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5 Effective ways to deal with Negative Feedback

5 Effective ways to deal with Negative Feedback

Customer feedback is the oil that keeps companies and business in working order, as with any machine, it requires proper care and maintenance. For you, that means responding to all customer feedback, both positive and negative and ensuring that you are providing your customers with an experience that is far superior to your competitors. In order to do so, you need to handle negative feedback appropriately.

Accept The Mistake

Mistakes happen, and there is very little we can do to prevent it. Humans can accidently mistype a number, computers may glitch over a sale item, it happens, nothing is perfect. However, when a customer or employee expresses a concern over a mistake, it is important to accept it. It would not be the client's fault for a cashier or machine error, why try to blame them for purchasing your product?

Respond Quickly and Efficiently

Having a customer support team is essential for quick responses and making sure all the data that can be gathered can be. Your company should respond to all inquiries within 24 to 48 hours of receiving them. It may take time to resolve the problem, but ensure that you are doing as much as you can to provide the customer a feeling of importance. Many companies find that dedicating a particular agent to the ticket helps, that way there is no gap in communication.

Investigate The Issue

If an investigation was not conducted upon receiving the ticket, it is important to see where the problem happened, to prevent it in the future. Most companies will handle the customer first which will allow for a more thorough investigation of the issue. If you are opting to wait, be sure to keep the client posted on the progress.

Act On It

Once you have found the problem, act on it. Does a machine need to be replaced, is a database starting to fail? No matter what the situation is, once you have pinpointed the problem, take the appropriate action according to your company standards. At this point, it would be wise to send out personalized messages to the customers impacted by this failure. After all, they deserve a thank you for providing the negative feedback that helped to show a flaw in your system.

Bring Them Back

One of the most upsetting points of negative feedback is that occasionally a customer's experience was so horrible; they turn their back to your brand. You can get these customers back if you follow the steps we have here. In fact, more than 70% of customers decide to give a brand a second chance based on how the company handled their complaints. That is a huge profit margin for a little bit of email correspondence!

Resolving customer issues and handling the negative feedback that came with it are crucial to maintaining the integrity of your brand. When a situation arises where you need to handle one customer, to hundreds, have a plan in place to handle it. The more prepared you are, the more you can learn from the situation. Mistakes happen, but don’t let that be the last impression your customers have of your company.

Published on Mar 20, 2015. Updated on Mar 13, 2020.

Team Zonka

Written by Team Zonka

Mar 20, 2015

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