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The Best Way to Collect Feedback From Churned SaaS Customers

Have you faced instances where satisfied seeming customers churn without uttering a word? This happens in many businesses. And when we talk about SaaS business, this can be quite common due to many SaaS companies offering the same kind of product with various innovative features thus making the market more competitive, innovative and fluctuating.

When this happens, you keep wondering what happened and what made things wrong. Even if you try to win those customers back, the target becomes almost impossible to achieve because most of the time, customers have not just left, but have already chosen and subscribed to another product in your competition.

But there’s always a desire to know why they left and how you can fix things up to prevent more customers churning the same way. For this purpose, you would want to ask them about their experience and reason for leaving your product. The only way to ask them is to collect SaaS Feedback from them. You can use an Exit Survey for this purpose.

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But motivating them to take the Exit Survey and deriving the information you need is another struggle. In this article, we will explore how you can collect feedback from your churned SaaS customers. Let’s get started!

Tips to Collect Feedback from Churned SaaS Customers

  1. Motivate your Customers to take Exit Survey
  2. Share Surveys at the Right Time
  3. Optimize your SaaS Feedback Exit Survey
  4. Analyze the Survey Results
  5. Use the Outcomes to Improve your Products and Services

Let’s learn more about these tips.

1. Motivate your Customers to take the Exit Survey

When you ask for SaaS Feedback from your churning customers, don’t just present your survey and ask them to take the survey but request them in a motivating way to take the Exit Survey and share feedback.

Share honest reasons to conduct the Survey

Be transparent and tell them how their feedback would help you to improve your products and services and make them better for the other customers. Tell them that they are always welcome to resubscribe to your improved product and services in the future. They would appreciate this attitude and help you with their valuable feedback.

Ask To-the-point Questions

Your Exit Survey should not consume much of your customers’ time. So always ask to-the-point questions so that you quickly and easily get the valuable valuable Customer Feedback for your SaaS product quickly and easily.

Include Progress Bar

Your surveys should have a progress bar so that the respondents have a clear idea as to how much survey has been completed and how much is left. This will make them take the survey with patience and keep them motivated to complete the survey.

Creating device-responsive surveys

Ensure that your surveys are responsive to various devices that customers may use like a laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, or smartphone. Use a good SaaS Survey Software that enables you to create such surveys that are not only mobile friendly but also responsive from any such device that customers use.

Personalizing your content

Personalization is a great technique that many marketers use to make the experience engaging for their customers.

89% of the marketers have claimed to get increased returns by using the technique of personalization.”

Why not use this technique to make your surveys engaging? Acknowledge every customer as a unique individual and make the surveys dynamic for your customers. This will make the survey experience more engaging for them and they will be more likely to respond to your survey.

2. Share Surveys at the Right Time

Timing is crucial for sending any survey. And when it comes to a SaaS Feedback Survey sent upon cancellation, vitality of sending the survey at the right time even increases. SaaS is  a competitive market and a new product for the customers is just some clicks away.

SaaS users can easily try new products for free and cancel their subscription. If a customer cancels your subscription, and you send a feedback survey after 15 days, that would be too late. By that time, your product would become an old foggy experience and the customer would have tried or subscribed to a new product.

The best way is to automate sending exit surveys upon cancellation. This will fetch you accurate and instant feedback about your SaaS products and services and the reasons for your customers leaving them. With this method, you can also try to fix up the issues and bring back your churning customers.

3. Optimize your SaaS Feedback Exit Survey

Keep your survey short and simple

Nobody has much time to fill up long surveys. And when customers have already decided to switch to another product or service, they see no point in spending time providing you responses to your various questions. So always keep your SaaS Feedback Exit Surveys short and simple. Most of the questions must be closed-ended so that your customers can quickly and easily respond to them.

Include an Open-ended Question

We talked about including closed-ended questions, but there should always be some free space for the customers to write what they have in their minds. One open-ended question is best to let them vent out their feelings and frustrations. You don’t need to think much on these questions. You can just use an optional space for the respondents asking ‘ Any comments or suggestions’.

4. Analyze the Survey Results

Now you have surveyed your churning customers and got the responses from them. However, the task is not over yet. Now is the time to analyze customers’ responses and see the reasons for their churn.

Look for common issues in customer data

Customers of the same demographics or same requirements might have faced similar challenges while using your products and services. Look for these common issues that most of your churned customers faced. It may be a bug that occurs while your product is in use. It may be a feature that is not up to the mark for fulfilling its purpose, or there may be a need for a new feature at a point in customer journey.

Look for these issues and fix the things up as soon as possible to avoid more churn and make your product better for the existing customers. You never know, a better product can even win back the lost customers.

Map out the customer journey

Analyze the whole journey of the churned customers from the point they started till the decision of cancellation. This data will help you identify the key areas and touchpoints where the customers’ faced challenges and where your products and services need improvement. Utilize this data to improve your SaaS product and services.


SaaS Feedback Surveys conducted upon cancellation are a great way to uncover the insights of your churning customers and the reasons that made them churn. When used the right way, you  can improve your products and services to such an extent that it not only prevents further churn of your existing customer but also can help you bring back your churning customers.

You should use a good SaaS Feedback Tool like Zonka Feedback to conduct such surveys. It helps you create and share effective and all-device-friendly surveys with your customers. With this tool, you can also automate Exit surveys for your churning customers just when they cancel their subscription.

You can Try Zonka Feedback for free for 7 days and see how it works for your SaaS business.

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Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Feb 09, 2023

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