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How to Take Multilocational Feedback with Zonka Feedback?

Customer Feedback is one of the essential tasks for every business to perform. Not only important, but it is also somewhat an arduous task to collect and manage feedback. And when you have multiple locations, the effort required is multiplied. But if you take the right steps, follow a good strategy, use a good tool and carry on this task with all your efforts and honesty, it becomes easy to collect Customer Feedback even at multiple locations.

When we talk about Multi Locational Feedback, we want to collect and manage feedback at multiple locations from a centralized location, and it is vital to do so. In this article, we will talk about how collecting Multi Locational Feedback is crucial for your business and brand image, and how you can collect it by choosing the right Customer Feedback Software.

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Why Take Multilocational Feedback?

If you have multiple locations, it’s hard to manage the performance of every location, and the performance of each branch affects your brand image. Researches suggest that 32% of the customers switch from a brand once they loved due to one poor experience. And people perceive your brand as per their experience with the branch they visit. So it is of utmost importance that you strive to provide a great experience to all the customers at every branch or location.

But how will you know how your branches are performing? Customer Feedback is the only way to know whether your branches are able to provide an excellent experience to your customers or not. When you gather Customer Feedback, you get a sort of performance review of your branches in the form of customer reviews, ratings, and comments. Getting feedback and taking action helps improve Customer Experience and thus save your brand image before it gets distorted due to poor performance of your staff at a certain location.

To understand the importance of Multi Locational Feedback, let’s explore some of its advantages.

Advantages of Multilocational Feedback

  1. It helps to know Customer Experience at all locations
  2. It helps to track staff performance in all branches
  3. It helps to know the choices and tendencies of customers at different places
  4. It helps in effective decision making for separate branches
  5. It helps to compare the work across different locations
  6. It helps to improve the overall brand image

Let’s learn more about how these advantages of taking Multi Locational Feedback make it necessary for a business with multiple branches.

1. It Helps to Know Customer Experience at all Locations

You cannot personally go to every branch and ask your customers how they feel about the experience your brand is providing them. For this, you need to take Multi Locational Feedback and leverage located-based customer experience. When you gather feedback from customers at all locations, you get to know about the experience provided to your customers at the branches.

You cannot just ensure a good experience at one location at a personal level and then sit behind, assuming that all your branches are providing the same level of satisfaction to your customers. To ensure Customer Satisfaction in every branch, you must gather Multi Locational Feedback.

2. It Helps to Track Staff Performance in all Branches

Customer Experience and Satisfaction largely depend on the performance of your staff. So to ensure Customer Satisfaction, your staff of every branch must perform well to satisfy the customers and provide them a great experience.

Customer Feedback helps to know how your employees at different branches perform and work in your organization. It lets you know whether your staff are welcoming or not, your customer service agents are supportive or not, your facilities department is performing well to ensure cleanliness at your branches or not, and about any aspect of your business and branches. With this information, you can train your staff better and improve their performance.

3. It Helps to Know the Choice and Tendencies of Customers at Different Places

Customers vary from each other in terms of their choices and preferences. And when you have multiple branches at various locations, these variations increase due to demographic factors that affect their choices, feelings, and the overall mindset and perceptions about a particular product attribute and characteristics of a service.

When you gather customer insights about the experience you are able to provide them, you get to know the different choices and perceptions of a variety of customers of various branches.

4. It Helps in Effective Decision-making for Separate Branches

As Multi Locational Feedback helps to know the feelings and perceptions of a variety of customers, it provides you guidance as to make different strategies for your different branches. You can make better and more effective decisions for your business at various locations when you know what your variety of customer bases expect from you.

Knowing more about customers’ expectations enables you to fulfill them in a better way, resulting in better Customer Satisfaction contributing to more success for your business.

4. It Helps to Compare the Work across Different Locations

Customer Feedback of different business locations helps to know about the work done at every location. It facilitates comparison across multiple locations through Customer Feedback in the form of metrics like NPS, CES, and CSAT. With this comparative analysis, you can judge which branch is working better and can be more profitable in the coming years and which branch needs more of your focus. This helps you do good business planning and follow effective strategies to gain high success.

5. It Helps to Improve the Overall Brand Image

Good performance of one branch cannot satisfy the customers at the other branches, whereas the poor performance of one branch can definitely affect your overall goodwill and brand image. As Multi Locational Customer Feedback helps you know the performance of multiple branches, you get an opportunity to work on the feedback and improve Customer Experience, thereby improving your brand image.

Unhappy customers may switch to other brands and start defaming you with their bad word of mouth and reviews if you do not take feedback across locations. Whereas collecting feedback at all locations and working on improving Customer Experience will positively affect your overall brand image and increase your goodwill.

Let’s learn how to take Customer Feedback and choose the right software for collecting Customer Feedback at multiple locations.

Choosing the Right Software

The only way to collect Customer Feedback is to survey them. Customer Feedback Surveys are designed to ask questions about Customer Experience and satisfaction and gather valuable information about the customers’ feelings and perceptions about the products, services, and their overall experience with your brand. There are several software and tools available in the market that help collect customer feedback.

In such a case, choosing the right software can be challenging. The key to choosing the right one is to explore the features of those tools and consider what features you need to capture feedback effectively and work on it to take your business to the next level.

Here are some of the crucial features that your Survey Software should have to collect Multi Locational Feedback effectively.

  • Ability to Run Surveys across locations
  • Ability to Manage Multiple Locations
  • Ability to set Automatic Alerts
  • Ability to Access Location-based reports
  • Ability to Compare feedback across locations
  • Ability to Group the Locations

You should shortlist such software and apps that have these features and then further analyze the features to know which features you require the most according to your business model and how advanced those features are present in these tools. When you have finally shortlisted some best software and apps, you can take a trial of these tools for some days.

This will help you know which software is best and easy to set up and use. Based on your practical experience, make a final decision as to which tool you want to buy.

Zonka Feedback is a great Customer Feedback Software having all the features a Feedback Software should possess to collect and manage Customer Feedback across multiple locations and business chains. Let’s learn how you can set up locations with Zonka Feedback.

How to Set up Location?

Setting up Locations with Zonka Feedback is super-easy. When you want to collect feedback of different locations together at a centralized location, and at the same time keep the data so collected of all the locations separately, Zonka Feedback helps you do it very quickly with ease.

With the easily visible option to Add a Location under the Location menu, you can simply add multiple locations in your Zonka Feedback account. For this, you would be required to fill in some simple information about the site like Location Name, External Id, and Address.

You can also apply location labels as identifiers of certain locations or groups/chains of locations. This will help you use filters to view the results of one for more locations or a specific group or chain of sites.

How to Set up Your Surveys?

As Zonka Feedback is an easy-to-use Software, setting up your surveys is also very easy with Zonka. With the advanced Survey Builder of Zonka Feedback, you can easily build surveys within minutes through its ready-to-use templates of various kinds and 40+ question types. You can remove, add, or modify questions of your choice and choose to start a new survey from scratch.

Once you create your surveys, you can send them through multiple channels like SMS, email, website, and tablets. You can also have multiple users in your Zonka Feedback account, and you can assign them some specific locations. You can also restrict the access of the locations with which they will be able to access data of the particular areas assigned to them only. The response data of other sites can be hidden from them.

Similarly, you can set up location-wise alerts too. With this feature, the users will get notifications of the survey responses related to the locations assigned to them only.

Looking at Multilocation Feedback Analysis

With Zonka Feedback, you also get multi-locational feedback reports for analysis. The survey response reports will be segmented location-wise. You can restrict the users to access the reports of locations assigned to them only. But at the same time, you can access the reports of all locations and can also compare responses of all locations.

The comparative reports help you know and compare the performance of your multiple locations, and you can decide the actions to be taken on it. You can view a comparison of different locations based on the number of responses as well as metrics like NPS, CSAT, and CES.

Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Dec 16, 2021

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