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How to Calculate the Patient Satisfaction Score?

With the healthcare options available today and healthcare consumers prioritizing care and treatment over shorter healthcare bills, ensuring complete patient satisfaction has become critical in the healthcare industry.

And not so surprisingly, healthcare consumers today are more likely to share feedback than ever. If you’re actively listening to what your patients have to say about your healthcare, you can deliver exactly the experiences that lead to patient satisfaction and healthcare success.

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The best way to measure your patients’ satisfaction levels is to measure patient feedback on the standard Satisfaction Score metric.

But what is the patient satisfaction score? How to calculate patient score? We have covered it all in this article. Let’s get started. 

What is Patient Satisfaction Score?

The Patient Satisfaction Score is a consumer experience metric that represents the satisfaction levels of patients with the overall healthcare received. It is measured using Patient Satisfaction Surveys enabling patients to rate how happy they were with the healthcare on a 1-5 rating scale. The survey can measure the overall patient experience and the responses can then be used to calculate the Patient Satisfaction Score. Here's the standard patient satisfaction survey question: 

Please rate your overall satisfaction with our healthcare facility on a scale of 1 to 5.

The rating scale measures patient feedback ranging from very dissatisfied to very satisfied, where the score 1 is very dissatisfied and the score 5 is very satisfied. 

The survey can also be detailed in order to measure patient feedback on various healthcare aspects like diagnosis, staff performance, healthcare technology, etc.  

You can use any type of rating scale, like smiley survey tools, star rating, or Likert rating scale.
Moreover, you can measure detailed patient satisfaction feedback with additional questions like MCQs or comment boxes to uncover the reason behind the patient satisfaction score.

How to Calculate Patient Satisfaction Score?

To measure patient satisfaction, we use the CSAT metric. The CSAT is a percentage score representing consumers’ satisfaction levels (healthcare consumers in this case).

Let’s now understand how to calculate patient satisfaction score. 

How to Calculate Patient Satisfaction Score Manually?

After collecting feedback using our patient satisfaction surveys, you can analyze the responses and segregate positive and negative responses based on their scores. Now to calculate the satisfaction score, you can use the following formula:

Patient Satisfaction Score = (Number of Positive Responses/Total Number of Responses) x 100

For example, if the total number of responses to a patient satisfaction feedback survey is 50 and the number of positive responses is 40, the patient satisfaction score would be:

40/50 x 100 = 80%

The patient satisfaction score, in this case, would be 80%. 

How to Calculate Patient Satisfaction Score with a Survey Tool?

If you choo

se to calculate patient satisfaction score with a survey tool, your job becomes much easier because you can use readymade healthcare surveys to measure patient satisfaction. You can create attractive digital surveys that you can use to collect both on-site and remote feedback. Most importantly, you do not have to worry about how to calculate patient satisfaction score manually.

The survey tool analyzes all responses and generates the patient satisfaction report, where you can see the automatically generated patient satisfaction score and detailed analysis of all responses. You can also view complaint trends, compare feedback at different healthcare branches/locations, and get a 360-degree view of overall healthcare satisfaction on a single screen.

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Why Patient Satisfaction Score Matters

According to a 2019 analysis of healthcare consumers, 70% of patients say that they check online reviews before visiting a healthcare provider. Patients nowadays prefer taking charge of not just their health but also the treatment course. And they choose nothing but the best for themselves and their families. And one harsh review on Google or any other platform can push away potential healthcare consumers before they even come in.

This has increased the importance of measuring patient satisfaction in the last few years. Having a good patient score is directly synonymous with healthcare success. Moreover, satisfied customers are likely to be your promoters, which means they may recommend your facility to others. By knowing how satisfied your customers are and the reason for the same, you can build strategies to dramatically bridge the gap and improve patient experiences. 

Measuring Patient Satisfaction Using Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is one of the top-rated feedback survey tools, which allows measuring patient feedback at all touchpoints and capturing insights on different aspects of healthcare. Here’s what makes Zonka Feedback the ideal patient feedback software:

CSAT and NPS: You can measure patient satisfaction using the satisfaction score metric and the likeliness of patients recommending you using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey.

Multichannel Feedback: You can run your surveys on different channels like email, SMS, mobile, tablet, kiosk, website, mobile app, live chat, QR code, etc., to collect both on-site and remote feedback.

Readymade Surveys and Question Types: You can use readymade patient survey templates and start running surveys quickly. You can also customize your survey design, questions, and question types.

Reporting and Analysis: The tool automatically calculates the patient satisfaction score and also generates detailed analysis and reports of each survey on your dashboard.

Integrations: You can integrate the survey tool with different software like CRM, ticketing software, collaboration tools, etc.

Survey Automation: You can automate surveys on specific events like the end of a consultation, end of treatment, patient discharge, etc.

There are tons of other features like real-time notifications and alerts, workflow automation, automated survey response, logical surveys, and much more. 

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Written by Bhawika

Jan 31, 2023

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