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Museum Visitor Surveys - Channels, Survey Types & Questions

The key to creating memorable museum experiences is to understand what your visitors want and expect.

  • How are your exhibits perceived?
  • Are the visitors easily able to access your museum facility?
  • What do visitors think about the in-house cafeteria, gift shops, washrooms, etc.? 

You can find out the answers to these questions directly from your visitors by using Museum Visitor Surveys to collect feedback. 

Museum surveys help you provide essential information about the visitors’ perception of your museum, the exhibits, and the overall visit experience. As a result, you can measure visitor satisfaction and put a finger on what can be improved to deliver remarkable experiences and attract more visitors. 

Below a museum visitor survey template that you can try for yourself to understand what exactly museum visitor surveys look like. It allows visitors to share demographic details along with feedback on what they liked or disliked about the museum. 


FREE TEMPLATES BY ZONKA FEEDBACK - NPS, CSAT, CESLet’s learn why it is important to collect museum visitor feedback and how it helps.

How do Museum Visitor Surveys Help?

Art museum surveys or museum surveys, in general, ask the visitors about their experiences with their visit to the museum. With this survey, you get useful information that helps you make efforts to improve experiences and attract growth. Let’s explore some advantages of the Museum Visitor Experience Surveys:

Advantages of Museum Visitor Experience Survey

  1. It helps get visitors' insights into their experience
  2. It helps capture visitors’ suggestions
  3. It helps know the choices of various demographic groups
  4. It helps make improvements in the museum
  5. It helps plan the upcoming exhibitions and shows

Let’s learn how these advantages make the Museum Visitor Experience Survey extremely useful for running a museum successfully.

1. It helps to get Visitors’ Feedback about their experience

Museum Visitor Experience Survey is a useful channel for collecting feedback from your visitors about their experience with their visit to your museum. With Visitor Feedback, you get to know about their perception regarding various aspects of your museum, such as accessibility, aesthetics, functionality, exhibits, etc.

You get information like whether your visitors liked your exhibits or not, whether your Museum was attractive enough to encourage them to plan a revisit or not, whether your museum staff was welcoming or not, and so on. All this is crucial information for you to run the museum successfully.

2. It helps to provide visitors’ suggestions

The museum Visitor Experience Survey is a great way to ask for suggestions from your visitors. Suppose you want to add more exhibits to your museum and you have a number of options available but you are unsure about what would be better to satisfy the visitors. What can be a better idea than asking this straight from the visitors? 

You can simply ask in your museum feedback questionnaire what visitors would like to see on their next visit and provide them with options to choose from. Moreover, you can also include open-ended questions in the survey to ask for suggestions from the visitors. This will help you provide the exact insights and suggestions of the visitors following which will create better visitor satisfaction.

3. It helps to know the choices of various demographic groups

A variety of people visit museums belonging to different demography. Your visitors can be a family, a group of friends, students, teachers, researchers, or media professionals. Studies 97% of Americans consider Museums to be the educational assets of their community and like to visit Museums.

When you survey these visitors, you get to know more about the choices and preferences of different audiences. This helps you to make better decisions and include exhibits that most people prefer to explore, and thus attract more visitors.

4. It helps to make improvements in the museum

When you get to know about various aspects of your museum, you are in a better position to make the right decisions and make improvements to your museum so that it becomes more welcoming and interesting and provides a satisfying experience to the visitors.

5. It helps to plan the upcoming exhibitions and shows

With Visitor Feedback, you can plan your upcoming exhibitions and shows better with suggestions from the visitors. You can make more effective strategies for the exhibitions and include the exhibits that your audience wants to see. This will enormously enhance the satisfaction of your audience and attract more visitors to your museum.

Museum Visitor Experience Survey helps you to collect different types of feedback. Let’s explore the types of Museum Visitor Surveys you can collect through this survey.

Types of Museum Visitor Surveys

There are basically two types of Museum Visitor Surveys. One is Regular Feedback, and the other one is Event Feedback. Let’s learn more about them.

1. Regular Feedback

Regular Feedback is the feedback about your regular exhibits which are usually the same in your museum for a long period of time. You can collect this feedback in key areas of the museum-like galleries, historical center, reception, exit areas, etc.

2. Event Feedback

Event Feedback is the feedback about a certain event or an exhibition organized at your Museum. You can collect this feedback in the areas of the exhibition hall, exit area of the exhibition, and also off-premises through other channels like SMS and email surveys.

Let’s explore the different methods of gathering Museum Visitor Feedback.

Methods of Sharing Museum Visitor Surveys

Museum surveys can be shared either on-premises or off-premises. Here are primary methods you can use to obtain Museum Feedback:

On-Premises and Off-Premises Museum Visitor Surveys

  1. QR Codes
  2. Survey Kiosks
  3. SMS Surveys
  4. Email Surveys
  5. Website Surveys

1. QR Codes

For obtaining on-premises feedback, you can get QR codes for the Museum Visitor Experience Survey printed and framed and put in the key areas of the museum along with a survey invitation message. The message and the QR code must be clearly visible so that the visitors can view them and use them to provide  Museum Feedback.

QR code survey - type of museum visitor surveys

2. Survey Kiosks

Survey Kiosks are another great way of capturing on-premises Visitor Feedback. With the help of good Survey Software, you can easily set up unattended Survey Kiosks at various areas of your Museum where the visitors can easily come and fill out the survey without requiring any assistance.Musuem visitor surveys type - Tablet-based Feedback Kiosk with 5 Star Rating Question

3. SMS Surveys

You can also obtain off-premises feedback. For obtaining off-premises feedback, you can send surveys to your visitors through text messages. In an SMS Survey, a short survey invitation message is sent to the visitors to invite and motivate them to take the survey along with a survey link that they can easily access to open and fill out the survey and submit their responses.

4. Email Surveys

You can also send Museum Feedback Surveys through emails. In this email, a survey invitation is sent in the mail body along with either a survey Embedded in the email itself or a survey link that the visitors can access with a single click and take the survey.

types of museum visitor surveys - Embedded Email Survey with NPS question

You can read in detail about Email Embedded Surveys here.

5. Website Surveys

You can also make your Museum Visitor Surveys available on the official website of your museum. You can either embed the survey on the website itself, add a button to respond to the survey, or set up survey popups that trigger automatically so users are prompted to share their feedback.

You can read all about website surveys in detail here. 

Let’s explore the type of questions you can ask your visitors in the survey.

Questions to Ask in a Museum Visitor Survey

Questions are the core of any survey. Let’s explore some questions that you can ask your visitors in the Museum Visitor Surveys to know about their experiences and measure satisfaction with their visit.

  • How satisfied are you with the available information about the Museum on our Museum website?
  • How do you rate the location of the Museum in terms of locating and commuting to the place?
  • How would you rate the Museum Visit Experience on the basis of being 'Value for Money'? (If the Museum has an entry fee or ticket)
  • Are you happy with the information available about the exhibits?
  • How was your overall experience of visiting the Museum/Exhibition?
  • How likely are you to recommend this Museum to your friends and colleagues as a great place to visit?
  • How satisfied are you with the quality of Voice Narration quality?
  • How satisfied are you with the cleanliness and maintenance of the Museum?
  • How satisfied are you with the behavior and support of the staff at the Museum?
  • We would love to have your suggestions for the Museum.

How Zonka Feedback can Help?

Museum Visitor Surveys are critical if you're looking to achieve tangible growth. So, it is important to choose a tool that allows you to achieve all your feedback needs. 

Zonka Feedback makes feedback collection easier and more efficient with its array of features, such as:

Omnichannel feedback collection

  • Ready-to-use survey templates
  • 30+ survey question types
  • 30+ survey languages
  • Real-time notifications
  • White labeling and survey branding
  • Interactive surveys with survey logic
  • Quick polls and quizzes
  • Reporting and analysis of survey feedback

    Take Feedback & Gather Data anywhere with the Offline Survey App🔥

    Run surveys on any device in offline mode, even in remote locations and get real-time alerts, responses and insights.

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Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

May 31, 2022

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