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Different Poll Types for your Next Meeting

Are you thinking of using Live Polls for your upcoming meetings? Good idea! If you are working remotely, which most companies have been for a couple of years, virtual meetings and web conferences must be a part of your life.

For most corporates, these online sessions like Webex Meetings and video conferences are a reliable mode of communication. Polling helps in making these meetings more engaging. It gives you a way to talk to your meeting attendees and is an excellent method to know their views and opinions. When it comes to sharing and managing confidential information securely during virtual meetings, businesses can consider using the best virtual data rooms available in the market.

While Polls are of various types, it is necessary to choose the right one for your meetings as per the needs of your business and the agenda of your next meeting. This article will explore different types of Polls that you can use in your online meetings and video conferencing sessions to make them more engaging and valuable.

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Various Types of Polls

There are various types of polls you can conduct to know the insights of your meeting attendees. You can choose among different types like Multiple Choice, Single Choice, and Rating Poll. The key to choosing the right one for your meetings lies in the purpose of your Poll and the way you want to use it.

Let’s explore some popular types of Polls and how to use them for your meetings.

Types of Polls

  1. Single Choice
  2. Multiple Choice
  3. Rating Polls

Let’s know more about these types of Polls:

1. Single Choice Polls

One of the most simple and probably the most common types of Poll is the Single Choice Poll. A Single Choice Poll allows you to present a question to your audience and give them options to choose among them. Your meeting attendees can select the answer of their choice.

You can also mark one of the answers as the correct answer, see the Poll results, and present them to the audience too.

When to Use them?

Single Choice Polls have a number of uses. They are best used when:

  • When you want to choose a plan or a strategy among various available alternatives with the choice of your team members.
  • When you want to choose a person or a team for a particular project or task, along with considering the choice of your members of management or board.
  • When you want to prioritize your projects.
  • When you want to ask Yes/No questions.
  • When you want to organize quizzes and ask questions in which one of the answer options is correct.

Basically, whenever you want to make a single choice of choosing among multiple alternatives, and you want to make decisions considering the opinion of your meeting attendees, Single Choice Polls are best for the purpose.

Examples of Single Choice Poll Questions

Here are some examples of Single Choice Questions you can use in your Polls:

Which marketing Stategegy do you think would be better to go ahead with our current business model?

  • Television Advertisements
  • Door to Door Selling
  • Network Marketing
  • Local Areas Supply Chain

Do you think we should move ahead with the new plan discussed in the meeting?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

Which of the Client Project do you think we should work on priority as per their terms, conditions, the scope of work, and profit as discussed in the meeting?

  • Go Holiday Tours and Travels
  • International Airways Group
  • Seko Telecom
  • Fine Dine Restaurants

Which country depicts the flower of the cherry tree as a national symbol?

  • India
  • Canada
  • France
  • Britain

2. Multiple Choice Polls

In this type of Poll, you can allow your attendees to choose more than one answer choice. These survey questions are helpful to collect more of attendees’ insights, and you get a broader idea of their views and opinions.

When to Use them?

These Polls are excellent to use when:

  • When you want to organize voting and enable your voters to vote for more than one alternatives.
  • When you want to collect the most popular opinion.
  • When you want to organize quizzes with questions having more than one correct answer.
  • When you want to know the preferences of your meetings attendees.
  • When you want to consider at least two or more choices of your audience to make a decision.

Examples of Multiple Choice Polls

Here are some examples of the questions that you can use as Multiple Choice Poll questions:

Which two of the following campaigns do you feel we should spend our donation funds on priority?

  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Cancer Awareness Campaign
  • Organ Donation Registration Camp
  • Thalassemia Awareness Campaign

Which two days do you think would be best for regular team meetings to discuss the upcoming milestones?

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

Which mode(s) of payment do you generally use to do shopping?

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Cash
  • Money Wallets
  • Online Banking

3. Rating Polls

Rating Polls include simple Rating Questions where you ask your audience to give a rating to a particular aspect like a business plan, strategy, person, meeting, event, etc. In this type of Poll, you provide some rating options to your audience and ask them to select one as per their experience and opinion.

Rating options can be of various types as per your choice, like star rating options, rating with emoticons, and numeric scores. These Polls are helpful to find the levels of satisfaction or understanding of your meetings attendees with any aspect.

When to Use them?

Rating Polls are best used when:

  • When you want to capture Meeting Feedback from your attendees.
  • When you want to gather Training Feedback from your trainees or want to know the level of their understanding.
  • When you address your clients in the meeting to resolve specific issues, you want to measure Client Satisfaction with the resolution.
  • When you want to measure metrics like NPS, CSAT, CES, or eNPS.

Examples of Rating Polls

Here are some examples of Rating Poll Questions:

How would you rate this online session? (1-5 Star Options)

What is your general understanding of today’s training session (1-5 Star Rating Options)

How likely are you to recommend these training sessions to your friends and colleagues? (NPS Question with a Rating Scale of 0 to 10)

How satisfied are you with today’s meeting experience? (1-5 Rating Options)

How to Choose the Right Type of Poll?

When we talk about choosing the right type of poll for your meeting, the only factor you must consider is the purpose and usage of the Poll. The purpose of organizing a Poll can vary among different teams, organizations, and industries. Let’s explore the different ways you can use Polls and how you can choose the best for them as per your needs.

Purposes to Use Polls

  1. To Collect Opinions
  2. To Organize Voting for Choices
  3. To Create Ice Breakers
  4. To Organize Quizzes
  5. To Collect Meeting or Training Feedback
  6. To Measure eNPS
  7. To Make Effective Decisions

Let’s learn more about these purposes of using Polls and what type of Polls you can use for these purposes:

1. To Collect Opinions

Polls are super effective in collecting the opinions of your meeting attendees. You can gather the views of your attendees regarding anything like a new strategy you are thinking to adopt, a new approach you want to build, or any ongoing operations.

You can conduct the Poll about the strategy or the plan and put adjectives like Great, Awesome, Average, Seems Good, Seems Ineffective, etc., and let your attendees vote what they feel. You can use Single Choice and Multiple Choice Poll Surveys for this purpose.

2. To Organize Voting for Choices

Whenever you have a bunch of alternatives, and you want the opinion of your employees or team members as to what seems best to them, you can easily organize voting with Poll Surveys during your meetings. You can keep the alternatives in the answer choices as per your requirements and let your audience select one or more options as per their choices.

This helps you know what they think is better for the company so that you can consider their choices and thoughts while selecting an alternative. Whether it is deciding a strategy, or a person for a particular position, or a group of people for a specific task or project, you can use Single Choice and Multiple Choice Polls for this purpose.

3. To Create Ice Breakers

Researches suggest that around 37% of the meetings start late by about 10-15 minutes, primarily due to the unavailability of all the attendees. Why penalize the punctual attendees for this? You can use Polls as icebreakers to kill the boredom and irritation of the waiting attendees. It's a good idea to start the meeting with light icebreaker poll questions while all the attendees join in.

You can ask your audience questions like their favorite food, the idea for a perfect vacation, their favorite actor, sports or sports person, etc., to break the ice and save them from irritation. For this purpose, you can use Single Choice or Multiple Choice Poll Surveys.

4. To Organize Quizzes

You can also use Polls to organize Quizzes for your meetings attendees. You can use Single Choice and Multiple Choice Poll Questions for this purpose and mark one or more options as correct. With Poll Quizzes, you can:

  • Check the knowledge of your attendees about a particular topic.
  • Check the ability of your students on a specific subject or course in the case of educational institutions.
  • Encourage play way learning for students
  • Track the understanding of your trainees from a training provided to them.
  • Organize fun sessions for students or employees like virtual get-togethers and festival celebrations.

5. To Collect Meeting or Training Feedback

Polls are an effective way to take feedback. You can gather feedback from your attendees about the meetings, training sessions, a presentation, a new policy, location, work environment, or anything.

You can use Rating Polls for this purpose and give your attendees rating options to select their choice from them. You can use star rating options, emoticons, or adjective words as rating options.

6. To Measure eNPS

With the help of Poll Surveys, you can also measure metrics like Employee Net Promoter Score. In these polls, you can give the rating options of 0 to 10, allow your attendees to rate the organization based on any aspect from 0 to 10, and then measure eNPS based on the responses.

Rating type Polls are perfect for this purpose. You can also do a regular pulse check with this type of Polls and track your eNPS rising or falling.

7. To Make Effective Decisions

Polls can help you to a large extent in making effective decisions for your organization. You can arrange Voting with Poll Surveys for your meeting attendees to select the best proposal, design, strategy, person, or team. You can also ask your team members whether they agree on a particular aspect or not before going ahead with it.

You can use Multiple Choice Type Polls, Single Choice Type Polls, and Rating Type Polls for this purpose. You can give options like Proposal A, Proposal B, Proposal C, etc., and ask your audience to vote among them. You can use Rating type Polls to ask how positive your team members feel about the new plan.

Polls let you know your audience's opinions and help you make decisions to which most people agree and feel positive. With Polls, you can make your meetings more engaging, practical, and valuable.

Try Zonka for Webex to send to create and send Live Polls to your meeting attendees during an ongoing meeting without breaking the flow of your Webex meeting.

Measure CX with Webex Surveys

Run live polls, quizzes, and surveys and measure customer satisfaction across all touchpoints in real-time right within Webex using Zonka Feedback.

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Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Dec 03, 2021

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