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Relationship NPS Survey Template

Gauge customer loyalty based on your business’s relationship with our expert Relationship NPS Survey Template. Responses from the Relationship NPS Survey help you understand which aspect of the customer experience must be improved.

Measuring Customer Relationship with Business via Relationship NPS Survey Template

Creating products or services is not enough for business. They need to evaluate the quality of the products or services they are offering to their customers. For this, you can gauge how your customers perceive your products and services? Are they satisfied and happy with your business? You can measure customer relationships with your business by conducting Relationship NPS Surveys.

A relationship survey gives you a clear picture of how your customer feels about their entire experience with your business or organization. These surveys generally help you understand the likelihood of your customer recommending your business or brand to others. The Relationship NPS Survey Question is straightforward: “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or family on a scale of 0 to 10?”

This metric enables you to check your brand’s health by providing actionable data that helps you compare your business with your competitors and identify the potential churn in your business. Besides understanding your business’s overall customer perception and loyalty, Relational NPS Survey is ideal to use when you want to benchmark against internal or external NPS data.

You can trigger the Relationship NPS Survey via powerful integrations and custom APIs to do feedback management on steroids.

To create and send Relationship NPS Surveys using the Relationship NPS Survey Template, sign up or sign in to Zonka Feedback. You’ll be able to choose this Survey Template when you begin creating your feedback form or survey.

List of Relationship NPS Survey Questions

The following questions are included in this Relationship NPS Survey Template.

  1. How likely is it that you would recommend this business to a friend or colleague?

  2. What is the primary reason for your score?

If you're looking at capturing Customer Details, you can add more questions to the NPS Survey. You can also integrate your tools and pass data while taking feedback using this NPS Survey Template.

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