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Measure Employee Satisfaction Levels Using Employee Feedback Forms

The employee feedback survey is ideal for performance reviews, exit interviews, job satisfaction surveys and more. Use the free employee feedback survey templates given below to power your workforce.

Employee Feedback Form Templates

  • Work from Home Survey Template (WFH)

    Work from Home Survey Template (WFH)

    Identify challenges faced by employees while they work from home. 

  • Employee compensation survey template

    Employee compensation survey template

    Use this employee compensation survey template to check whether your employees are satisfied with...

  • Employee Feedback and Check-In Survey

    Employee Feedback and Check-In Survey

    The employee feedback template will help you get employees feedback and check what the remote teams...

  • Wage Gap Evaluation Survey Template

    Wage Gap Evaluation Survey Template

    This survey allows your employees to express their opinions on how well they are paid, how...

  • Management Performance Survey Template

    Management Performance Survey Template

    This management performance survey template enables you to gain insights on what your employees...

  • Organizational Culture Survey Template

    Organizational Culture Survey Template

    Use the Organizational Culture Survey Template to get a view of your company culture through the...
  • Financial Benefits And Wellness Survey Template

    Financial Benefits And Wellness Survey Template

    Find out how your employees feel about the financial benefits, retirement benefits, and other...
  • First 90 Days On The Job Template

    First 90 Days On The Job Template

    Use the First 90 Days On The Job Template to understand the employee's experience in the past 90...
  • Fun Employee Engagement Quiz

    Fun Employee Engagement Quiz

    Use the Fun Employee Engagement Quiz to get to know your employees in a fun and engaging manner.
  • Office Feedback Survey Template

    Office Feedback Survey Template

    Use the Office Feedback Survey Template to collect insights from your employees about the physical...
  • Online 360 Review Template

    Online 360 Review Template

    Use the Online 360 Review Template, designed by Zonka Feedback, to gain a 360 degree view of your...
  • Online Employee Recruitment Survey Template

    Online Employee Recruitment Survey Template

    Use the Online Employee Recruitment Survey Template to get feedback about your recruitment process...
  • Online Suggestion Box Template

    Online Suggestion Box Template

    Use the Online Suggestion Box Template to collect employee suggestions on improvement in the...
  • Online Training Feedback Form

    Online Training Feedback Form

    Capture feedback about your training session or online courses for students or employees to gain...
  • Security Awareness Survey Template

    Security Awareness Survey Template

    Use the Security Awareness Survey Template to analyze how aware your employees are about the...
  • Self Evaluation Form Template

    Self Evaluation Form Template

    Use the Self Evaluation Form Template to encourage employees to evaluate their own performance and...
  • Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey Template

    Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey Template

    Use Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey Template to collect your employees' views on your organization...