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Guide to Customer Feedback Management for SaaS

Customer Feedback is important for every business. And when it comes to growing your SaaS business, it becomes even more necessary. Without feedback, it would be impossible to know your customers’ perceptions about your product, their experiences, their frustrations, concerns, and the challenges they might face while using your product or services.

So SaaS Feedback is vital for attaining your business goals like enhanced customer satisfaction, high customer loyalty, good customer retention, and improved products that your customers love. But only collecting Customer Feedback will not solve the purpose. You have to manage and utilize Customer Feedback to make your business successful.

Collecting feedback is one aspect. And managing it to be useful for improving your product and services is another. Most challenges lie in the latter part of the work.

In this article, we will explore how you can effectively manage Customer Feedback and utilize it to make your products and services better for your customers. Let’s start with exploring why Customer Feedback Management becomes challenging for your business and then learn how to overcome those challenges and manage Customer Feedback to utilize it for the growth of your business.

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Why is Customer Feedback Management in SaaS Challenging?

Customer Feedback Management is challenging for almost all companies irrespective of the company size. One of the biggest challenges that most companies face is that feedback comes from a variety of sources including both solicited and unsolicited sources. A large number of channels make it cumbersome for the companies to organize feedback and take appropriate action on it.

Although solicited feedback, i.e. the feedback that you ask is somewhat easy to manage as it comes from the channels you decide to collect feedback, most of them being the survey channels that you use to share your surveys with the customers. However, there are a number of other channels from which you receive feedback like live chat, social media, helpdesk, review websites, comments on your blogs, and even word-of-mouth. This unsolicited feedback is hard to track and manage.

Moreover, different customers have varied choices and suggestions, and you cannot follow every suggestion that your customers share. Categorizing feedback and finding meaningful insights and feasible suggestions from them is itself a challenge for the companies.

Let’s learn how to tackle these challenges and manage Customer Feedback in an effective manner to utilize it for the betterment of your product and services and increasing your business growth.

Steps to Overcome Challenges and Simplify SaaS Feedback Management?

  1. Follow Multichannel approach and be omnipresent
  2. Ask for Feedback at the right place
  3. Centralize all Feedback at one place
  4. Prioritize Feedback and take action accordingly
  5. Respond to your Customers who shared feedback
  6. Communicate new improvements to your customers

Let’s learn how to follow these steps in order to manage Customer Feedback.

1. Follow Multichannel approach and be omnipresent  

This may seem contradictory to the main challenge we shared above, i.e., feedback collected from various sources. However, the solution to deal with this challenge lies in the problem itself. Customers share feedback on various channels that is hard to track and collect. So the key is to be omnipresent and give adequate opportunities to your customers to share their feedback through SaaS Feedback surveys rather than sharing their experience anywhere.

Send Relationship Surveys to your customers to track your ongoing relationship with the customers and know any issues that may have occurred. You can send monthly or quarterly surveys for this purpose on a regular basis. Share Transactional surveys with your customers to track their experience with your product and services at every touchpoint like after a free trial, onboarding, interaction with your customer success team, issue resolution, subscription renewal, and any other touchpoint or transaction that has an impact on the Customer Experience.

Moreover, try keeping a designated social media handle so that customers can share their feedback straightway with you rather than sharing on any other platform which is hard to track. 

2. Ask for Feedback at the right place

It is crucial to ask for SaaS Feedback at the right place, and what is the right place? Ask yourself when do you think the most about your experience with any product or service? Of course while you are using it, isn’t it! Same is with your customers. They think the most about your product when they are using it. So what can be the best place than your own product or website!

So always give options to your customers on your website and in the product web pages to share feedback. You can capture in-product feedback through survey popups, feedback buttons, and slide outs. 

Survey Popups appear on the screen when you customers are scrolling your web pages. The customers can choose to click and take the survey if they feel like sharing their feedback, else they can close the popup.

Feedback Buttons are small but visible buttons on the web pages usually with a small name like ‘Feedback’. If your customers want to share feedback, they can click on the button and a feedback survey will open.

Slide outs are small options like buttons that appear on the sides of your web pages with a small name. The customers can click on it and a survey will slide on the main screen asking for feedback.

These are such options which provide opportunities for the customers to share their feedback while they are using your product or scrolling through your website.

3. Centralize all Feedback at one place

The next step is to centralize all the feedback you have received at one platform. Use an effective SaaS Feedback tool for this purpose that allows you not only to create and send feedback surveys but also to centralize all the surveys at one place.

With a tool like Zonka Feedback, you get features like advanced Dashboard and reporting capabilities that help you align all the feedback and view different types of reports like Snapshot Report, Trends Report, Location Insights Report, NPS Report and more.

3. Prioritize Feedback and take action accordingly

You will receive a lot of feedback from various channels but every feedback or suggestion can not be worth considering. At the same time, some feedback may require instant action. For instance, a customer is facing a bug or a repetitive issue continuously and is dissatisfied with this experience. So you need to resolve such issues on high priority in order to improve Customer Experience and prevent churn.

Similarly, if some customers are very happy with their experience with your product and services, you can take instant action and request them to add a review on an aggregator platform like G2, Capterra, or GetApp. You can share links which should directly take them to your review page on the respective website, so they can quickly review and rate your product there.

4. Respond to your Customers who shared feedback

No matter whether Customer Feedback is positive, negative, or neutral and customer suggestions are feasible or not, you must respond to every feedback. Thank the customers who share positive feedback and neutral feedback, and apologize to the customers for their bad experience if they share negative feedback.

Welcome all suggestions for the customers. If you receive any suggestions, respond to them with a Thank You message or email no matter if the suggestion is feasible or not. Show gratitude to them as they spared some time for your product and tried to give you a suggestion. You can also set up automatic responders for this purpose.

5. Communicate new improvements to your customers

So you are making every effort to engage with your customers, remove their frustrations, and follow their suggestions. But how will your customers know about this? You have to tell them that you listen to them and their feedback matters to you! So always communicate with your customers telling them about every improvement or change you make in your product. Always introduce your product’s new and improved product versions and features to every customer.

Moreover, communicate personally with those customers whose suggestions you have followed and made changes or improvements to your products and services. This is an essential part of Closing the Product Feedback Loop.


Better Customer Feedback Management leads to better products and services. Without proper feedback management, you can lose valuable feedback and suggestions from your customers, which may even cause losing of certain customers.

To manage Customer Feedback effectively, you need to follow proper SaaS Feedback strategies. You should follow the strategy of being omnipresent to collect feedback, should collect feedback at the right place, centralize all feedback in one place, respond to every feedback, and communicate all product improvements to your customers thus closing the feedback loop effectively.

An effective SaaS Feedback tool like Zonka Feedback helps you do all this. It is comprehensive software that not only enables you to create powerful surveys and share them with your customers through multiple channels, but also analyze and manage all Customer Feedback and take action on it in an effective manner.

It also provides a free trial. You can try it for free for 7 days and see how it works for your business.

Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Feb 24, 2023

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