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8 Ways to Use Zonka Feedback with Webex

Remote working is on the rise. Especially since a couple of years, in the pandemic period, it has become a part of the lives of many, and most people are satisfied with it. Researches suggest that 77% of remote workers feel that they are more productive when working from home. The ability to connect and interact seamlessly with their peers and clients contributes to this feeling to a large extent.

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While companies and employees realized the benefits of remote working, the importance of web applications fostering virtual meetings and video conferencing also increased. One of such popular apps is Webex which various companies and educational institutions widely use to arrange video conferences and virtual meetings with clients, employees, and students. Researches suggest that Cisco Webex had 25 billion meeting minutes in just a single month of April 2020.

But hybrid working comes with many challenges. One of these challenges is feeling connectedness to the company and team. While project management, meetings, instant communication is being taken care of — building a sense of belongingness, team building and fun activities are hardly possible. 

But not anymore. 

Meet Zonka for Webex.  

Zonka Feedback is now deeply integrated with Webex and is available as a part of Webex's embeddable apps right within your meetings. Zonka for Webex helps you make your Webex meetings more engaging and interactive. 

Let's find out more. 

What can you do with Zonka for Webex?

With Zonka for Webex, you can conduct surveys, live polls, and quizzes during Webex meetings without leaving Webex at all. It not only saves time, ensures maximum engagement, but is also quite cool and seamless for your meeting audiences. 

  • Surveys on Webex - Zonka for Webex, helps you create customized surveys within minutes and send them to the attendees without needing to close the meeting. You can send your surveys during the sessions, receive responses, and get response analytics reports in real-time.
  • Live Polls on Webex - With the feature of conducting live polls, you can take the voting of your attendees on a particular topic, multiple options, or strategies among which you want to choose the best and agreed by most of your attendees. You can conduct live polls during the meetings, take votes, and view the results of the polls in real-time.
  • Quizzes on Webex - To check your attendees' knowledge, to break the ice or just for a fun session, you can create interactive quizzes during the meetings with Zonka for Webex, share them during an ongoing discussion, and let your attendees view the scores and results of the quizzes instantly.

Ways to Use Zonka Feedback with Webex

  1. Ice Breakers
  2. Live Polls and Voting for Choices
  3. In-Meeting Feedback
  4. Capture Views and Opinions
  5. Test Knowledge
  6. Test Post-Traning Understanding
  7. Do Fun Activities and Learning
  8. Collect Feedback about Discussions and Processes

Let’s understand how these tips can help you during online meetings and conferences:

1. Ice Breakers

To make your meetings more engaging, it’s a good idea to start them with some ice breakers. Doing this will help to create an interest in the attendees and freshen up their minds. Moreover, studies suggest that around 37% of the meetings start late by approximately 15 minutes. This is primarily due to some attendees being late. But why penalize the punctual ones for them? Waiting for 10-15 minutes for some attendees will frustrate the already present attendees. So why not calm them down with some interactive ice breaker quizzes!

While all the attendees join, start a small icebreaker poll to make their minds lighter and save them from irritation. Ask icebreaker questions like:

What’s your idea of a perfect vacation?

  • Mountains
  • Beaches
  • Both
  • Something else

What do you like the most among them?

  • Pizza
  • Burger
  • Noodles
  • Sandwich

You can also start with funny icebreakers like:

What would you like to be reincarnated as?

  • A Cat
  • A Dog
  • A Panda
  • A Penguin

2. Live Polls and Voting for Choices

There may be certain decisions and strategies which you want to choose from to implement, and you think it better to ask from the team. With Zonka for Webex, you can easily conduct live polls and voting to know your attendees' choices.

You can do this during the meeting itself and know how many attendees want which option to be implemented. You can not only organize the voting but also view the poll results in real-time while in the meeting and continue your session without a break.

3. In-Meeting Feedback

With the facility to create and send surveys during the meeting, you can use Zonka Feedback to take In-Meeting Feedback from the attendees. You can easily create surveys for Employee Feedback, Student Feedback, and more with Zonka Feedback; and send them to you attendees during the meeting and know their feedback about the meeting, a strategy, an online session, or anything.

You can easily collect feedback, view responses, and analyze the feedback with real-time reports during the meeting itself.

4. Capture Views and Opinions

Use Zonka for Webex to conduct surveys to know the views and opinions of your attendees. Send surveys with open-ended questions to understand the clear views of your attendees on any topic, strategy, or aspect you want to know your attendees’ thoughts.

With this integration, you don’t need to stop the meeting and arrange another after collecting the views and opinions of your team members or clients. You can do this within the same conference and move forward to the next task or step to implement your strategies.

5. Test Knowledge

With the ability to conduct quizzes during the meeting, you can test the knowledge of your meeting attendees over any topic. There would be strategies and tasks you would want to assign to your team members. Create and send quizzes during the meeting, collect responses and see results in real-time while in the meeting. This would help you decide better on which task you should assign to whom in your team.

6. Test Post-Traning Understanding

Like virtual meetings, online training sessions are also carried out through Webex. When you arrange online training sessions for your employees or students, it is also essential to check the understanding of your attendees to know the worth of the online Webex session.

Quizzes are the best way to know this. As you can efficiently conduct any type of quizzes with Zonka for Webex, use this feature to test the Post-training understanding of your attendees in between or just after an online training session. You can send questions, receive responses and see the quiz results to know the understanding of your attendees within minutes.

7. Do Fun Activities and Learning

Fun activities and sessions are essential to creating a work-life balance as well as to freshen up the minds of your employees. Use the Zonka for Webex for arranging light quizzes for weekly or monthly fun virtual team building activities like Fundoo Friday or monthly virtual get-togethers.

If you use Webex for educational purposes in your institution to provide online classes, create quizzes to foster quick and fun learning for your students.

8. Collect Feedback about Discussions and Processes

Lastly, to make your meetings more engaging for your attendees, take feedback about the discussions you had and the other running processes. With the ability to send surveys and collect responses during the Webex meeting itself, send Feedback Surveys to your attendees to know how they felt about the meeting and discussion they just had.

In this way, you can utilize the Zonka for Webex to the maximum extent to make your meetings more effective and successful.

Webex + Zonka Feedback CTA

Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Dec 01, 2021

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