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How to Sync Salesforce NPS Survey Data with Salesforce?

May 26, 2023

Salesforce, the world’s top Customer Relationship Management tool, has always focused on providing a comprehensive view of all the customer data to its clients. Its features have set it apart from the competitors, helping the brand attain a superior position in the marketplace.

The cloud-based software company reported revenues of $13.28 billion in 2019, which means businesses across the world rely on Salesforce. Therefore, it makes complete sense to sync all kinds of customer data back to Salesforce where your CX team can access it without any hassle. 

Now, talking about customer survey responses - accessing isolated data is a siloed process and even no longer useful in businesses at scale. Where collaboration and frequent access to data is required, centralizing everything becomes critical. For example, your sales or customer service reps should have instant access to customers' information while dealing with them. 

Talking about customer feedback, most businesses use the Net Promoter Score as a significant indicator of their business success. And with simple integration, you can automate Salesforce surveys and sync responses or NPS with Salesforce.

If you are a Salesforce user and need something that centralizes your customer rating for Salesforce surveys and detailed response data in Salesforce, this article is for you.

We explore how you can use a Salesforce feedback management tool to run NPS surveys and improve customer experience management.

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Let’s first explore why it is essential to integrate NPS with Salesforce.

Why Use a Salesforce NPS Survey?

A CRM like Salesforce is a platform where you have all the information of the customers present in one place. The objective behind using a CRM is to make your work seamless by having all critical information in one place so that you and your employees work more efficiently and make effective decisions while dealing with the customers, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

Customer feedback and survey responses are the most critical information pieces that tell you whether customers are satisfied or dissatisfied with the experience you provided them. Net Promoter Score is an important metric that measures customer satisfaction and loyalty in terms of the customers’ likeliness to refer a brand to others. With responses to the NPS follow-up question, you also get to know the reasons behind the ratings given by the customers.

Here's an NPS survey template example: 

Salesforce NPS survey

You can check out our article on NPS survey questions and templates if you'd like to learn more about it in detail.

Salesforce survey integration is necessary to know the why behind your customers' actions. When your representatives are dealing with the customers, they must know the answers to the questions like: What made a customer choose you again? Why did the customer opt to end the membership? Why is the customer frustrated with your service? And more.

When your teams have all the survey response data with the customer information in one place, they will be able to better understand the needs and concerns of the customers. They will be in a better position to offer satisfactory responses and resolutions.

Moreover, as stated above, a Salesforce NPS survey will make your employees’ work easier by fulfilling the objective of all customer information, which includes the data of customer feedback and NPS ratings, in one place, on a single platform. In the other case, your employees would be reluctant to open multiple platforms and look for data while dealing with customers.

Let’s explore how you can integrate Net Promoter Score with Salesforce to fully utilize your CRM and Salesforce NPS Survey.

How to Sync NPS Survey Data Back to Salesforce?

With Zonka Feedback, you can easily create a Salesforce NPS survey and map all the response data to the Salesforce platform. Although its NPS Calculator enables you to quickly calculate your NPS and present all the feedback reports with powerful NPS dashboards, we will explore how you can measure your Net Promoter Score with Zonka Feedback’s Salesforce NPS plugin.

Below are the steps to ensure NPS data syncing with Salesforce with the integration of Salesforce with Zonka Feedback:

1. While doing Custom Mapping, create a Salesforce Object with the name NPS Survey. The fields in this object would be:

  • Survey Name (Text)
  • Contact (Simple Lookup filed-Contact)
  • Email Address (Email)
  • NPS Rating (Number)
  • Reason (Long Text)
  • NPS Response URL (Text, URL)
  • NPS Grouping (Formula, Result: Text)
  • Promoter (Formula, Result: Number)
  • Detractor (Formula, Result: Number)
  • Passive (Formula, Result: Number)

2. Apply NPS Grouping, a formula that groups the NPS Survey respondents into three categories based on their ratings: Promoters (9-10), Passives (7-8), and Detractors (0-6). The formula for NPS Grouping is:

IF(Net_Promoter_Score__c < 7, "Detractor", IF(Net_Promoter_Score__c > 8, "Promoter", "Passive"))

3. Total the number of every category of NPS Survey respondents to calculate the Net Promoter Score. The formula applied here is:

  • For Promoters -  IF(Net_Promoter_Score__c > 8, 1, 0)
  • For Detractors - IF(Net_Promoter_Score__c < 7, 1, 0)
  • For Passives - IF(AND(Net_Promoter_Score__c > 6, Net_Promoter_Score__c < 9), 1, 0)

4. You can also create NPS reports to view NPS Question analysis, NPS trends, and in-depth feedback analysis of NPS in Salesforce.

5. You can apply filters to the NPS Salesforce reports to view your NPS reports specifically as per your business requirements.

6. To calculate NPS, you can apply this formula:

(NPS_Survey__c.Promoter__c:SUM/RowCount*100) - (NPS_Survey__c.Detractor__c:SUM/RowCount*100)

7. Make sure your Salesforce NPS Survey is well-mapped with Salesforce so that you get all the Survey responses synced to your customer database in Salesforce. The main field is the Contact ID that needs to be mapped effectively to run the process successfully.

Measure CX at all touchpoints with Salesforce Surveys

Send surveys and get 360° view of your customers right within Salesforce with Zonka Feedback

How does it Improve Customer Experience?

When you are done with Salesforce NPS Integration, you can use it further to improve Customer Experience. First of all, it will make your employees’ work easier by fetching them the information of your Salesforce NPS survey (ratings given by respondents) and Customer Feedback in one place where there is complete customer data in Salesforce. Your approach should be to Close the Feedback Loop with NPS.

For this, you should use Salesforce native functions to assign tasks to your relevant teams and team members or the account owners. For instance, if you receive a Detractor rating, it will create tasks automatically and notify the account owner about it. This will prompt required action, which can rectify the things to improve customer experience and prevent churn.

Likewise, if you get Promoters, you can notify your marketing teams so that they can encourage them to write a testimonial or refer more customers (which they have already agreed to) to get some referral bonus. For Passives, you can create more exciting offers that delight them and take them towards the category of Promoters. If storage is ever a problem you can use a colocation data center to store the data and allow cloud or internal storage for other activities.

In this way, you can improve Customer Experience and loyalty by using Salesforce Net Promoter Score Surveys for Salesforce.

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Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Aug 10, 2022

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