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Conducting Surveys in Webex Meetings

March 17, 2023

Webex meetings are an excellent way to connect with your team members and clients. But these meetings can often get boring and less interactive when the communication remains only one-sided. To ensure more productivity and interaction in your meetings, conducting live surveys would be a perfect way not only to establish two-way communication but also to collect views and opinions of your meetings attendees.

Zonka for Webex makes it easy for you to host surveys with your meeting and webinar attendees without leaving the Webex meeting at all. Want more? You can create these surveys within Webex itself.

Moreover, you can also get survey responses without needing to end the session in between, analyze the responses and get the analytic reports in real-time. 

Measure CX with Webex Surveys📝

Run live polls, quizzes, and surveys and measure customer satisfaction across all touchpoints in real-time right within Webex using Zonka Feedback. 

Get Started

It sounds easy, because it is. Let's explore steps to conducting surveys in Webex Meetings with Zonka. 

Steps to Conduct Surveys in Webex Meetings

  1. Choose Zonka for Webex from Embeddable Apps in Webex
  2. Sign in or Sign up for your account 
  3. Create a survey or pick an existing survey
  4. Share the survey with your attendees
  5. Collect Responses within the meeting

Here is how you can follow these steps and conduct effective surveys during your Webex Meetings:

1. Choose Zonka for Webex from Embeddable Apps

Zonka for Webex is one of Webex's Embeddable Apps. These apps are available within Webex and accessible while in meeting.

2. Sign in or Sign up for your account

The next step to get started with Zonka for Webex is to log in to your Zonka Feedback account or sign up to create a new one. Zonka for Webex is easy to set up, and you can sign up for a new account within minutes

3. Create a survey or pick an existing survey

To create a survey, you just need to click on Add Survey, Choose from Type (Survey, Poll, or Quiz), choose a template, edit your chosen template, and you're ready to go. Zonka Feedback has in-built ready-to-use templates and 40+ question types from which you can select those that suit your business requirements. You can add, remove or modify questions of your choice, and you can also choose to start a new survey from scratch and write your own questions.

Above that, Zonka Feedback offers features like white labeling your surveys and adding your own brand name to them.

4. Share Surveys the survey with your attendees

When you have created the survey with added questions of your choice, share this with your team and start taking feedback and conducting surveys in your meeting. With Zonka for Webex, you can easily share your surveys with all the meeting attendees during the ongoing session.

5. Collect Responses within the meeting

To collect responses, you can give your attendees some time to respond to the survey during the ongoing Webex meeting. With Zonka for Webex, you also get real-time notifications of the responses received.

Types of Surveys you can Conduct

With Zonka for Webex, you can conduct the following types of surveys:

1. Meeting Satisfaction Surveys

Meeting Satisfaction Surveys are used to capture Meeting Feedback and know whether your attendees are satisfied with the meeting or not. You can conduct rating surveys of various types for this purpose, like star rating, emoticons, and more.

2. Training Feedback Surveys

Whenever you conduct a Webex training session, you can conduct Training Feedback Surveys during or just after the session. You can use these surveys to collect trainees’ feedback or satisfaction levels and can also use them to check their knowledge and understanding of the training.

3. Event Feedback Surveys

Webex sessions are also used to conduct online events and virtual get-togethers like festival celebrations, regular quarterly meet, all-hands meetings, and more! With Event Feedback Surveys, you can ask your audience about their experience of being in the virtual event. You can ask them whether they liked the event or not, whether it was engaging and entertaining enough.

4. Opinion Capture Survey

You can also use surveys to capture the opinions of your attendees on various matters. For instance, you want to make an important decision for your business, and you want to take suggestions and ideas of your team whether you should go ahead with it or not, or you want to select one among multiple alternatives available like a strategy to go ahead. You can ask your team members to choose the one that seems good to them for the business and make decisions based on the majority’s choice.

How is it Beneficial?

Sending Surveys is a great way to communicate with your meeting attendees and know their valuable insights. Let’s explore some benefits of in-meeting surveys.

Benefits of Conducting Surveys in Webex Meetings

  1. It makes the Webex meetings engaging
  2. It helps to capture information
  3. It helps to measure satisfaction
  4. In-Meeting Surveys can be good ice-breakers
  5. In-Meeting Surveys save time
  6. In-Meeting Surveys save you from extra effort

Let’s know more about these benefits:

1. It makes the Webex meetings more engaging

Conducting Surveys in Webex meetings is a great way to make your meetings more engaging. With surveys, you ask questions to our attendees and thereby give them opportunities to share their views. This increases communication and engagement in your meetings.

2. It helps to capture information

With in-meeting surveys, you can capture information about your attendees, like information regarding their previous experience of handling a similar project, their level of knowledge, and more.

3. It helps to measure satisfaction

With in-meeting surveys, you can effectively measure the satisfaction of your attendees. You can measure the satisfaction of your employees with an online meeting, the satisfaction of your trainees with an online training session, the satisfaction of your students with an online class, and so on.

4. In-meeting surveys can be good ice-breakers

In-meeting surveys can also be used as exciting ice-breakers for your meetings at the start of a Webex meeting. You can ask ice-breaker questions from your attendees and make them comfortable in the conference, which will eventually increase their active participation and engagement.

5. In-Meeting Surveys Save Time

One of the most significant benefits of taking surveys in Webex meetings is that it saves you a lot of time. With this ability, if you want to collect attendees’ feedback, views, or opinion on anything, you don’t need to go through a long process of announcing the survey in the meeting, ending the session, sending surveys through emails to collect responses, analyzing them and then arranging another meeting to discuss the survey responses and make decisions.

Instead, you can easily do all this during the ongoing meeting without breaking the flow of the meeting or delaying your important decisions.

6. In-meeting surveys save you from extra efforts

Along with saving time to do a long process, you also save the extra effort you otherwise had to do to follow the lengthy process. With an Embedded survey app into Webex, you don’t need to keep switching between the apps. With Zonka Feedback’s ready-to-use templates, you can easily create and share surveys with your attendees within minutes while being present in the meeting to collect responses and view the analytic response reports.

Zonka for Webex is a great solution for conducting live surveys during Webex meetings. Try Zonka for Webex and make your Webex sessions more engaging, useful, and successful.

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Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Dec 24, 2021

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