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5 Things a Customer Wants from You Apart from a Good Product

In today's fast growing competitive market, customers have plenty of options available with them. Every seller knows that the consumers are very much aware about the market, so more or less, in a competitive market, all the sellers take care of the price and quality. Have you noticed that despite providing the same quality at nearly the same cost, one brand is preferred over another by the customers? This is due to the next level of customer experience provided to the customers.

Customer Experience is not only about the product you are selling to the customers. It comprises of many aspects which an aware customer considers and prefers one brand over another. To make a customer completely satisfied with your brand and developing customer loyalty towards your brand, you need to know what customers actually want in addition to a good product at a fair price.

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5 Things which a Customer Wants apart from a Good Product

  1. Solving Customers' concerns rather than just describing product features
  2. Seeking Customers for their Feedback
  3. A modernized Feedback System
  4. Developing a Personal Connect with the Customer
  5. Providing Value-added Benefits

Let us review these 5 important things which a customer expects from you apart from a good product with a fair price:

1. Solving Customers' concerns rather than just describing product features

This is true that successful marketing involves well presenting your product and its features in an appropriate way to the appropriate people at an appropriate time. But merely presenting your features won't work unless those features are able to solve customers' problems. Always remember that the purpose of the customer to buy a product is his need and problems and Customer Satisfaction is based on fulfilling the needs of the customers.

Along with presenting your product, get the nerve of the customers' need and explain to them how your product or service is capable of solving their problems. In this way, you can convince your customers to invest on your products and services.

2. Seeking Customers for their Feedback

Customer Feedback is an important piece of information provided by the clients which you must obtain. It is regarding their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your products and services and the overall experience of the customers with you and your brand. Seeking customer for their feedback is itself a message to the customers that you value them and your relationship with the customer.

So you need to proactively approach the customers for their feedback and pay heed to all the feedback whether it is a positive feedback or a negative feedback. You should thank the customer for their positive feedback and apologize to the customer in case he had a negative experience with your brand. Moreover, you should take the negative feedback as an opportunity to convert your detractors into promoters. Taking immediate corrective actions and ensuring that the customers issues are resolved quickly not only results in customer retention but can even change a negative feedback into a positive one.

Also, you must take customers' opinion on certain business decisions and consider customers' suggestions. When you take business decisions as per customers' feedback and inform the customer about this, the customer satisfaction increases to a large extent because the customers feel truly connected and valued. This has a very good impact and increases brand loyalty among the customers.

3. A modernized Feedback System

Approaching customers for feedback does not always mean literally going to the customers with a pen and a paper feedback form to fill. Everybody is busy and nobody likes to spend much time in filling survey forms. And nowadays, when you have much better Customer Feedback System which can take help you to gather Customer Feedback with a better response rate and consumption of less of your and customers' time, why to be struck on outdated ways!

You should use a Customer Feedback Software which is a web application setup that enables you to capture Customer Feedback through multiple channels like emails, SMS, tablets, online and offline surveys. A powerful Customer Feedback Software and Survey App is quick to setup and easy to use along with superb features like creating customizable survey forms, multilingual surveys (surveys in multiple languages) and real-time alerts for feedback and negative feedback. Moreover, a good Customer Feedback Software enables you to get detailed analyses reports and metrics like NPS(Net Promoter Score) CSAT(Customer Satisfaction) report and CES (Customer Effort Score).

So you should research in the market regarding these tools and pick one of the best Customer Feedback tool that suits your requirement.

4. Developing a Personal Connect with the Customer

If you want to improve customer experience and enhance customer satisfaction, then you must focus on developing a personal connection with the customers. You should have a good focus on maximizing customer satisfaction by providing good after-sales services, proactively seeking customers from time to time for feedback, and resolving quickly the customer issues in case of any complaints.

Well, it is easy for the small businesses to connect personally with all the clients time to time but it is nearly impossible for the large business to build a personal connection with each and every customer. If you are running a medium or a large company, nothing to worry about! There are Customer Experience Tools and apps through which you can be in contact with the customer. Such apps also connect with your web pages on the social networking sites and are able to provide you alerts in case of any feedback in the form of likes, dislikes, comments, tweets etc. Your action is to ensure that every comment or tweet is reverted back with a satisfying response and every complaint or issues must be resolved as soon as possible.

5. Provide Value-added Benefits

When we purchase something and along with it we get another complimentary thing free of cost, doesn't it feel good? It is because we got some benefit which added value to our product. When customers get value additions, it always makes them happy.

Value-added benefits is also one of the most important things customers want apart from a good product. So along with the product services, you should focus on after-sales services, complaint resolution and other value-added services as well.

A value added benefit has the power of changing a buyer's decision.

When two sellers are providing same product or a service with similar features, value-added benefits are the ones which can drive a buyer's decision towards one brand over another.

To Sum Up

We can conclude that along with a good product with superb features at a fair price, you should focus on other components of Customer Experience. Your prime focus should be solving customers' problems rather than just describing features of the product. You should explain to the customers how your product cater to their needs. Along with that, you must seek customer feedback and use one of the best Customer Feedback Software for this purpose. This software can also help you in maintaining a personal connection with the customer. You can also provide value-added benefits to the customers which enhances customer satisfaction.


Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Nov 25, 2019

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