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NPS Brand Loyalty Survey Template

This NPS brand loyalty survey template helps you capture customer feedback in terms of their loyalty to the brand as a whole. 

Understanding NPS Brand Loyalty Survey Template

This NPS survey template is for existing customers and is sent out at fixed customer lifecycle points to understand customers' loyalty to the brand as a whole and not just based on certain interactions.

The survey template helps in understanding how often customers shop with you and how likely they are to continue doing so. The standard NPS question helps capture exact brand NPS scores from customers to gauge their loyalty.

Just sign up or sign in to Zonka Feedback for a free trial and you’ll be able to choose the NPS and brand loyalty survey template when you begin creating your feedback form or survey.

How to use NPS Brand Loyalty Survey Template?

The NPS Brand Loyalty can be sent out via email or SMS at fixed milestones. You can also collect on-site NPS feedback from your store visitors. 

List of NPS Brand Loyalty Survey Questions

NPS brand loyalty survey questions in this template include: 

  • How many times have you visited our store in the last 12 months?
  • How likely are you to think of our company first when shopping for this product?
  • How likely are you to tell a friend or colleague about this company?

If you're looking to capture customers’ details, you can add more questions to the NPS brand loyalty Survey. You can also integrate the survey tool into your existing software and pass data automatically to make your surveys more personalized and smart.

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How to measure brand loyalty?

You can measure brand loyalty with an NPS survey question – how likely are you to recommend our brand to others on a scale of 0 to 10?


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