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Ways to Enhance Candidate Experience On Your Recruitment Platform

May 23, 2023

Candidates are an integral part of any recruitment business. Without them, your recruitment software ceases to function even with many attractive job listings. Today’s candidates have many options regarding their choice of job offers. You must provide the best candidate experience to attract top talent and propel your recruitment business, especially in today’s competitive hiring landscape.

From the initial job search to the application, interview, and onboarding process, you must ensure your hiring process provides a pleasant experience for all candidates. And the first step to improving the candidate experience is choosing the right job board templates for your recruitment website. Choose a template that allows you to create a responsive, user-friendly, and mobile-friendly recruitment site to ensure a positive candidate experience. Here are some of the best ways to improve candidate experience on your recruitment software:

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1. Streamline the Application Process

A clunky application process can be confusing and frustrating for candidates, turning them away and losing out on the potential candidate. Adding an applicant tracking system to your recruitment software can help streamline the application process, improving the candidate experience.

The right technology can help eliminate the many hurdles a candidate goes through before submitting their application. You should ensure your system makes it easier for candidates to apply for jobs they’re interested in. The application process should include a short questionnaire to help recruiters eliminate applicants who don’t make the cut. You should, however, keep the questions short and simple to ensure the application process takes a few minutes to complete.

This is crucial for enhancing the candidate experience since applicants typically want to spend as little time as possible during the application process. So, ensure you keep the application process as straightforward and quick as possible. For instance, you may add a simple form where candidates can fill in their contact details and upload a resume.

Besides streamlining the application process, you should also ensure all applicants can conveniently access it. As such, incorporate assistive technologies in your job board platform to make applying for jobs easier for candidates with disabilities. You may also want to ensure your website includes closed caption videos, alternate text, and different types of content to accommodate all candidates regardless of their abilities.

2. Online Interviewing Platforms

Your job board platform should also facilitate virtual interviews if you’re looking to improve candidate experience on your platform. This is especially crucial, considering most companies are now adopting hybrid and remote work arrangements. So, ensuring that your recruitment software has the required tools for conducting virtual interviews can help provide candidates with a positive experience, especially for remote workers.

Your system should also include an early screening interview to help recruiters screen candidates for personality, experience, and skills. Candidates that satisfy all the requirements can then be sent job offers. This helps recruiters shorten the hiring process, allowing them to hire top talent fast before competitors snatch them up. It also creates a positive experience for the candidates.

3. Chatbots or Text Messaging Software

Another effective way to improve candidate experience on your job board portal is by integrating tools that help recruiters stay in touch with the candidates throughout the hiring process. Adding chatbots and text messaging software to your recruiting platform can ensure employers stay in contact with the applicants at any time.

Providing reliable ways to communicate with candidates on your job board software is crucial for creating a positive candidate experience. This is mostly because most candidates report having second thoughts when they don’t hear any news after accepting a job offer. Ensure recruiters on your platform can easily provide candidates with feedback and status updates on their job applications.

You can send automated messages to applicants via chatbots or email to update them on their application status. You should also craft messages notifying candidates when their applications are rejected. Providing prompt feedback even to rejected candidates can show their time and effort were respected. It also makes it easier to reach out to them in the future if you find an open position suitable for them.

4. Offer A Mobile-Friendly Experience

Recent studies show that most millennials search for jobs online using mobile devices. Thus, you should consider optimizing your job board platform for mobile devices to enhance the candidate experience successfully. That means designing a responsive recruiting website that adapts to different screen sizes, allowing candidates to apply for job openings from any mobile device.

You can create a mobile-friendly job listing platform by optimizing your job-related content and text to be readable on mobile devices. You also need job pages for enhanced visibility in mobile search and to ensure your site’s navigation is simple but intuitive on mobile devices. This allows candidates to enjoy a smooth hiring process and seamless engagement from the application phase to the scheduling and screening process using their mobile devices.

5. Implement A Candidate Feedback Survey

Providing and asking for feedback is crucial for improving candidate experience, whether the feedback is positive or negative. In fact, 94% of job applicants expect feedback from their recruiters, but only about 41% receive it. Your software should have a system for recruiters to provide candidates feedback on their interviews.

This is especially important for rejected applicants since it can help them develop the required skills and improve for the next interview. It also allows recruiters on your job board to make a positive experience for candidates while fostering a relationship with them.

Implementing a feedback survey on your platform can help recruiters be able to collect feedback from the candidates eight after the interview. This can help recruiters identify areas for improvement and where they’re succeeding to optimize recruitment for future hires. Requesting feedback from candidates shows the employer or recruiter is open to suggestions, which can create a positive image and make applicants more likely to consider them in the future.


Enhancing candidate experience on your recruitment portal is crucial for building a positive brand image and attracting top talent. There are many easy but incredibly effective ways to create a positive candidate experience on your recruitment software.

From integrating an applicant tracking system, text messaging software, and chatbot technology to offering tools for virtual interviews and a candidate feedback survey, implementing the tips above will help improve the hiring process and candidate experience on your recruitment platform. Be sure to actively work on improving the candidate experience if you want to attract the best talent and grow your recruitment business.

Aaron Haynes

Written by Aaron Haynes

Mar 09, 2023

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