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6 Ways to Implement a Restaurant Feedback Software

It's a no brainer that getting feedback is a sure shot way to measure and understand your customer's perception about your restaurant's food, staff and service. It enables you to track whether your customers are satisfied and happy with the quality of what you offer at your restaurant, without any guesswork.

As a restaurateur or a customer service executive at the restaurant, using a Restaurant Feedback Software makes a lot of sense to really streamline the process of taking customer feedback instead of using manual mechanisms that don't give any concrete feedback analytics. 

Measure Restaurant Feedback and Satisfaction 🍽️

Gauge feedback from guests and visitors at various touchpoints in your restaurant.

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But what's the best way to implement this Restaurant Feedback Software to maximize the benefits of it? Let's find out. 

6 Ways to Implement a Restaurant Feedback Software 

  1. To handover tablet-based feedback forms to guests
  2. To setup feedback kiosks at various touchpoints
  3. To embed feedback link on the website
  4. To share feedback link on social media
  5. To print feedback link or QR code on the bill or delivery boxes
  6. To send email or SMS post-delivery through APIs and Integrations

Before diving into the 6 ways of restaurant feedback software implementation, let's first understand why it is important to take restaurant feedback.

6 Ways To Implement a Restaurant Feedback Software

There are numerous ways to employ Restaurant Feedback and enable you to collect feedback from guests. We’ll cover 6 most popular ways to implement restaurant feedback software.

1. To handover tablet-based feedback forms to guests

According to the study, the user base of the iPad and other tables has increased to 1.2 billion worldwide. With such a widespread user base, a tablet-based survey has become the need of the hour for restaurant & hotel trade business.

This on-the-spot feedback system enables you to collect real-time feedback on a tablet or smartphone. Most customers avoid giving a paper-based survey as it consumes a lot of time. so, they are comfortable in giving on-premises feedback. You can expect feedback without biases when it’s captured on the tablet.

2. To setup feedback kiosks at various touchpoints

Collecting guests' perspectives towards your restaurant's service through a kiosk app such as Zonka Feedback stands out as the best option over other traditional means. Kiosk setup enables you to deliver seamless survey experience to your guest.

If you want to get real-time feedback at your restaurant, then you should install a kiosk feedback system at various influential touchpoints including reception, restroom, visitors lounge, etc. You can also employ a kiosk feedback system near the buffet area to know the guest experience about the food menu, taste, quality, and hygiene.

3. To embed feedback link on the website

Displaying or embedding surveys on the website are the easiest way to get feedback. Survey in a popup form or a button can quickly grab the attention of your visitors and entices them to give their feedback.

Sometimes you need to persuade your guests to give their feedback, as they tend to skip the survey. In this scenario, you can promise your guests with some kind of incentive on the completion of survey. This will encourage them to give genuine feedback. You can also use this feedback system during online food ordering.

Also Read: 5 insights you can use from your NPS surveys to improve your customers’ experience at your hotel and promote guest loyalty here.

4. To Share Feedback Link on Social Media

Social Media is growing exponentially in terms of its reach and influence. According to the GlobalWebIndex, 2018, 54% of social browsers use social media to research products/services and 88% of customers read reviews to determine the quality of a business.

Understanding the psychology and browsing habits of your guest, highly automated Restaurant Feedback Software enables you to leverage its power to earn maximum response. You can ask open-ended questions about your food, services or ambiance.

Note - Reply promptly to your social media audience either by thanking for a positive review or addressing their grievances.

5. To print feedback link or QR code on the bill or delivery boxes

Apart from security purposes like anti-counterfeiting, food manufacturers and restaurant businesses use the QR Code to acquire customer feedback. Over the years, the QR Code is considered to be the simplest way to get digital feedback.

If you want to know your guest's perspective about food and services, then provide them with the QR Code printed on the bill. Your guests will scan the given QR Code and give their reviews. This practice of acquiring feedback can save the time of both the party.

6. To send email or SMS post-delivery through APIs and Integrations

It is not only pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, even hotels, and business traders are also using Email and SMS Survey as a communication channel. In fact, many restaurants and hotels stated that the Email/SMS Survey enables them to deliver a best-in-class experience to their guests. Survey via email provides you with the opportunity to improve your service along with the guest engagement.

You can levitate your restaurant business with powerful integrations and custom APIs. There are many popular software that can be easily integrated with other third-party platforms/applications like Zapier, Twilio, Plivo and more. Equipped with the robust and secure framework, Customer Feedback Software enables you to do feedback management on steroids.

These are the best 6 ways to employ Restaurant Feedback Software to get maximum response rate from the survey. It not only captures guest experience at various feedback points in the hotel/restaurant but also enables you to deploy and manage multiple devices.

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Written by Archit

Dec 16, 2019

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