDP, improving communications, and much more. 

  • Target Audience: Businesses, brands, hardware/software service providers, CX tech providers, AI, ML, chatbox experts, etc.

  • Keynote Speakers: Not disclosed yet

CX Meetings in September

33. CX Travel and Hospitality, UK

CX Travel and Hospitality is a premier event for customer experience leaders in the travel and hospitality industry. It is an invitation-only event where CX leaders from top travel, tourism, leisure, and hospitality brands will meet and share thought-provoking content, and knowledge, and make networks.

The event will focus on how advances in CX can ensure maintaining a position in the challenging environment and rising costs, leveraging AI for tangible benefits, enhancing client engagement and retention, technology and automation, and working with data teams to deliver personalized experiences and omnichannel customer journeys.

CX Events 2024 - CX Travel

  • Date: September 9-10, 2024

  • Location: London, UK

  • Agenda: Keynotes on topics like 'What next for the travel and hospitality sector', industry trends, changing customer expectations, the value of simple, secure, and connected journeys, accelerating customer growth and profitability, clear brand identity, resonating with multiple cultures, customer loyalty; panel discussions on how AI can solve the right problem, maximizing customer loyalty, and design-led innovation to transform CX.

  • Target Audience: CX Leaders in Travel and Hospitality

  • Keynote Speaker: Franck Kermarrec, Chief Growth Advisor, Global Hotel Alliance; Nitya Chambers, SVP of Content / Executive Editor, Lonely Planet; Alexandra da Silva Rodrigues, Strategic Advisor - Global Contact Centres, Radisson Hotels; and more.

34. Contact Centre Summit, UK

The Contact Centre Summit is a leading event for contact centre professionals in the UK. Along with knowledge-filled seminars, this event also brings together the professionals working in a contact centre and customer services industry and the leading solution providers, for focused one-to-one meetings.

Attending this event will help you expand your knowledge, stay updated on the latest industry offerings, and boost your professional development. You get the opportunity to meet industry experts, buyers, and suppliers, explore potential business opportunities, and establish connections and networks.

CX Events 2024 - Contact Centre and Customer Service Summit

  • Date: September 9-10, 2024

  • Location: Manchester, UK

  • Agenda: Keynote seminars on topics like How customer contact preferences and behaviours are evolving, discussion panels, certification programs, and sessions covering a range of topics related to the industry, including emerging trends and best practices from leaders and industry experts.

  • Target Audience: Contact centre and customer service professionals, buyers, suppliers, solution providers, and senior professionals.

  • Keynote Speaker: Stephen Yep, Research Director, CCMA 

35. Customer Relationship and Marketing Meetings, France

Customer Relationship and Marketing Meetings is a premier event for customer relationship and marketing professionals in Europe. The event also known as All4CustomerMeetings is a combination of four types of meetings which are for customer experience, digital marketing, AI, data and e-commerce. The event is a high-end, invitation-only, one-to-one meetings event.

In this event, digital marketing, e-commerce, and customer relations managers will come to source suppliers that meet their project requirements.

CX Events 2024 - All4Customer Meetings-1

  • Date: September 17-19, 2024

  • Location: Cannes, France

  • Agenda: Pre-organized and highly qualified meetings between the top decision-makers and exhibitors.

  • Target Audience: Exhibitors and Top Decision Makers

  • Keynote Speaker: No Pre-Determined Speaker

CX Events in October

36. CCW Europe Summit, Amsterdam

CCW Europe Summit is the premier event for contact centre and customer experience professionals in Europe. The event brings together progressive minds of the continent under one roof so that industry peers meet to form a collaborative community and get a fully immersive learning experience.

100+ industry expert speakers share knowledge and showcase case studies and suggest solutions in areas like AI, seamless service, customer retention and loyalty, proactive and personalized CX, unified customer data, and more. Attendees will gain insights into unique customer challenges and how to resolve them, empowering their knowledge about the considerations, pitfalls, and, roadblocks and how to overcome them.

CX Events 2024 - CCW Europe Summit

  • Date: October 7-9, 2024

  • Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Agenda: Collaborative exercises to discover innovative approaches, explore unique customer challenges of a scaling business, awards ceremony, and candid conversations about pitfalls, considerations, and roadblocks and how to overcome them.

  • Target Audience: CX and Contact Center Professionals

  • Keynote Speaker: 100+ Industry experts

37. Customer Experience Live Show, UK

The Customer Experience Live Show UK 2024 is a prestigious digital CX strategy event where attendees can meet, network, and benchmark with top minds from the customer experience space. The event will focus on cloudification and data, digital CX, brand experience, and growth.

The event features Customer Experience Live Awards, dedicated sessions, exhibition floor, and executive panel discussions where leaders will share their insights and experiences of transforming CX into a growth lever for their organizations.

Attending this event will help you gain knowledge and insights from experienced CX leaders, get solutions to your problems in the Q&A sessions, and learn how to achieve CX excellence.

CX Events 2024 - CX Live Show UK

  • Date: October 8-9, 2024

  • Location: London, UK

  • Agenda: Customer Experience Live Show Awards 2024, dedicated sessions allowing brainstorming and discussion, executive panel discussions with Live Q&A sessions, Exhibition floor, and Leader Connects (an invitation-only boardroom conference)

  • Target Audience: Digital and CX Professionals and Leaders

  • Keynote Speaker: Daniel Taylor, Head of Customer Care, SES Water, Bethany Jaroussie, Vice President Customer-Centred Design - designing for a net zero future, BP; and more.

38. Global Digital Transformation Summit (DTS-2024), Germany

Digital transformation has been the buzzword for industry leaders for a few years now. DTS talks about how businesses can harness the latest technologies to revolutionize their business processes. The summit revolves around different themes like adopting new operating models, and challenges while embracing digital transformation, future horizons, data management, AI, and much more.

CX Events 2024 - Global Digital -1

  • Date: October 10 - 11, 2024

  • Location: Berlin, Germany

  • Agenda: The summit themes revolve around digital transformation, embracing it, mitigating risks, compliances, and much more. There will also be discussions on how businesses can embrace artificial intelligence, revolutionize customer support with it, and much more. 

  • Target Audience: CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, founders, directors, IT leaders, managing directors, and other from the IT industry can attend the conference to learn more about digital transformation. 

  • Keynote Speakers: Erbin Lim, Director of Engineering & Development, Pfizer; Andres Betancourt, Senior Manager, Scotiabank; Sjourd Wijdeveld, Chief Information Officer (CIO), Trivium Packaging, and many more.

39. Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit

The Chief Customer Experience Officer or CCXO Summit focuses on the key foundation of the role of CCXOs in aligning departments with a customer-centric culture and building unprecedented relationships with customers. The summit is exclusively for C-suite executives from brands.

The attendees will be able to discover and learn how companies around the globe are organizing and operating with CX functions, the modern challenges that CCXOs face, how to measure customer experience and why employee experience also matters in business success.

CX Events 2024 - CCXO Sumit

  • Date: October 16, 2024

  • Location: Singapore

  • Agenda: Sessions and discussions to focus on the role of CCXOs in customer-centricity, challenges that they face, measuring and improving customer experience and employee experience, building lasting customer relationships, and more.

  • Target Audience: C-Suite executives from Brands

  • Keynote Speaker: Tom Blackman, Head of Global Accounts, Asia Pacific & Japan, Zendesk; Lino Ahlering, Chief Customer Officer, Daraz (Alibaba Group); and more.

40. CX Solutions Summit, UK

The CX Solutions Summit in London, UK, is a premier event focused on providing innovative solutions and strategies for enhancing customer experience across industries. It offers an opportunity to meet like-minded specialists, attend seminars and meet innovative suppliers in the market. The event focuses on how to engage with customers at every point of their buyer journey.

The summit consists of one-on-one business meetings, interactive seminars and networking opportunities to build lasting relationships. As an attendee, you will gain knowledge about AI, B2B, brand tracking, customer journey management and optimization, and social media monitoring which will help you manage and tackle challenges within the sector. If you are a solution provider or supplier, you get an opportunity to meet delegates and buyers looking for a solution that you have. If you are a potential buyer looking for a business solution, you can meet and source various suppliers and solution providers.

CX Events 2024 - CX Solutions Summit

  • Date: October 17, 2024

  • Location: London, UK

  • Agenda: One-to-one meetings, and seminars about how businesses engage with customers at every customer journey touchpoint from marketing to sales to post-conversion. 

  • Target Audience: Senior CX managers, customer service specialists, delegates, and solution providers or suppliers.

  • Keynote Speaker: Dr Nicola Millard, Principal Innovation Partner, BT Business; Tiffany Markman, Trainer – TMWT.

41. Digital Customer Engagement Summit, UK

The Digital Customer Engagement Summit is a unique and highly targeted one-day event for customer contact professionals focused on enhancing customer engagement through digital channels.

As an attendee, you will have the opportunity to meet pre-arranged suppliers who match your project requirements, attend insightful seminars, and network with like-minded professionals. If you are a supplier, you get good opportunities to network with professionals who want to source suppliers for their projects.

CX Events 2024 - Digital Customer Engagement Summit-1

  • Date: October 19, 2024

  • Location: London, UK

  • Agenda: Seminars, face-to-face meetings, complimentary lunch and refreshments.

  • Target Audience: Customer contact professionals

  • Keynote Speaker:  Not mentioned

42. CX Healthcare East, USA

CX Healthcare East is an invitation-only event for healthcare professionals focused on improving patient experience and satisfaction. The event will have an extensive faculty of C-level executives, experienced experts, and equity specialists sharing lessons, learnings, and insights into the healthcare industry.

The sessions and panel discussions will delve into important internal issues for healthcare executives. Topics like patient centricity and whole health, balancing human and digital, making investments into longevity, and care for caregivers will be a part of the discussions.

CX Events 2024 - CX Healthcare Exchange East

  • Date: October 29 - 30, 2024

  • Location: Florida, USA

  • Agenda: Panel discussions on topics like patient centricity and whole health, balancing human and digital, making investments into longevity, and care for caregivers

  • Target Audience: Senior experience leaders in healthcare 

  • Keynote Speaker: David Weisman, CXO, NYC Health & Hospitals; Debbie Gonzalez, Patient Experience Officer, Kovach Eye Institute; Judith Wolfe, Associate Chief Experience Officer, Cleveland Clinic; and more.

CX Events in November

43. Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™, Spain

This is one of the biggest conferences for the EMEA region hosted by the tech leader Garnert. It is a great event for business leaders looking to explore ways to excel at IT leadership. There are 120+ on-site experts by Gartner who empower businesses to refine their research, tools, and strategy based on actionable insights. Leaders can network with others, rethink technology, and embrace a forward-thinking mindset to succeed.

CX Events 2024 - Gartner IT Symposium

  • Date: November 4 - 7, 2024

  • Location: Barcelona, Spain

  • Agenda: Discussion and networking opportunities for leaders focussed on navigating disruption, tackling AI, emerging technologies, digital transformation, and much more, 

  • Target Audience: CIOs, CISOs, Chief data and chief analytics officers, VPs of IT infrastructure and operations, and Senior Application Leaders

  • Keynote Speakers: Mick Ebeling, Founder & CEO, Not Impossible Labs; Alicia Mullery, VP, Research, Gartner; Daryl Plummer, Distinguished VP Analyst, Gartner; Carla Harris, Senior Client Advisor, Morgan Stanley.

44. CX Retail EU Exchange, Portugal

This invitation-only event is one of the most talked about events among the European retail industry. The conference is centred around the challenges faced by retailers when trying to scale. It will have discussion about the innovative tools and technologies that can help businesses champion their CX game.

CX Events 2024 - CX  Retail Echange EU

  • Date: November 5 - 6, 2024

  • Location: Marriott, Lisbon, Portugal

  • Agenda: Talks and discussions on businesses in the European retail industry can deliver exceptional customer experience. 

  • Target Audience: Retail CX Leaders

45. Web Summit, Portugal

Bringing together 70,000+ attendees from across the globe, Web Summit is one of the biggest tech conferences, gathering policymakers, entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs of digital products, tech companies, startups, and many more global leaders. The giants of the web assemble to share their thoughts, insights, experiences, and ideas about technology and trends shaping the future. Attend the event if you wish to be a part of a meaningful community and build connections that reap results.

CX Events 2024 - Web Summit

  • Date: November 11 - 14, 2024

  • Location: Lisbon, Portugal

  • Agenda: Offer networking opportunities to startups with top investors and industry experts. Empower CEOs, CIOs, and CTOs, with the latest information and upcoming trends on topics around technology, marketing, and much more. Talks center around topics like AI tech, the intersection of audio & tech, the future of retail, design thinking, breakthroughs in science & engineering, and much more.   

  • Target Audience: Fast-growing startups, key policy & decision makers, entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs, CTOs, etc. 

  • Keynote Speakers: Brad Smith, Vice Chair & President, Microsoft; Liza Landsman, CEO, Stash; Vidya Peters, CEO, DataSnippers; Mitchell Amador, CEO, Immunefi

46. Digital Customer Experience Summit, Canada

The Digital Customer Experience Summit brings together CX professionals and digital leaders to explore strategies for delivering exceptional digital experiences. The event covers the latest technology, consumer behaviour, and customer experience trends for 2024.

By attending this event, you will get learnings focussed on building smarter CX in the digital environment, measuring and managing CX metrics, customer data operationalization, aggregating data into a single system, executing VoC programs, and leveraging AI and data analytics. Attending this event will benefit you to gain actionable insights to optimize digital customer experience, leverage the expertise of over 10,000 CX leaders in the community, engage with innovators and early adopters of digital CX, and develop lasting connections.

CX Events 2024 - Digital CX Summit Toronto

  • Date: November 13-14, 2024

  • Location: Toronto, Canada

  • Agenda: Keynotes, panel discussions, fireside chats, and sessions related to digital CX, the latest technology, AI, and more.

  • Target Audience: CX professionals and leaders

  • Keynote Speaker: Ricardo Costa, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Purolaater; Gustavo Sanchez M, Head of Growth Marketing, Shopify; and more.

47. CCW Europe Exchange, UK

Customer Contact Week Europe Exchange is a premier event which will focus on exploring the future of CX and customer engagement. In the 18 hours of learning with 20 expert speakers, the event will focus on how Generative AI is driving the next customer service industrial revolution, and how early adopters are reaping the benefits by focusing on more effective contact centre call summary and conversing with the customers in natural language.

The sessions and discussion at the event will cover topics about current technology and ecosystems, potential risks faced by businesses, and how to make a balance between transactional and emotional when it comes to customer service.

CX Events 2024 - CCW Europe Exchange-1

  • Date: November 13-14, 2024

  • Location: London, UK

  • Agenda: Presentations like ‘Re-Imagining Customer Care in the Age of AI: Predictions for Supercharging’, ‘Trailblazing Strategies to Sustain Engagement & Wellbeing’, ‘The Future of Customer Service in a ChatGPT World’, ‘Supercharge your Customer Engagement’; One-to-one business meetings; panel discussions on topics like ‘Unify Your Customer Journey & Create Connectivity at a Global Scale’, ‘Elevating Customer Support’; networking breaks; and more.

  • Target Audience: Contact Centre Professionals and Leaders

  • Keynote Speaker: Daryl Wilkes, Director of Customer Services, ASOS; Sam Challenger, Director of Collections & Customer Experience, Billing Finance; and more.

48. Contentsquare CX Circle, Online

Contentsquare CX Circle is a virtual gathering of CX professionals and experts focused on leveraging data and analytics to optimize customer experiences. CX Circle events focus on unlocking the potential of digital business experiences.

As an attendee, you will be able to learn about innovative digital approaches to customer journey analysis and digital experience personalization. 

CX Events 2024 - Contentsquare CX Circle World Tour

  • Date: November 17, 2024

  • Location: Online

  • Agenda: Sessions on digital CX, and networking opportunities.

  • Target Audience: CX professionals

  • Keynote Speaker: Not mentioned

49. CX Asia Week

Customer Experience Asia Week is a premiere 4-day event to be held in Singapore where 300+ senior-level practitioners and 90+ industry-leading speakers will share and explore ideas on building meaningful and hyper-personalized experiences in a data-driven world. The event will contain segments like premium conferences, exclusive theatre, and award ceremonies.

Interactive sessions and conversations will cover areas like redefining traditional spaces, gold standards in CX, hyper-personalization, real-time CX, customer-centricity, customer journey mapping, and generative AI in CX. Attending this event will help you get opportunities to network with CX elites, decision-makers, and leaders across the industry; and get insights and learnings to gain excellence in CX.

CX Events 2024 - CX Asia Week

  • Date: November 19-22, 2024

  • Location: Singapore, 

  • Agenda: Customer Experience Asia, a Premium Conference on best practices in enterprise-level CX strategies; Digital Marketing Asia, exclusive theatre highlighting excellence in marketing strategies; and CX Asia Excellence Awards, an award ceremony celebrating the highest level of achievement and excellence in Asia.

  • Target Audience: CX Leaders

  • Keynote Speaker: Helen Ng, Chief Executive Officer, General Storage Company (Lock+Store); Jackson Tan, Associate Director, Strategy & Transformation, Customer and Marketing, FairPrice Group, FairPrice Group; Louis Tan, General Manager, Customer Operations, Shell; and more.

50. Customer Engagement Summit, UK

The Customer Engagement Summit is a leading event for customer engagement professionals focused on driving loyalty and advocacy. The event aims to focus on all aspects of customer engagement. Top-level speakers from world-class brands will share real-life case studies, and share their knowledge and expertise about the latest innovations in the CX world.

Attending this event will benefit you with valuable information, insights, implementable ideas, and customer experience strategies to enhance customer engagement.

CX Events 2024 - Customer Engagement Summit 2024-1

  • Date: November 26, 2024

  • Location: London, UK

  • Agenda: Sessions on topics like customer engagement transformation, data and insights, creating a customer-centric culture, strategies to enhance customer journey, the future of CX, the evolution of the voice of the customer, linking the voice of employee and the voice of the customer, enhancing digital CX, and more.

  • Target Audience: Customer engagement professionals, CX leaders, marketing executives, sales representatives, and individuals involved in creating and managing customer interactions across various channels.

  • Keynote Speaker: Alex Scott MBE, BBC Sport and Sky Sports, Former professional footballer, pundit and presenter; Matthew Harwood, Natwest, Head of Customer Communications; and more.

CX Events in December

51. French Touch Dreamin, Paris

French Touch Dreamin is a European Salesforce event which is organized by the community independently. It is an educational event where you can meet and network with influential persons in the community.

(Note: If you register ASAP, you can also get early bird discounts on the registration fees.)

CX Events 2024 - French Touch Dreamin

  • Date: December 5, 2024

  • Location: Paris, France

  • Agenda: Educational event including keynote sessions on topics like ground rules of success, leveraging customer data platform, sharing and security, efficient monitoring of your org using the Salesforce API, and more.

  • Target Audience: European Salesforce Community

  • Keynote Speaker: Ahmed Ansar, VP, Solutions at Salesforce; Stephan Chandler-Garcia, Director, Strategic Content, Developer Relations; Trish Perkins, Salesforce MVP, Executive Director at Worlds Touch.


CX events and conferences are a great way to gain knowledge about the latest CX trends, best practices and technologies, and implement them to deliver great customer experiences. In these events, experienced professionals, thought leaders and experts share their knowledge and expertise which help other professionals to get good ideas and stay updated in the competitive market.

Attending a CX event not only helps you get good learning but also provides you opportunities to network with like-minded people in the industry and develop lasting connections. You also get opportunities to connect with delegates, suppliers, solution providers, and product marketers which can help you in your business. Moreover, you get information about the latest tools that can help you boost customer experience.

Zonka Feedback is one such tool that you can use to create surveys, collect customer feedback, measure customer satisfaction, and take actions to manage and improve the overall customer experience. With its advanced features like skip logic and real-time feedback alerts, it helps you customize your surveys, collect actionable feedback, and take instant action to improve CX and prevent churn.

It also provides a free trial. Try Zonka Feedback for free for 14 days and see how it helps you boost customer experience and overall business growth

Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

May 16, 2024

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