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Top 10 NPS Survey Templates To Measure Customer Loyalty Faster

March 13, 2023

The relationship between businesses and their customers has evolved with time. 

Today, it doesn’t end with the customer buying products/services from the business. In fact, that’s just the beginning. The beginning of a long-lasting relationship where the customer becomes a recurring buyer and recommends the brand to their friends, family, and colleagues. 

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But how do brands know if their customers promote their brands in the long run? 


They ask. 

Businesses are actively setting up Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys on their websites or sending them by email or SMS to know the likelihood of getting recommended by the customers. NPS surveys usually comprise of two very simple and straightforward questions- 

  • Rating the experience they had while using/buying from the brand
  • Likelihood of using the brand again and recommending it to others

With just two simple questions, NPS can help businesses measure customer loyalty and the level of satisfaction with the brand. 

However, these are just NPS surveys in the simplest form. 

In this blog, we will be discussing the different types of NPS surveys that you can find to collect data regarding customer loyalty and advocacy. And more importantly, we will throw light on the various templates that you can use to get started quickly. 

Top NPS Survey Templates

There are different NPS surveys that businesses can use in different scenarios and use cases. Some can be used to collect feedback from customers, some from employees. Some NPS surveys can be used to analyze the competitors, some to know the key drivers for loyalty. 

Depending on the different situations in which businesses collect NPS feedback, Zonka Feedback has come up with a wide range of NPS survey templates to help businesses get started quickly. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive directly into the different NPS survey templates. These are the templates that you can directly use on your website or email or SMS to collect the Net Promoter Score of your customers. 

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#1. NPS Survey Template

Analyze who will recommend your business and who have become detractors by collecting the complete Net Promoter Score using the NPS Survey template. With this template, you can ask your audiences or customers about the likelihood of them recommending you to their friends, colleagues, and others. The Zonka Feedback NPS survey template lets you gain insights into the recommendation level in just 30 seconds. In addition to the promoter score, the template is followed by a quick question asking the reason for giving that particular score. 

Try The NPS Survey Template

#2. Post Purchase NPS Survey Template

You need to ask for the feedback of a customer once they have purchased from you. Only then can you know their experience and what you can do to improve. Further, the post-purchase NPS survey template enables you to identify the likelihood of getting recommended. 

The Zonka post-purchase template comes with five screens for the questions. You can either use the templates in website surveys for your eCommerce store or simply set them up on Feedback kiosks in your physical store. These templates can also be used in email surveys, and SMS surveys post the shopping, purchase, or delivery of the products/services. 

This logic-based template ticks off all the questions that can help you capture valuable data post-purchase. It picks out the promoters and detractors/passives in the very first question. The questions that follow are about what made them like/dislike the product and any comment they’d like to add. 

Try The Post Purchase NPS Survey Template

#3. Relationship NPS Survey Template

Knowing the type of relationship you have with your customers will tell you how strong or fragile their brand loyalty is. This NPS survey helps you find the ones who will promote your products or become detractors. This relationship NPS survey template comprises two questions - the first is asking the likelihood of recommendation, and the second is asking for the reason for that particular score. 

Try The Relationship NPS Survey Template

#4. NPS Survey Template With Comments

Just knowing the NPS score isn't enough for most businesses. Collecting the comments of the feedback givers can make the survey data even more valuable. With this NPS survey template with comments, one can gain insights into the actual feelings of the respondents. After the score question, the follow-up question asks the respondents to enter their comments. Ask them why they are recommending or not recommending your brand in their own words and know how to move ahead further. 

Try The NPS Survey Template With Comments

#5. NPS Survey Template With Customer Information

Capturing the NPS score and comments might not be sufficient for several businesses. In order to make the most of a survey, one also needs to collect customer information. This could be information like the customer's name, email address, phone number, gender, and more. This NPS survey template comprises one question in addition to the usual two-step survey template. It also asks the customers different information to know the profile and understand the audience type better. 

Try The NPS Survey Template With Customer Information

#6. NPS Survey Template With Follow-up Question

The next type of survey template that one can use is the one with a follow-up question. The majority of the templates come with a question asking the respondents to share their reason behind the NPS score. However, this survey template comes with two different follow-up questions asking what they liked/what can be improved and what they did well. Respondents can select more than one reason behind giving the score. This provides more tangible outcomes and insightful data. You know the exact reason why they are recommending or not recommending your business. 

Try The NPS Survey Template With Follow-up Question

#7. Product NPS Survey Template

The next type of NPS survey template that you can find with Zonka Feedback is the Product NPS survey template. When you have a product to be used by your customers, asking the feedback through a product survey can be a great way to know the likelihood of getting the product recommended. Based on their experience, you can ask them about the likelihood of recommending your product to their friends and family. In addition to that, you can get their feedback on the product feature they liked the most. They can tell about any new feature or improvement in the product or simply talk about the feature they use of value the most. This way, you can know exactly what they like or what can be improved. 

Try The Product NPS Survey Template

#8. Competitive NPS Survey Template

The next type of NPS survey template that we can find on Zonka Feedback is the competitive NPS survey. These are the survey templates that let you gain feedback about your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. In such templates, you can choose from a range of questions like asking about familiarity with popular names, the service quality, thoughts about a competitor, and the likelihood to recommend. With such questions, you can gain real insights into your competitors and identify opportunities to promote your brand. 

Try The Competitive NPS Survey Template

#9. NPS & Brand Loyalty Survey Template

While any NPS survey tells about the customer’s loyalty towards a brand, a brand loyalty survey tells how loyal they are to your brand. This brand loyalty survey template comprises questions asking the number of times they’ve visited the stores, thoughts about the company when buying a product, likelihood to recommend, and more. You can also add questions in the template to capture the customer data. 

Try The NPS & Brand Loyalty Survey Template

#10. NPS Key Drivers Template

The next NPS survey template that Zonka Feedback offers is the NPS key drivers template. This survey enables you to identify the key attributes that drive more customer loyalty towards your brand. This template comes with four screens. The first one asks the respondents to share their likelihood to recommend the brand. The next question asks them to share the areas on which they can improve. This is followed by a question eliciting suggestions for a better experience. And finally, you can ask them about the areas they found your brand as serving the best. Each of the questions has common drivers like ease of use, value for money, customer service, product innovation, speed, aesthetics, and more.  This would help businesses find out the exact factors driving more loyalty and what aspects of the business they need to work on. 

Try The NPS Key Drivers Template

Get Started With The Best NPS Survey Templates With Zonka

Net Promoter Score is a critical CX metric to measure the likelihood of receiving recommendations from those using your products or services. However, NPS surveys can also be used for collecting different types of feedback. There are different types of NPS questions that one needs to ask to analyze the recommendation likelihood, loyalty score, factors affecting the score, and more. 

Above, we discussed some of the common NPS survey templates that you can find on Zonka Feedback. You can simply sign in with Zonka Feedback and choose the NPS survey template that you like to collect feedback with. You can even customize the questions, add more stuff, and even ask for customer details from the surveys with Zonka. 

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Written by Swati

Feb 23, 2022

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