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How to Create Poll Questions in Webex?

Since the advent of the pandemic a couple of years ago, remote working has been on the rise. This has made virtual meetings and video conferences a part of the lives of many. Online meetings with the ability to connect to any person throughout the globe have enormously contributed to the success of the remote working culture.

In April 2021, Cisco by Webex reported 25 billion meeting minutes in just one month. For making it further seamless for the users, software companies are also taking steps further to enable their users to utilize online meetings more effectively. Recently Webex has added a bunch of embedded apps to increase its features and functionalities.

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Webex's Embedded Apps enable frictionless collaboration with the team members and the clients. Zonka Feedback is also one of these embedded apps and launch partners of Webex to help Webex users create Polls, quizzes, and surveys while on the Webex meeting. Both the companies have launched Zonka for Webex -  an integrated solution to boost online meetings and make them more engaging, functional, and successful. With Zonka for Webex, you can easily create polls, surveys, and quizzes during Webex meetings without needing to end the session and switching between apps.

Polls are a great way to know your audience's opinion regarding any subject, issue, or decision. Whether you are deciding a plan or strategy, selecting the best candidate for a job, prioritizing your projects, or taking any decision; Polls help you know the opinions of a vast majority and make decisions accordingly.

Why Polls Help?

Questions are the best way to know what’s going on in another person’s mind. When we talk about Webex meetings, good communication is established when it is both ways. Polls help you set this healthy communication and speak to your meeting attendees by asking them questions and knowing their views, choices, and opinions.

Let's explore some crucial ways in which Polls help you:

  1. Involve audiences in making decisions
  2. Increase involvement and loyalty
  3. Do market research
  4. Get to know your audience
  5. Make democratic decisions
  6. Break the ice

Let’s learn more about these benefits of Polls in Webex Meetings:

1. Involve audiences in making decisions

When you want to make crucial decisions with your team considering the interests of the majority of your team members, Polls are your only resort. Polls help to involve your audiences in making important decisions and know how many of them want you to go ahead with a particular decision.

Polls are a way to know what interests your employees or team members. They help you safeguard their interests rather than just imposing your decisions onto them.

2. Increase involvement and loyalty

Poll helps to enhance the involvement of the employees in conversations, tasks, and decision-making. It motivates the attendees to participate in everything and share their views and opinions during the online meetings. When you listen to the voice of the employees, respect and consider their opinions, it automatically creates a feeling of contentment and attachment. In this way, they also become more loyal to the business and company.

3. Do market research

Polls are an effective way to do market research. Let's suppose you want to launch a new product or design in the market. Before the actual launch, it would be a better idea to take your employees' opinions. You can release the product first for your employees and then take their opinion on the product through live polls. In this way, you can do market research before releasing it to launch in the actual market.

4. Get to know your audience

Questions are a great way to know each other, and Polling is the best way to ask questions from your meeting attendees. With Polling, you can ask 'Know Eachother' type questions from your attendees, ask their views or general perception about anything, and can also check the pulse of the team. Asking questions increases the interaction of your attendees with you and each other, which is necessary to develop a healthy team bonding and the spirit of teamwork.

5. Make democratic decisions

Whenever you are making business decisions, a Poll is an effective way to know whether your employees want to go ahead with those decisions or not. Polls provide an opportunity for your employees to speak up their minds and let allow you to know their thoughts. With Polling, you can organize voting regarding any decision and take democratic decisions as per the results of the voting polls.

Whether you are deciding a plan or strategy, choosing the best candidate for a job, deciding on going ahead with a project, or decision; Polls help you take the votes of your attendees to know their opinions and make decisions accordingly.

6. Break the ice

Polls not only help to know your attendees' opinions and make effective decisions, but they are also a great way to make your meetings more engaging by breaking the ice. Whether you want to break the ice between new team members, or you want to start a healthy conversation, or you just want to make your attendees more comfortable, polls help in all. You can ask ice breaker questions of different types like funny ice breaker questions, icebreaker questions to know each other, and informative icebreaker questions.

How to Create Polls with Zonka Feedback in your Webex Meetings?

Creating Polls in Webex has become easy with Zonka for Webex.

  • To get started, launch Webex Meetings, and explore Zonka Feedback in Webex's Embedded Apps.
  • Create an account or log in to your Zonka Feedback account.
  • In the Surveys Menu, you will get the option of creating polls, surveys, and quizzes.
  • After selecting the option of creating Polls, you need, you can easily create a poll with ready-to-use templates of Zonka Feedback.

You can add, remove and modify the questions in the poll as per your requirements, can also choose to create a poll from scratch with your own questions of different types viz., Radio Button, Picture Choice, and Dropdown questions. After creating the poll, you can easily share it with your meeting attendees with the option of 'Open Together'. With this, the attendees will be able to see the Poll on their screens and would be able to answer the questions and submit responses without needing to leave the meeting.

Let's learn more about the different types of Questions you can use in your Polls.

Types of Polls

The types of Poll Questions you can create with Zonka Feedback are:

  1. Single Choice
  2. Multiple Choice
  3. Picture Choice

Let's learn more about them.

1. Single Choice

Single Choice Polls are those where you allow the respondents to choose only one option to respond to a poll question. For these types of polls, you can use Single Buttons, Radio buttons, and Drop-down lists. They are ideal to use in quizzes where one option is correct. 

Single Buttons and Radio Buttons allow clicking the button of one option. They are ideal when you want to use polls as quizzes where only one option is correct. They are also suitable for Yes/No type questions. Dropdown Questions provide a dropdown list of answer options to the respondents from where they can select one of the options to answer the question. They are best used when you want to provide a long list of predefined options to respond. For example, if you're going to ask the information like Country Name, branch, department, etc., from the meeting attendee, then Dropdown Questions are ideal.

For inserting Single Choice Questions in your polls, you simply need to go to the Question Box and select buttons, radio buttons, or dropdown from the General Questions list. With Zonka Feedback, you can also define whether a question is mandatory to answer or not.

2. Multiple Choice

Multiple choice Polls are those in which you allow the respondent to choose multiple answer options. They are similar to the Single Choice Question in terms of looks and type of options. The difference lies in the ability of the respondents to select the number of options. In Single Choice Questions, you enable the respondents to only select one answer choice whereas, in the Multiple Choice Questions, you allow them to select multiple options.

You can include the multiple-choice questions the same way and allow the respondents to select multiple answer options like two or three options, as per your choice.

3. Picture Choice

Picture Choice Questions are those that you can use to depict the answer options in the form of images. This enables the attendees to visualize the options and select their answers from those image options. For adding Picture Choice questions in your Poll, you can simply choose Picture Choice from the general Questions of the Question Box.

With Zonka Feedback, you can also change the Poll's look by selecting prebuilt templates and adding your custom designs to the survey. It also gives you the flexibility to show the Poll results to the meeting attendees or not. For this, you have the option to ‘Display Results to Respondents’. You can easily enable or disable this option as per your choice and save it once you have performed this task.

Zonka for Webex, a part of Webex's Embedded apps, allows you to analyze the poll results during your Webex meetings and present results and reports to the attendees if you feel like sharing with them.

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Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Dec 02, 2021

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