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28 Delivery Business Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions and Examples (Template Included)

Feedback is essential for delivery businesses to improve their service, maintain customer satisfaction, and build a strong brand reputation. Check out the top Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions, Examples & Templates in this article.

Delivery Businesses are on the rise. For customers and frequent buyers, it is one of the most convenient and easy sources to purchase goods and services without spending time and effort on visiting stores or getting stuck in the traffic on the road. Whether it is food, groceries, apparels, wellness products, furniture or anything you can think of buying, ecommerce and delivery platforms are there to serve you.

The COVID-19 pandemic has even accelerated the growth of online shopping and delivery businesses, with over 80% increase in e-commerce sales in the US in 2020. Although the growth rate reduced with the reduction in impact of COVID, however, it has driven a significant shift in behavior of consumers and many people started shopping at the comfort of their home.

With customers using delivery businesses frequently, it is important for businesses to measure customer satisfaction for a successful business.

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In this article, we will share some of the most important Customer Satisfaction Survey questions to use in a survey to measure Delivery Experience. The questions are designed to help you collect valuable customer insights, identify areas of improvement, and improve the quality of your delivery services. Let’s get started!

Customer Satisfaction Survey Template for Delivery Businesses

Use this Template

Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions to Ask from Customers in Delivery Business

Delivery Experience has several aspects. To ensure an overall great delivery experience, you need to collect feedback about every aspect which is a part of your business, and take feedback-driven actions to provide better delivery services. Here are some questions to measure Customer Experience about various aspects.

1. Questions to collect feedback regarding ordering experience (On website or service desk)

Delivery Experience starts from the stage of Ordering itself. When you are giving delivery services to the customers, it is essential that your customers are able to place their orders quickly and seamlessly. If you have an eCommerce website, the customers must be able to easily find the product they are looking for.

If you take orders through calls, you should focus on providing a great service desk experience to the customers. Your service agents should be available and helpful enough for the customers to take orders in a decent way. Here are the questions you can include in your Delivery Experience survey to gauge customers’ order placement experience.

  • How would you rate your Ordering Experience?
  • Were you able to easily find what you were searching for on the website?
  • Were you able to easily place the order on our website?
  • How would you rate the experience of reaching us and placing orders through our helpline number?
  • How was your experience with our service agent who took your order?
  • Were you able to easily connect with our service agent and place your order?

2. Questions to collect feedback regarding Delivery Speed

Speed of the Delivery is a crucial factor that affects the Delivery Experience of the customers. When customers order delivery of a product, they expect a timely delivery. This is true not only in case of food delivery, but also in case of other deliveries like clothes, jewelry, cell phones etc.

By asking customers for feedback about timely delivery, you can ensure that your products reach your customers before the estimated time you commit to your customers while taking the orders. Based on their Delivery Feedback, you can make improvements like giving more accurate estimated time and date to the customer, or reducing the difficulties which create delays in delivery.

  • Did you receive the product you ordered on time?
  • How would you rate our delivery speed based on your recent delivery experience?
  • Was our delivery agent able to locate and reach your exact address on time?

3. Questions to Gauge Experience with Order Accuracy

It is of utmost importance to deliver the right product to the customers. The product features and details should be exactly as you mentioned on your website, and the one that customer has ordered. In case a wrong product is delivered, or a product with different size, color, or other attribute is delivered to the customer, it ruins the customers’ experience and engages them in the process of exchange or return. No customer wants to spend time and effort in these processes.

So, you should ensure that your processes are well-defined and your sellers are well informed about the particular details of the product to be delivered so that the right products are delivered to the customers in the first go itself. Getting into the process of exchange or return will not only add to customers’ frustrations but also it will increase your delivery and return costs.

  • Are you happy with the product received?
  • How would you rate your delivery experience on the basis of order accuracy?
  • Is the product delivered to you accurate in terms of color and size?

4. Questions to collect feedback regarding about Packaging

Packaging is also a vital part of product delivery. Good packaging pleases the customers and saves the product from getting damaged, whereas poor packaging poses a bad impression of your brand on your customers, and also involves the risk of damaging the product. Here are some questions to know your customers’ insights about the packaging of your products.

  • How would you rate the packaging of the product?
  • Is the product delivered to you in an appropriate condition?
  • Was the product delivered properly packed and sealed?
  • Do you agree that the fragile product delivered was properly packaged to prevent breaking? (In case of Fragile Product)

5. Questions to collect feedback regarding Delivery person’s conduct

Delivery person’s conduct and behavior is a critical aspect of customers’ Delivery Experience. A rude or unfriendly delivery agent will ruin the entire delivery experience of the customers, whereas friendly and supportive delivery agents will boost Delivery Experience and drive more orders.

  • How would you rate your delivery experience on the basis of conduct of the delivery staff?
  • Was our delivery staff friendly and supportive?

6. Questions to collect feedback regarding about Product being fresh (in case of food delivery)

This is specifically applicable in case of food and grocery delivery. When you are into the food delivery business, it is vital to ensure that the food delivered to the customers is fresh and in good condition and the delivery happens at the right time. Moreover, the groceries delivered should also be fresh and not expired as per the packing dates.

Here are some questions for this purpose.

  • How was the quality of the food delivered to you?
  • Was the food delivered to you fresh and hot?
  • How would you rate your food delivery experience on the basis of the condition of the food delivered?

7. Questions to Collect Feedback About Product Handling

Product Handling is a crucial aspect when you are delivering products, especially fragile products, or food products. Imagine you order a cake or a pizza and the delivery agent doesn't handle it properly. What will happen? It will spoil all the cake or pizza topping.

Similarly, if you deal in fragile products, not only should packaging be up to the mark, but your delivery agents must also handle the product carefully so that the customers receive them in good condition without any breakage or damage. Here are some questions to ensure a good Product Handling. 

  • Do you agree that the product delivered to you was handled carefully?
  • Was the fragile product delivered to you properly handled and unbroken?
  • Did you face any issues like breaking or leakage in the product?

8. Questions to collect feedback about overall delivery experience

Even if you ask questions about particular aspects  of the customers’ Delivery Experience, there may be some or the other aspects you could have missed. So always collect Customer Feedback about their overall Delivery Experience to ensure that they had a good one. 

Moreover, always give an open-ended space to the customers so that they can share their suggestions or any particular issues they want which they could not do otherwise. 

  • How would you rate your overall delivery experience with us?
  • Based on your recent delivery experience, how likely are you to recommend us to your friends and colleagues on a scale of 0 to 10?
  • Did you face any issues or difficulties at any stage of delivery?
  • Would you like to share any suggestions to make your experience better? (Open-ended Question)

Why you need to measure Customer Satisfaction for your Delivery Business?

Feedback is crucial for all businesses, including delivery services. By measuring customer feedback, businesses get valuable information about how they are performing, what customers are liking or disliking about the services, and give insights into what can be improved. 

Here are some specific reasons why you need to measure Customer Satisfaction for your Delivery Business. 

1. Quality control

Feedback helps delivery businesses to monitor the quality of their service, identify any issues or problems with the delivery process, and take corrective actions as needed.

2. Customer Satisfaction

Feedback from customers provides valuable insights into their experience with the delivery service, including the timeliness, accuracy, and overall quality of the delivery. This information can help businesses improve their service and meet customers' expectations.

3. Brand reputation

Feedback can also impact a delivery business's brand reputation. Positive feedback can help build trust and credibility with customers, while negative feedback can damage the business's reputation and deter potential customers from using their service.

4. Competitive advantage

Feedback can also be used to identify areas where a delivery business can differentiate itself from its competitors. By listening to customers' feedback and addressing their needs and concerns, a delivery business can improve its service and gain a competitive advantage in the market.


Questions are the core of a survey and the success of the survey largely depends on the questions you ask. You can use the above questions as survey templates and include any of them in your Customer Satisfaction Survey depending on your survey requirements to gauge your customers’ Delivery Experience.

For creating best surveys and managing Customer Experience, you can use an effective Customer Satisfaction Software like Zonka Feedback which provides you ready-to-use customizable survey templates and questions to collect Customer Feedback to measure and improve Customer Experience.

You can also try it for free for 14 days and see how it works for your business.

Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

May 02, 2023

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