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Help Desk Feedback Template

Measure the experience and satisfaction level of your customers while they receive any customer support services from your customer representatives using this comprehensive Help Desk Feedback Survey Template.

Measure and Improve your Customer Support Services using a Help Desk Feedback Survey Template

Getting feedback from customers who reach out to your customer support team is crucial in a customer-oriented business. It enables you to evaluate your customers' experience, satisfaction, and perceived efforts using your support services. Thus, the first point of contact where your customers can give feedback about your support services is the Help Desk. By collecting Help Desk Feedback Surveys, you can quickly identify the factors that lead to dissatisfaction. It further contributes to improving the quality of your support services.

This Help Desk Feedback Survey Template uses Customer Effort Score Question (CES 2.0) to seek feedback on how easy the company made the interaction process for the customer. It is followed by an open-ended question (comment box) for customers to input any other feedback in their own words. The data collected from the Help Desk Feedback Survey help you to improve your team’s productivity and boost your customer support services.

A better customer onboarding experience can double trial conversion rates and ultimately reduce customer churn. Customer onboarding is the most strategic and influential step in determining whether the customers will do business with us throughout the customer journey with the company.

If you want to get instant real-time customer feedback about the onboarding experience, you can share the Customer Onboarding Survey via Emails or SMS. If your customers are willing to give on-the-spot feedback, you can share the survey link via Slack. Post customer interaction, you can send the Customer Effort Score (CES) to evaluate the level of effort customers have to put with you or your business to deploy your services or products.

You can also trigger the Help Desk Feedback Survey at specific customer touchpoints like post-service interaction after a ticket has been closed or after service has been executed. You can also integrate the Zonka Feedback Software with your help desk to automate the trigger of your Help Desk Feedback Survey as per the situations and different customer touchpoints.

To create and send Help Desk Feedback Surveys using the Help Desk Feedback Survey Template, sign up to Zonka Feedback. You’ll be able to choose this Survey Template when you begin creating your feedback form or survey.

List of Help Desk Feedback Survey Questions including CES 2.0

The following questions are included in this Help Desk Survey Template.

CES 2.0 Question

To what extent do you agree with the following statement: our customer support team made it easy for me to handle my issue.

Follow-up Questions

  1. What is the primary reason for your score?

  2. We'd love to know your comments and suggestions if any.

    Name - 

    Email Address - 

    Mobile Number - 

Ideally, Customer Details like Name, Email Address, and Mobile Number can be passed from your tools when (and if) you integrate Zonka Feedback into your tools. You can remove these questions if you want to capture anonymous feedback.

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